Sep 26, 2010
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Apr 23, 1993 (Age: 31)


Merlin's Housekeeper, Male, 31

    1. nasirrich
      I told ya man so how does your head feel?
    2. nasirrich
      Please don't die, your going to feel lightheaded, woozy, and numb in the brain...

      Look at what this guy put...
      Mark Benning7:16 pm
      Now I know the end of the world is coming...and it's on a Frieday, Frieday world's gonna end on Frieday!

      But dude please don't die, listen to some Utada... No A LOT OF UTADA I'm not kidding she make B spears look like a good singer and she can't really sing that well herself.

      I really feel like half my brain is now gone I need some ANIME, UTADA, KRUMP AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. nasirrich
      Thx so much man you should try it. Go to The Rappers Corner group and spit some of that good ish mane.~,^
    4. nasirrich
      YOOOOOO!!! Word thx so much man seriously...
      Oh remember that Mos Def Freestyle I played at your house I made up my own and its about that guy I sad its his fault I can't go out anymore. Well you get the idea, but check this...

      Brown skin I be standing 5 10 I be rocking it when I be in your vicinity.
      Raw style comes from me, recognize who fake I see, haters love to hate me.
      Can't blame them you see, I do some crazy **** be.
      Get your girl to like me, them become my wife be. Damn I know she likes me.
      But I don't say ****, cause these kids spray quick. So I come equipped, with all this good ****.
      But not them poker chips, cause I don't bet on ****, that may end quick.
      So you think I'm full of it, Do yourself a favor quit.
      Too bad I'm nice be, got your friends to follow me.
      And your girlfriend too woo, everyone know's it true.
      When I say where I be, your girl says ven aqui, cause we do it big and you can't stop it.
      Sit down so we can play, without all these guns hey.
      No need to call me gay, now you really have to pay.
      With your life tonite, and you'll work in strive without your wife, cause I took her allright.
      SIKE... You really don't understand, my intentions damn.
      So now you go down looking like a clown, of your own town.
      There's no need to frown, messed up big time WOW.
      You did this to yourself, kept thinking about your wealth
      So no one likes you, but your wife its true.
      Gotta say this to you, don't think she deserves you.
      Cause the **** you put her through.
      I'll end it so, you can get your dough.
      Treat her like she needs too, understand I love you.
      Not the one your with its true, my *****s know what I'll do.
      Just to stay with you, but not the way you think.
      This ain't about you, understand that now coo.
      I really don't need to, make what I'm saying...BOO
      Boo-hoo I got them crying, cause they think I'm lying.
      But who's the one supplying you, with all these lies woo.
      Do I need to find you, so I can get you.
      To make understand me.
      But that won't work cause I'll look like a jerk, with all these perks, so what's the worst that will come from my semi's bursts?
    5. nasirrich
      Dude this anime is the stuff man.

      Well never seen it, but its like uhhh... ummm... Not like Birdy The Mighty: Decode... No its uhh... ummm... damn I remember its like the one I saw on the anime list that raph gave you... No the one that I saw at your house one... OH yea Ninja Nonsense. I mean never saw it at your place, but its sorta like it in a way. Well yea when you see it you'll understand what I mean.

      Oh remember the Rosario Vampire CAPU opening dance you showed me I found this remix of it, its not the full dance like yours but you really gotta check this out when you get the chance...
    6. nasirrich
      Yesss I knew you would and ok cools.
    7. nasirrich
      Yo I found it the anime where that guy got clocked its called Tenjou Tenge. This vid remember when I was at your house...

      And remember the Lovely Merry Go Round AMV I showed you. And that guy doing that cwazy move. He's from that show as well here's the opening you'll see it...
    8. nasirrich
      OOOOO YO your back on good looks man good looks.
      And I'm glad you liked it.
    9. nasirrich
      Yo Aqua Kills it that's why she's not only my fav Keyblade Master, but I think she's the strongest out of them all. Yo this vid show the worst way to be killed by Aqua...
    10. nasirrich
      Aite dude you got it. I can't wait man. And chilling at your house was funny.^^ ^^
    11. nasirrich
      Yo wats good man I'm really sorry... I-I mean like in a way... Y-Yea anyways haven't talkd to you... But yo at my house things were peacful cause of the black Friday shopping. And the thing is wen they got back... They meaning my mom, sis, and grandma things got worse from there.
    12. shidonic
      hey tadashi, u HAVE to call the police on nasrichs mom, i dont think anyone should live like that, especially getting hit with a metal bat... ouch
    13. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      well, I really hope things work out for you.
    14. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      it's ok, that's not good.
    15. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      are you ok?
    16. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      be careful, alright?
    17. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      nope, just got worse. =.= *sighs*
    18. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      no.... I'm fine
    19. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      hey, I'm not doing so well. you?
    20. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      lol, glad I could help, and goodluck.
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    Apr 23, 1993 (Age: 31)
    I'm a pretty shy guy, but with time will eventually open up if I get to know you.

    Martial Arts, Manga, Relaxing, Videos Games, Anime


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    Some of the greater things in life are unseen thats why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream.