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Jul 3, 2010
Mar 30, 2010
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Andover, England

Twilight Blaze

Merlin's Housekeeper, from Andover, England

Twilight Blaze was last seen:
Jul 3, 2010
    1. Twilight Blaze
      Twilight Blaze
      Not that much. Stuff. Manged to get into some Debug rooms in FFX-2.
    3. Twilight Blaze
      Twilight Blaze
      Yeah. Sorry. *Sweatdrop*
    4. nasirrich
      Hey there I haven't spoken to u in a while
    5. ^_^Xion^_^
      Hi, what's new? =P
    6. Twilight Blaze
      Twilight Blaze
      Gaming Log:

      I didn't play anything today, I was just imputing AR Codes. Without success. My AR turned all staticy and messed up, and it was the firts code I did. Other that DW Roxas. Probally a glitch.

      End log.
    7. StrawhatSoul
      To answer your question, no, DW Roxas can't perform guard. This is because when you actually play as him in the story, the square button lets DW Roxas launch Axel to start an air combo. It seems like a good idea to take off all blue abilities when playing as DW Roxas, and even KH1 Sora. Also, these characters can't cast magic, this also include normal Roxas.
    8. Twilight Blaze
      Twilight Blaze
      Gaming Log:

      I had my first T-Stance as DW Roxas today. No idea how it happened, but I'm thankful to Sephiroth&Cloud for helping me fix my AR.

      I think I might have to de-equip some abilities that DW Roxas can't do, like Explosion, Guard Break etc.

      Can DW Roxas peform Guard?

      End Gaming Log.
    9. StrawhatSoul
      You might not have noticed, but you posted the 3000th comment on the KH2 PAL forum! I didn't notice at first, but that is awesome!
      Considering the ARMax, I have a problem with starting it up. I have to actually rock my PS2 slim left to right or up and down or all over the place to actually get it to read the ARMax. Must be a scannign problem, but I cope. Hope you find a way to fix your ARMax, it sure boggles my mind!
    10. Twilight Blaze
      Twilight Blaze

      Today diaster striked my PS2. (Not really, it's more the KHII Disc) The mastercode has worked perfectly, (Thank you, Sephiroth&Cloud) and the "Play as DW Roxas" has to. There just one small problem. The disc won't work.
      Well, I don't know why the disc won't work, but suddenly I swapped disc, feeling really excited. I felt terrified if the disc didn't work, but this disc seems to be cursed. This disc din't work last time I had a AR swap, and I'm worried if it will happen to my better disc. Is there anyway that I can stop this? I'm worried that if I use my other disc it won't work. This is the same problem as before, but this time, the game load opition, New game, and soft reset dosen't work. I fear that the game might crash if this happens again. (It's happened 3 times in a week.)

      Maybe it's the AR? Is that cursed to? Or maybe I should use a different disc?
      What will happen to that one too? Many of these questions can be answered if this has happened to you. If anyone can fix this, I don't know what to reward you, maybe it could be a friend invite or something? Me being new to this place means I don't understand half the things you can do here.

      Thank you for reading.
    11. Twilight Blaze
      Twilight Blaze
      No Problem nasirrich!
    12. nasirrich
      Thx its truly an honor
    13. Twilight Blaze
      Twilight Blaze
      Thanks guy's for the support. You guys rock!
    14. EvilMan_89
      yes, Evil is fine :) and yes codes can mess up your game. but it will only be permament if you save. if you save it could ruin your save file.
    15. nasirrich
      Hello madame its an honor to be accepted to ur friends list I'm truly greatful
    16. Twilight Blaze
      Twilight Blaze
      Thanks! I completely agree to. ^^
    17. StrawhatSoul
      I agree completly! I've been out of KH hacking for a while, but I've gotten back into it again. I ain't a hacker myself, but I also enjoy the codes that I ask for, and give feedback about them. After all, any question about hacks could help someone else who has the same problem, that's what's great about it!
      I'm sure you'll enjoy this forum just as much as I do!
    18. Twilight Blaze
    19. 00Roxas00
      lol Yo, glad to see that you're interested in KH hacking. Though the scene is a bit dead, have fun and enjoy the codes. That's what it's all about.
    20. Twilight Blaze
      Twilight Blaze
      Just wanted to give lot's of thanks to Sephiroth&Cloud, who is totally awesome. Thanks!
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