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Nov 29, 2010
Feb 4, 2008
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My own world free to do as I wish
Heart taker/Fighter? Ruled by a tyrant, known as X

water mage

Kingdom Keeper, from My own world free to do as I wish

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Nov 29, 2010
    1. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Yay! *Hugs back* Posted. ^^
    2. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Oh, okay. ^^ I'm on it. Thanks. ^^
    3. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Um.... question? In the pride of th organization RP, are the members lions yet?
    4. nobodynerd100
      Can I be Vexen in the organization 13 pride role play. Roar!
    5. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Hey. ^^ I have an RP idea. Care to hear?
    6. nobodynerd100
      Good. I'll try to post the role-play on Friday, if that is a good day.
    7. Dexnail
      heya how you been havnt talked to ya in a while :3
    8. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Yeah! You're alive! ^^
    9. nobodynerd100
      Can't help myself I got another Idea for a role-play. This one is going to be a back story about the organization telling how all the members became nobodies, and how the organization came to power. Are you and the others in?
    10. Legion
      ??? is this...is this for real?
    11. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      How are you, anyway?
      It's been a while since we spoke.
    12. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      I won't be posting as frequently.
      I'm not dropping out of the rpg's, but don't expect me to respond as much.
    13. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      Well lookey here, we have a power-player in Pride.
      What better way to set off the evening than some lovely character control, eh?
      ...You want me to talk to her or are you gonna?
    14. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      *Pokes* Hi there. ^^ Me and fire mage was powerplayed in Pride. >> Just thought to let you know. Hope things are alright with you. =)
    15. Axelxxx45
      okay, been a while, sup?
    16. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      Stuff happened, and prevented me from coming online. I'll speak on msn, give you more details there and stuff..
    17. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Pride of the Organization- okay. i'll post right now. ^^

      Final War- i'll do a time skip to the next day, when the attack happens. ^^
    18. Dexnail
      heya im working on an luxord story this is as much i got so far tell me if you like it

      Deck of Fate

      There is an world called wonderland but the entrance is hidden inside an rabbit hole. Near the entrance there is an simple house with an sister and an older brother they depended on each cause their parents died. But one day fate will choose the brother to lose something now the Gamblers story begins.

      Rulod opened his eyes as he heard the cheerful laughs of his sister Alice. With a yawn the British blond sat up in his bed and walked over to the mirror. “Looks like this card has quet an attraction to me” Rulod laughed happily as he noticed an poker card stuck on his forehead. “Ah an card that symbolizes an astonishing amount of love yet can’t give any” the British blond said to himself as he looked at the 10 of hearts in his hand he plucked off of his forehead. His sister Alice even mentioned to the gambler he had an gambling problem but Rulod would just give an smile only the kind risk takers would do. Of course his sister Alice would give him a nasty look then run outside like nothing happened. Rulod was in the kitchen taking out an bottle of rum out of the refrigerator afterwards he got out his favorite shot glass. After pouring the caramel color liquor he looked at his pocket watch. “Its 9 o clock in the bloody morning like I guessed” Rulod said to himself as he put the gold watch back in his pocket. The British blond was always good at guessing the time it seemed he could just see and feel the time itself.
    19. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      ...where the hell are you?
    20. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      Replied to pride
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    Home Page:
    My own world free to do as I wish
    Heart taker/Fighter? Ruled by a tyrant, known as X
    I'm very friendly and enjoy helping others out. I don't take hearts unless I have no choice. *LOL*

    I enjoy music, anything to do with the arts and going out of my way to help other people.


    Demyx the Melodious Nocturne
    Number IX of Organization XIII