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Nov 11, 2007
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October 1
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the Castle of Disaster
hardstyle junkie


Merlin's Housekeeper, from the Castle of Disaster

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Mar 16, 2010
    1. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      Alright then

      If you ever do want an account though, I can help.
    2. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      XD no problem.

      Sign up is a bit complicated, but once logged in, the actual site is really very simple.
      I just used babelfish a bit to find my way over signing up and logging in, for the rest I didn't use it at all.
    3. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      Ah! Catarella. I actually like that song.
      The second one is pure ROFL-ness XD

      Hey, do you have a Nico Nico Douga account? It has WAY more vocaloid songs on it than Youtube....but the site is Japanese. There is one other setback to it, though it's not to terribly distracting once you get used to it.
    4. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      ;~; It shows you're improving if you can point out mistakes you missed before?

      Yea, mine is just EVERYWHERE

      I think I have one, kinda, but not exactly.
    5. Xennex
      yeah D: i do it too >_> like with the comic i just recently did and need to get it scanned |||OTL

      no prob <3 ;D

      heh, yeah, it took me quite a while to finally find my style D: and lately it's just kept changing o.o
    6. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      ;~; but it happens all the time *cries*

      Aww, thank you.

      I dunno, some people keep telling me I should do some tutorials so yea, maybe that can help you along a bit. I know I looked at quite a few of them before blending some things and finding my own style.
    7. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      Thank you~!

      Ugh, but just watch, in a week I'll start being able to point out all the mess ups I made when I drew it. -__-;
    8. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      XD nice.

      I luvs it *hugs it* I'm so proud of it~
    9. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      OMFG *attacks you* I love your icon~
    10. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      I used to like it, but then got tired, then the huge fandom overtook most of the anime fans around the world, and that really made me hate it. I tend to dislike things with huge fandoms. :/

      *le gasp*
    11. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      Yes e_e Very good. Naruto is...bleh.

      D: And you live? YOU MUST BE MAGICAL~!
    12. Rawr
      Why are you saying sorry? 8C *loads shot gun* when I'm the one that should say that >8D
    13. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      Yea I do have to admit, it isn't always the greatest. Ugh, at least the Naruto invasion isn't so huge anymore. It used to be all there was on the front page, now it's not so much.

      V6 sucks though.

      D: On hoes, you got shot'd
    14. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      O_o Your mom? ...why?

      Hmm.... maaaaybe I will. I have enough comments and stuff to deal with on DA, so I dunno, it depends.
    15. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      D: Banned? How?
      *checks it out*

      Hey wait, it doesn't say you're banned. O_o
      Mine is http://randomspazzu.deviantart.com/ that or just click my sig.
      Meh, I don't have a MB account, I should get one I guess.
      I shall stalk you there if I make one.

      I don't think I have heard him. Is he released yet?
      e_e I don't exactly know, is Gackpoid an official or a fan made? I heard he was an official...
    16. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      : D OKAY! *waits*
      Hey, do you have a DA account? (Can't remember if I asked or not)

      *le gasp!* Well you have now. XD

      What do you think of Gackpoid?
    17. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      XD Do you still have it? I would LOVE to see that

      He fails on a lot of songs e_e Partly because of the structure of the way he sings notes, and also probably because of whoever tried to make him sing.

      I found one. It's really nice, ever heard it?

      Whoever made it did an amazing job.
    18. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      Yea, he still sounds a bit weird. D: It's hard to make him sound natural.

      I did find a great one that he did sound, for the most part, human. I need to find it though.
    19. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      Bah, you must have listened to the wrong one then.
      I'm talking about this one:

      XD yay!
    20. Quiet Elegy
      Quiet Elegy
      Len's version XD he sings about his skirt fluttering.
      He kinda sounds weird in it, he can't exactly hit all the notes.

      I heard a good Kaito one, though they changed up the lyrics a bit, so yea. :/


      I spew out inside jokes 24/7 even if I'm the only one around who would get it. XD
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