Sep 26, 2010
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Apr 23, 1993 (Age: 31)


Merlin's Housekeeper, Male, 31

    1. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      I know how that feels :c I've got it too, hope you get sleep soon, I know how rough it is to barely go through life.
    2. nasirrich
      That'll make it worse, but ok man if you say so...
    3. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      yea, I am. :) I hope you can go to one, they're really great.
    4. nasirrich
      You know fresher than a maf*cka, but mug is the clean version. And bet as in alright man bet watch you think you can out snipe my team bet.

      Ok well keep doing that then y-yea... Keep it up. I talking to Oh Snap on FB, rp-ing with CR, and talking with you. Also trying to figue out names for my pics.
    5. nasirrich
      Ehh Bing....

      Welcome back

      Ok well don't force yourself man. I ahd the same problem(Still do in a way.) Just uhhh... Do what keep you from being bored and just don't care. And watch you'll pass out like a mug bet ~.^
    6. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      really really fun X3
    7. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      Only one other XD I hope I can go
    8. nasirrich
      Oh man google got you stuck on some new disses good one ~,^

      Naw let me stop what is up man
    9. nasirrich
      By the way your an idiot I never got the message... Can someone say... Hiya ^-^
    10. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      Yea, I'm gonna try to ask around and see if I can do any work for somebody so I can have the money to go to an anime con soon.
    11. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      Thanks, so do I.
    12. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      I don't know... anything I can get I guess, I need the money..
    13. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Not too much going on with me
    14. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      :) Congrats! I'm happy for you!
    15. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      :/ Actually I might've lost my job. >.< Which really sucks, but I hope not. ;.;
    16. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      I got my GED, I'm not in school. I'm working so I can go to college.
    17. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      :) good to hear from you too, and wow, college. :)
    18. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      :3 Hey, not much, just stuff, lol. How are you?
    19. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      How are you doing?
    20. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      It's been a while, I've been good
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    Apr 23, 1993 (Age: 31)
    I'm a pretty shy guy, but with time will eventually open up if I get to know you.

    Martial Arts, Manga, Relaxing, Videos Games, Anime


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    Some of the greater things in life are unseen thats why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream.