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Dec 20, 2011
Sep 6, 2009
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Mar 25, 1996 (Age: 28)
Battery City
I wish I had a job.

Twilight Knight

Traverse Town Homebody, 28, from Battery City

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Dec 20, 2011
    1. Beau
      Hey there, remember Karakuri Burst? Hopefully you do!

      We can revive the beloved Karakuri Burst if we get a majority of the original roleplayers agree to post again.

      Would you be willing to commit to posting, as you did before the roleplay died?
    2. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
    3. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hi there! Would you like to join The Duel Arena?
    4. Doukuro
      Could you post on my rp thread Karakuri please?
    5. Roxas&Sora4E
    6. Roxas&Sora4E
      *crosses arms*
      *shakes head*
      I know how to spell...
    7. Roxas&Sora4E
      Not really... I joined 4-5-11... Why?
    8. Roxas&Sora4E
    9. Jayn
      Ah, yes. <3 Love is War.

      Really? I'll look up HIATUS. O: I like a lot of sweet songs, too. I have a pretty diverse taste in music. x.x It just depends on what I'm in the mood for.

      My hopes are with you then! But gosh, that sounds like a fun trip. D: Will you have someone with you that speaks the languages?
    10. Terra254
      Happy b-day![I know you don't know me but still.......]
    11. Key master Sora
      Key master Sora
      happy birthday!!!! ^^
    12. Daxa~
      Happy happy b-day!
    13. Jayn
      I used to feel the same way, so I'm assuming you just haven't heard any of the...good ones. Like, Synchronicity I liked for the story--but not for the actual song. I've been trying to find something that's more of your style, that sounds awesome. But I can't. Here's one of my favorites; Seiten Drops . And for a while my theme was based off of this one, Karakuri Burst.

      But for an example of how human they can sound, here's a Gumi one, Goodnight Sweetheart. And this is one, he sounds pretty good, for a computer program, 漆黒シンメ But yeah, point being that since Vocaloid is a program used by...well, the Users, there will be better ones than others. Like Photoshop users. Some can make masterpieces while other...Well. Yeah. XDD

      Oh wow, they're really good. O: I love his voice. And no, you didn't tell me. ; ; Have fun though! I wouldn't regret it...I know that all crap is breaking loose there now but...Wait, what part of Japan are you going to? And at least you have Korea to look forward to after.

      Oh wow. Kinda..violent sounding. Haha.
      Oh, alright. It's okay. I'm sorry. ^^;
    14. Jayn
      That's the reason I like Vocaloid. They have a lot of songs that tell stories, and it's really interesting. They have some J-Rock stuff (a lot) too. xD

      Thank you. It's all good! But if you guys make it big, I'm totally buying a shirt. Haha. But yeah. I'm having a hard time finding a mentor for my senior project, which is to make a demo CD, so if it's this hard for a little project to find someone willing to collaborate...I dunno. I'm getting discouraged. xD But that sounds nice! Like having your own little band family. c:

      Oh wow. Has anything happened with it? D: At least the guy is gay...and your friend agreed not to ask her. Have you talked her her about it yet? And thank you. You must be a hug magnet! It sounds cute. xD And yeah, I know what you mean. ><
    15. Doukuro
      'Tis ok. Hmm... Well, since it started and you'd only have a partner if you made two characters, you can do either that or wait until they get to the city and create something like a bounty hunter or something. Iunno. Or both of those things. Up to you. Just know that I have a 'never to late to join' policy with all of my rps.
    16. Jayn
      SUCH PASSION FOR MUSIC. Out of those, I like Dir En Grey. That's like the only one I really know. xD But American music wise, I love Motion City Soundtrack (their music makes me so happy for some reason. And Coheed and Cambria (after rocking out to Welcome Home.) I love Vamps, L'arc, Tommy Heavenly6, Do As Infinity, and then the rest of 'em I snag the good songs from but aren't very hardcore about them. xD

      Hahah, that actually sounds like a nice bunch of band members you have there. No matter how odd it sounds, it seems like it'd be fun to hang around. Or at least Interesting. How often do you guys perform? I wish I could be in a band, but I think I'm better off...solo. Quiet and solo. Working with others makes me uncomfortable. XDD Well, sometimes. And I want that shirt now. >.> Simply to be a fangirl.

      Has he asked her yet? That's...violent. I hope that she says no, for your sake. D: Lemme know what happens. It is very sweet, to be protective of her. Are you two friends? And yeah. It should be nice, since we're both going to college at the same time and everything. I just hope it works out, and that the lack of physical boyfriends doesn't make me overly awkward with him. >< I'm actually black, in a white school. xD It's weird. I've got to a school where the majority of kids were black, and I got asked out--a lot. Just because of how I looked. It's so different. Now that I live somewhere where I'm the minority, no one even looks at me. I'm just that black kid who nobody really understands because she likes Asian culture, is bilingual, doesn't smoke (drink, party or do drugs) and never talks to anybody. Even in my "black" school, which was in LA, it was the same thing. I was actually called an oreo. xD Oh, and glow-stick because I was lighter than everyone else. (Didn't grow up in LA and we barely get sun here.) It's just weird how things are. People aren't racist or overly-rude to me here, just...have preferences, I suppose. And most of them don't want someone like me. >>
    17. Doukuro
      Would you be interested in joining my new rp Royal?
    18. Jayn
      Who else do you like?

      And I draw, write, and do a lot of music stuff especially. I compose music and write lyrics and sing myself. xD Pretty cool.

      I play just a little bit of the guitar. The instrument I'm best at is piano. c:

      And I know where you'd get that from. I just say that it'd different for everyone and depending on where you're at. All of the physical relationships I've been in haven ever been special. Online relationships have just always lasted longer and became more passionate for me. The current boyfriend I've gotten to know over the course of four years. Rather than make out with a few guys and blow some money on physical dates and break up before we even know each other. It'd only go that way for me because my school is literally filled to the BRIM with stoners and jocks. Not to mention I'm an ethnic minority at my school and don't fit into a comfortable stereotype. So the last time I was asked out, or had a MUTUAL crush physically was a few years back when I lived somewhere full of diversity. It's awful. x: I'd never stay in an online relationship all my life though. He's actually moving this year to my state, for college. And he's visiting for prom. So I'm all good.
    19. Jayn

      Damn. Well, have you heard of L'Arc-en-Ciel? It's the guy from there and someone else in a collab. They're pretty good. o:And I love them too! ...Also...You have A LOT of hobbies. xD I didn't know you had a band.

      'Cuz I met him on KHV four years ago. XDD
    20. Jayn
      Lucky. I wish it was like...illegal to do things like that. xD The wall of hearts! Also, is there anything specific you're waiting for in Sync? c:

      I looped that song like twenty times. xD Have you ever heard of Vamps?

      Aw, good luck then! I actually have a boyfriend, but he's miles and miles away. I've had a think for long distance, since I'm so shy IRL. >.<
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    Mar 25, 1996 (Age: 28)
    Battery City
    I wish I had a job.
    I did and still do stuff.

    I'm good and like drawing manga and listening to music. Also i use a lot.