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Apr 2, 2011
Aug 25, 2008
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Apr 12, 1993 (Age: 30)
the magical land of wonderland
Graphic Designer/Artist/Video Editor


Gummi Ship Junkie, 30, from the magical land of wonderland

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Apr 2, 2011
    1. Laplace
    2. Misty
    3. Misty
      thanks. :3 I can direct you to who made it if you'd like, they've got a bunch of other beautiful ones.
    4. Laplace

      All minus the Sho render and sunrise lines are maded from scratch, by me. ;D
    5. Laplace
      It´s impossible to spoil you, you already did that playing KH2, you know Xion is gonna die somehow, and since 90% of the game is based around her, lolwut.

      Yeah, I´ll work later on the text.
    6. Laplace
      I could spoil if you want, but I´m too lazy. c:

    7. Laplace
    8. Laplace
      So um.

      Been playing 358/2, very dissapointing, the battle system is rather boring and the graphics are very pixely, I would have preffered a game like CoM with good 2D graphics and good gameplay. X:, it has some mayor good points, but also some mayor bad points.

      Just saying that because I apparently have nothing better to do.
    9. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      It is part of a current fad, but I just pulled out of it o:
    10. Reisen
      Same here .xD
    11. Reisen
      Same here ;3 lmao.
    12. Reisen
    13. Laplace
      Any ideas? Post worthy? o-o
    14. Laplace
    15. Laplace
      On another note:

    16. Laplace
      Well, if it gets stuck in the FMV how I should know? :L

      That is Persona 3, this is 4, short anwer no, they only do that in 3 because the Persona summoner looks like a gun.

      By costumizable it means the Personas can level up and learn more skills, but a single persona can only have 8 skills so you need to choose wisely, like some enemies are weak to an element but they have a element-null ability, so you need to make sure that Persona has an ability that nulls that defense.

      The main char can change Arcanas (The type of Persona), which it can earn by sidequests (Which are a LOT of them, it also helps to level the ability of what you can do they), and when you max the level of that Arcana you can get a special one, which you can get by fusing them (Another thing of the game, you can fuse to 2 to around 6 or something Personas toghether).

      So yea, if you go playthough-straigh it will be of a decent amount of time, but getting all will take you AGES. :L
    17. Laplace
      I saw some videos, it´s awesome. Pretty much like FF, except magics are replaced with "Persona´s skils", which are VERY costumizable.

      And by ff, yea, turn-based battle system.

      And yea, where he uses his Overdrive. o.o

      Apparently my reader is also somewhat damaged, but I´m not truly sure. =\
    18. Laplace

      Oh dude, I always wanted to finish the game, but I need to get a new copy, it always crashes before the battle with Sin in the desert. ;___;

      And it sucks, because I got all ultimate weapons AND cleared Omega (I had to normal attack Omega Weapon because when I attempted to use Anima´s overdrive on Ultima it died with 99999 of damage.... XDD)

      But yea, now Persona 4. 8D
    19. Laplace
      Howdy thar, sorry for not sending messages to often. XD

      I been playing FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus the past 2 days, and yes, I finished it in two days. D:

      Kind of meh, final boss was kind of easy minus one attack. Persona 4 is next, already know it´s gonna be awesome-sauce, don´t except me to reply too much. ;3

      As for random stuff, I might get 385, but won´t definately play it until there is a full FAQ or the ENG version is out. <.<
    20. Laplace
      Added a few more, go look again. :3
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    Apr 12, 1993 (Age: 30)
    the magical land of wonderland
    Graphic Designer/Artist/Video Editor
    Soccer, PS, making videos