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Oct 18, 2010
Nov 1, 2007
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Gummi Ship Junkie

Vanitas was last seen:
Oct 18, 2010
      Of course it's valid.

      I mean who else makes the burritos in america? Silly people.

      EDIT: araowjagI do hate this site, and their stupid all-caps-remove-thing. ///
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Um,dude.I'm sorry about the other day.See my friend was upset and I couldn't stand it.So,can we be friends?
    3. Ven?
      Hi there,wassupp???
    4. Ven?
      Hey wassup?
      I haven't seen you lately
    5. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      I'm not.Jettie just wants your forgivenss.I want to be your friend and hope to be after this.I will stop now.I'm done.
    6. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      You gonna forgive her or not?Please do and we will stop bugging you.Please man.We have to end it so we all an be friends.Ok
    7. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Do you get what we are trying to say.
    8. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      That is enough to fully explain it.
    9. Nobody_XIII
      okay....why don't you wanna give her a last change....cause she is really sad......she doesn't even sound like the normal jettie.....I dunno....please try to understand her possision...she really wants to get an extra change.....and she really want to talk to you in the past....please make her happy again........she wants to settle this...and she feels really sorry.....try atleast to understand it.
    10. Nobody_XIII
      I think you get me wrong....cause it is not my is her problem.....she felt really...and I mean really sorry....about what she said.......and she wants to give it a new set things straight....
    11. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Maybe we should talk with Jettie Nobody.What do you think.If we do we are sorry we had to do this.
    12. Nobody_XIII
      yeah just read R95's...VM....cause she is really sad....and..she said that something happend.......and she felt really sorry...what she said to you......and i am here cause i wanna solve this.....for both of you...
    13. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      I'm not trying to be annoying either,nice site though bro.But can you tell me what you and Jettie were talking about that made her sad and upset.Really upset that she was acting different to some of our best friends.Can you help.
    14. Nobody_XIII
      ?? you don't know what the problem is???......well....someone is really sad....cause something happend.......and I get the feeling that it maybe is a missunderstanding.......but you really don't know??
    15. Nobody_XIII
      heey....sorry for annoying you...but I have a you want to solve this problem or not???
    16. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Hey where is your site?
    17. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Hello dude ya still here?
    18. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Hmm,again.All we are trying to do is have you be a little less pushy,ok bro?Besides I do not wanna be here all day arguing.
    19. Nobody_XIII
      that is what she said........please you have to listen.....she is really sad....and I want to help you both.....
    20. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Well,now I have to get in this.I did wanna talk with you,so did my bud back there,we are just saying that,hmm,she says you made her upset.
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