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Look up I'm wherever the stars shine brightest.
To find a path that defines me and what I stand fo


Moogle Assistant, from Look up I'm wherever the stars shine brightest.

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Jan 23, 2011
    1. Aura
      You should probably ask him and make sure it's on a plan. << And...doesn't she have her own shoe? Make her chew on that. D: And...we'll just ignore for now. << I don't even like looking at him. The reason I'm usually looking down when I say something to him. I just didn't like that he was getting too close to you today.

      Haven't really found anyone else. Like I said today, if there's nobody to actually hold my hand through this, I'm afraid, extremely afraid, I'll end up harming myself. I've...kind of been close to doing it...A month or two ago...But I stopped myself. I'm slowly reaching my limit...

      No, I don't think he was. @-@ I think if we did do it around him, I think he would have just laughed at us or something. I don't know.
    2. Dman23
      yeah ^^^^^^^^^^ we havent but been freinds for like a year ^^
    3. nasirrich
      Man of course I did.*Shows you all the passcodes for the national treasurey, and the big C.E.O'S account numbers.*And there more wanna see?^^ ^^
    4. Dman23
      hello ^^^^^^
    5. xtakeda
      Ahhh -Gets knocked out by pillow to the face-..... Pretty Stars @.@ Mmm Well its just cause Spain was so good at conquering other lands and spreading there culture and language everywhere Lol A lot of Latinos hate Spain because they are the reason some Latinos are pale because more then likely one of there decendents was raped by Spain but I say its not rape if you Enjoy it ~

      DO I WIN COOKIEZ~ And Yes Yes its amazing how much more positive I am then a few years ago O: thanks again ~ 8D

      WTF PRIMO IN THE ANIME~ I must watch it ~ wait did the anime differ alot from manga or no if not ill just start from the last arc and go foward~

      Mask....Chainsaw.....That sounds like my gardener~ ahh Just kidding I dont have bushes at my house so no Chainsaw Lol~ and yeah It took a lot for me to not run out like a panzy
    6. Aura
      ._. If the phone is on a plan then it should be able to be changed soon. You should probably ask your dad something about that. She's mad because nobody is paying attention to her? D: And...I know. You told me at school.

      I really don't want to stop talking to him. << I want him to actually become my hero and save me from all of this but... >< He didn't bother sending me anything today... He ignored me again...

      I doubt anyone will know about it. 8D8 We're the only ones that actually did that.
    7. nasirrich
      Ok...*Finds bush, and then makes him pray to god, and makes a hole in his room, and then jumps out from there. Then is moving so fast that the rest of the people there die cause of the speed.*
    8. xtakeda
      Yes Pillows~ Ahh FREAKING PILLOWS ARE <3 Yup just Fancy lol like I can speak mine fine and all But if I really am going to learn Spanish might as well learn the Proper one right?

      You know me too Right? So what would make you think I wouldn't say YES right away? But as I said I am Horrible at this and until Recently I have never been a good friend But You helped me change that And If You trust me anywhere as much as I trust you It would make me really happy because you Christina are an amazing friend and dont ever forget!~ Okay! n.n So the Obvious answer is Yes I do believe you trust me and I can say that with full confidence because I believe in you that believes in me!
      -gets shot randomly for being such a Gurren Lagann Lover-

      OH CHEESE I FORGOT THERE WAS A REBORN WASNT THERE~ I need to read that~ Ahh Sound Advice there Sensai 8D ahh Yes the roof was scary D8 but it was fun~ So was the walking in the dark road next to the river it was fun too~ But then I got to scared and needed to latch on to Cici's arm because NOISES~
    9. Aura
      My phone's on a plan. Hopefully I get to change it soon. >> For how long has your dad kept the phone? I like getting her mad. >> It's freaking hilarious. XD We have a stalker. << I hope he doesn't follow us around at the expo. >>

      Well...he's on right now so...I don't know. I have a feeling I'll be talking to him less and less already until we finally stop talking completely. I have a feeling I know someone who'd be happy if that happened. Little whore. >>

      I want to see everyone's reactions. They'll be all like, "Wtf is wrong with you? D8<" He really can. >> He needs to.
    10. xtakeda
      ROFL~ Psh What are you talking about you have always been as cool as the other side of the pillow....Wow I am Lame ROFL D8 And Castilian is The language of Spain its pretty much Spanish But more proper then my Spanish.

      Ahh So do you trust me? See like thats one reason I ma Paranoid because you said "I act Naive" So how do I know what you tell me is true? "Fake it" Again How do I know what was genuine D8" But you are right that the more you show the easier it is to be manipulated. Yes Yes I did Learn something~ My Brain has gotten owned with this Knowledge and I am Being dumb....Nah more like ******ed D8

      I should relax more shouldn't I? Well I will work more on that ~ and Not thinking is bad D8 especially when going to the roof Of Cici-senpai's house D8 I was scared Lol
    11. Aura
      You need to get a new phone. B| Bother your dad. Kidding. Kind of. I want to see doggy again though. This weekend is something else, but next week you'll come over then after we go to the toy district? I need to make things more fun. Saturday felt as though it was boring to be in my house since we weren't doing much.

      There's no steam to blow off. It's just being ignored. I highly doubt he's angry about something. All I know is that he started college today and that's it.

      Oh yeah! Poke poke bother bother. XDD I remember.
    12. xtakeda
      Ahh Yes But I want to learn Castilian and It will be hard for me to Say the words properly and I know But you have Braces and its not noticeable and I find it cute when you say B!tch for some reason like when you say "Ahh you lil'B!tch"

      Oh no I didnt mean it like that Silly~ Of course I am not going to know everything about you but umm how do I say it...You are very hard for me to grasp and it always confuses me maybe because I over think things and I dont let go of the little details ahha But it is true That there are some things I really wanted to ask you so I will probably PM you about them When my Paranoia goes away O:

      ....REALLY!.....I...I...taught you were trying to distance yourself from me for some reason thats why I have been so paranoid.....Um....Like I said I am very bad at this and I was freaking scared today because I taught you weren't going to talk to me for some reason.....Thats kinda the reason I rushed over to Cici and Maki During lunch since I didn't know what to do D8 And Yeah I dono I kinda felt You were putting Distance between us and the whole time after I went to Cici's house I kept over-thinking stuff and being pretty damn dumb O: But Anywho~ I am Relieved it was just me being dumb~ n.n"
    13. Aura
      Record her doing that then? Or is she awake already? D: Link's awesome. >> I'd have to make you to play Ocarina since that's kind of the first game. There are others before that, but I don't have them and I think they're for the hand held system.

      The reason she needs to die already. She's given me too crap and I can't take it. If I never met her, then none of this crap would be happening. I despise her with every fiber of my being. I was thinking of waiting until my birthday but...I kind of have a feeling he forgot about it since he's already forgotten about me and about me asking him to help me through this.

      Bothering brought back memories? o.o
    14. nasirrich
      Ok gotcha*Then does a flip in the air, and then brekas all the bons in his neck, and shoots him. Them throws two daggers all the way form different places. And it hits them dead on.*Die!!!^^ ^^
    15. xtakeda
      Yeah Lol Well The Persona I felt should have won was Spain for 2010 not Germany D8 But Its funny Castilian Has this sorta funny Pronouncing for Z that to me sounds like a lisp >:3
      Mhm Mhm Of course Because I knows you~ Sorta Maybe Sometimes Gah~ -Shot-

      Yeah Well The Eurovision thing isnt 100% fair since its alot of political voting D8... And I think I get what you are saying but sure send the PM I wasnt sure You wanted to talk to me as much....I have been sorta Paranoid lately...
    16. Aura
      I have never seen a dog do that before. I want to see it. D: I think it'd be funny. She probably is dreaming of food. Lol. And...the games are a little difficult to explain. I can only really explain the one I'm playing now. << And...I think I'll ask him tomorrow. If I remember. @-@

      << It's all by accident. >> He'll always be Red. << ...Eh. I wonder if he even cares anymore... >>

      That whore is the bad influence. I hope she dies and rots in hell.
      ... B| No worrying.
    17. xtakeda
      Oh **** I did Umm well Hold up~

      Here thats Turkey and I know you wouldnt care but I didnt know if you were raised to dislike them or something O:

      Yeah Lena was super lame Lolz Pretty like the dude or the guitar skills Lol~ I like Alexander alot~ Yeah hes really good well I dono I likes his music 8D Mhm Mhm I kept telling Cici And maki of how um well without sounding like such a Swiss guy...Cute I guess Well he has this charm Lol hes really cool~
    18. Aura
      That's...odd. ._. I want to see a dog do that. XD >>; They are, but the easiest one is the one I'm playing now. The hardest is the most recent one I beat, Majora's Mask. That one is a little harder. I had to use a walkthrough to help me. <<;; And...I'm still trying to find that one song Giggly Beast told me to listen to. ._. I forgot the name so I haven't found it. ><

      << That was by accident! Red and Rex almost sound the same so shut up! >< I did think that though. I wasn't even thinking of my dog. ._. I haven't spoken to him though. >>

      Yeah. It wouldn't have upset me so bad if I hadn't asked him for help the day before. If I didn't, I doubt I would have been bawling my eyes out yesterday and cried today at school. I'm a little better now though, so don't worry.
    19. nasirrich
      *Starts to dash very fast to the white house then goes inside and starts to kill all those guards in there.* Ok read you loud and clear over, and out.^^ ^^
    20. Aura
      Ah. @-@ Doggy spazzing? I have three games. I've beaten the other two already and I'm now on my third one. I'm most likely going to beat this one kind of quick. Good music?
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    To find a path that defines me and what I stand fo
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