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Aug 1, 2010
    1. Aura
      I love you. <3
    2. Aura
      Thank you. <3 I'm not perfect. DD: *Giggles* I still want to see a picture. ; ; I want to take more pictures to show you. XD I'm glad you came to my rescue. <333 If you didn't, I wouldn't be so happy. <33 The price. >< And when I tried explaining stuff to her, she wouldn't let me talk. Reason I got mad. B| You like coffee? D: I don't like it. What manga? 8DD

      Exactly! ; ; And...not really. I've taken photos but I don't really like them all that much. I tried learning guitar, but failed. XD I want to learn how to play the piano though. What classes will you take?

      B| Youuuu. <333 Bug your mom for a phone. XD I'd be nervous though. >//> Why are you thanking me? D: Silly boy. <33 *Cuddles*
    3. Aura
      Don't be sorry. D: I think there are pictures in my album that show my hair more. There should be, at least. I know I took full body pictures. XD Probably. It's kind of soft already. *Looks up at you* I shall not. B| Well, maybe only trim it, but that's it. XD *Nudges your nose* You really are my knight in shining armor. <333 Well, I was somewhat busy with looking at the payment of my classes and what I need to turn into the school so my financial aid can be approved. My mom got mad at me though and yelled. << Was mad for a bit, but it eventually went away. 8D8 Did you do anything? Did you continue your exploring of the campus? 8D

      Math(ew), English, Photography and a music class. 8DD I'm kind of excited. XD

      No, you are, silly. <33 Well, it'd be easier to teach you by speaking it. My writing in Spanish isn't very good. XDX But I'll try my best. ...Mm. *Lightly kisses your lips* That works too...<333
    4. Aura
      Remember how I told you it reached my lower back? That long. Now it barely passes mid-back, I think. I don't know. I have it tied up. XD That'd be amazing. 8DD I should do that. XD And because. I cuddle, snuggle with you and you keep me warm. <33 *Hugs back as tightly as I can* Aww. What kind of kidnapping? The one where you sweep me off my feet? <333 I am not shallow! ; ; XDD And I'll go with you. <3

      That'd be wonderful. <3 I need to look at my classes again. D:

      Good. This happiness is staying. <333 I guess. It'd be easier to talk to relatives and stuff. ; ; I said, "Hello. I am your girlfriend." XDD
    5. Aura
      YAY~! It's kind of shorter than it used to be though. XD Ah, well. It's still long. *Nuzzles* <33 I have the urge to call you my teddy bear. XDD I won't cry...maybe. <> I'm glad it did. That was my goal. <33 Lucky. I still hear nagging. ;^; *Ish your cutie* <33 *Rests my head against your chest* No. XD I want to learn more about the culture and see Italy with my own eyes. So when I see it on tv or online, I don't have to be, "I WANT TO GO. I WANT TO GO. I WANT TO GO. T-T *CRIES*" XD I've always wanted to go to Italy.

      Do it. XD The campus is big though so it'd be hard to see each other. Unless we had classes together. <3

      I still am happy. XD Really happy. <33 Well...I speak Spanish so I guess it's alright. XD I'm just not fluent in it. >>; I have trouble speaking to my grandmother at times. XDX Hola. Yo soy tu novia. ... XDD
    6. Plums
      lol, the Voxli Lady. xD
      No one really gets on there unless people coordinate to be there.

      That I shall c:

      I'm horribly shy IRL when I'm out in public (except around close friends)
      At home and on the Internet, I'm silly all the time unless I need to put on my SRS FAEC.

    7. Aura
      I need to take better care of it now that I know it's magical. XD *Clings back* Romeoooo. <3 Okay. I actually want to see how you look with that short of hair. D: *Snuggles* My parents were always like that. B| But now when they tell me to go to bed, I'll be thinking, "I WANT TO TALK TO MY BOYFRIEND!" XD <3 And awww. Ivvy was always such a pretty name to me. I love it! <33 I smile when you do though. D: I find it sweet. ^^ No sorry. B| Yes! I love pasta. >>; I wish I was Italian. ; ; And yay! I'd love to go with you. <3

      If only you knew of CSUN beforehand. B| You could have applied and we'd go together. <3

      I slept well. Fell asleep quickly. You? <3 I missed you too. ; ; I was wondering when you were going to get on, but now I'm just happy you're here. <33 And I know. XD But the song is nice. I was singing along with it today. XDX You're welcome. <3
    8. Aura
      D: OMG. MY HAIR CAN SAVE PEOPLE'S LIVES. *GASP* Yay! 8D I want another one now. XD *Kind of hungry* ...Never cut your hair that short. ; ; NEVER. *Sobs* I love shaggy hair so much. >//> No tickling meh. B| *Narrows eyes* *Nudges your nose with mine* <33 Alright. I'll try my best to stay up. I want to keep talking to youuu. ; ; My mom came by a while ago all like, "GO TO BED!" I was like, "I'M NOT EVEN TIRED. D8<" XDD Tell her you don't care. XD Tell her someone is waiting for youuuuu. Ivvy? o.o *Looks up at you* You find everything about me cute. XD <3 I like oranges, I just don't eat them so often. XD I think we have oranges though. I've seen pictures. ._. It is amazing. But the one place I want to go to is Italy. OH MY GOD. ; ; I WANT TO GOOOO.

      To come see me? :3 <3

      *Holds onto you* <3 Hehe.

      My Romeo~ *Nuzzles* <333


    9. Plums

      That should work xD


      She's been gone almost six months now.
      Watch, she gets on during her one year of being a member here. xD

      I think this is the start of a splediferous friendship.
      Only I can rupture lungs...of others.

    10. Aura
      XDD Silly boy. My hair isn't magical. Is it yummy? 8D ... DDD: How gone is it? ; ; I love shaggy hair! Keep it shaggy. ;-; You mean the world to me, remember that, silly. <33 I'd rather be with you than anyone else. You make me beyond happy. <33 I do not. ; ; I just...meh. >> I become a giggly Mira. B||| *Grabs your hands* No ticklinggggg. ; ; I'm positive we'll stay up late again tonight. XD <3 You need to bug your mom for so many things now. XDD *Huggles Danny* ... Hehe. <33 It better have. B| Or else. I have several. XD Apple, strawberries and mangos. ^^ Always ate those when I was little. Hopefully it stays like this. I don't want to worry you more. ; ; <3 So do I. 8D A place where the weather isn't so horrible. AND THERE'S SNOW. *Loves snow*

      Compared to UCLA, it is. XDD

      I'm glad. *Kisses your cheek* <33

      *Cuddles* <33333
    11. Plums

      She doesn't get online anymore.
      She kind of...disappeared. ._.

      That song made me cry happy tears when I first heard it.
      Me and another member are going to sing it in Voxli (it's a voice chatroom that can be found RIGHTZ ABOUT HERE)
    12. Aura
      Because when I tie it up, it's sometimes still kind of damp. XD *Offers apple* D: *Eating one* 8D8 How short is your hair? ; ; I loved the way your was on the pictures you showed me. <3 No! Don't be sorry. >< I'm ready to be yours, silly. <3 Why do you think I said yes last night? If I wasn't ready, I would have said it. But I'm absolutely ready. So don't feel bad, okay? I'm yours and nobody else's. <33 *Hugs back tightly* No you. You blush more~ <333 Restrain yourself! D: Me being tickled makes me want to just squirm around and stuff. <///< Surpisingly, no. Not anymore. XD I was ready to pass out earlier but hunger took over. XD Get one! ; ; The connection there is terrible for such a high UC school. B| Did it learn its lesson? 8D I am. ; ; I'm eating fruits more often, I'm starting to just eat more in general and I'm drinking water. It's gone away. 8DD I've barely felt it at all today, which is good. Cali is...blah. B|
      It's tiny compared to UCLA. XD

      My Prince. Well, more like knight in shining armor. <333

      It's okay. I'm just glad you're here. <33 *MAKES THAT SADNESS GO AWAY* B|
    13. Plums
      Second awesome xD
      Actually, she got the 200th xD

      I miss my equally crazy buddy :c

      IT'S SO BRIGHT...AND SO VIVID (vivid).
    14. Plums
      Actually, my 100th vm is.
      It's one a friend who disappeared fought long and hard to get ;~;


    15. Aura
      <33 A little. XD It's really soft when I tie it up for a bit and then put it down. Being broke it bad! ; ; At least you have money. I have nothing. ;-; *Nuzzles back* Yes. She doesn't know that we're together though. I haven't told her since I told her yesterday that we had confessed the previous night. XD I'm not quite sure what she'll say though. She said not to rush into everything, I said I knew that and that I was only worried about you of being together and stuffs. D: I had felt as though you weren't ready yet so yeah. Blushy Romeo~ <33 No you won't. >B| *Giggles and leans back a little* No tickling mehhh. D: Aw. I'm glad you haven't. I'd feel bad if you did. XDX I wanted to nap. D: But I ended up staying up all day because I was distracted and hungry when I felt like napping. XD Your connection needs to be better though. B| *Punches it* I'll get healthier. D: Once I start taking care of myself. I've been feeling better, actually. The pain on my chest just comes and goes. *Clings* <3 I try to. D: I'm trying to drink as much as I can, but I usually end up not doing so. XD OMG. DD: I CAN'T IMAGINE BEING IN THAT PLACE. ; ; CSUN ALONE IS HUGE TO ME. DX

      Yay. My hero. <33 So they can know what they'd get themselves into when it comes to messing with us. >B|

      Edit: I miss you so much... ; ;
    16. Aura
      I want to wear a wig. It made my hair super soft. I like touching it now. XDD Do you think you'd be able to buy the costume though if you did go as Zack? D: From what I know, his costume can be over 200. >< Depends where you get it from. I'd burn down your job as well once you had enough money. No stealing my Romeo away from me. <3 I think she would. She actually knows about you. XD I told her about what you did to help me when my issues with you-know-who were getting kind of bad. And then I told her I developed feelings for you and yeah. <//< *Starts laughing* No tickling me! DD: *Grabs your hands* ; ; I felt conceited with what I said yesterday. XDD I was blushing though and then was like, "WHY DID I SAY THAT? NO SAYING THINGS THAT MAKE ME SOUND CONCEITED. ;-;" XD Take a nap. D: Naps are good for youuu. <3 I get tired faster than you do. XD You have energy, I don't. I blame my health though. ; ; AND OMG. UCLA IS HUGE. DDDX I didn't know it was that big.

      B-But I don't like parties. *Shy and anti-social* ; ; *Kicks my brother* ... << *Leaves* XD
    17. Plums
      I've been here for almost a year, so eh.

      EFF YEAH.

      This reminds me of the Double Rainbow Song xD
    18. Plums
      Psh, Aura's not getting the eleventh vm.
      I claim it for myself.

      And welcome to KHV! c:
    19. Aura
      Aww. Now I'm eager to see you all dressed up. XD <3 The convention is four days, so I'm kind of hoping I can cosplay all four days. First day, I'll be Lightning from FFXIII. Second day, Rukia, third day, Haine and last day just something I'm kind of plotting. XD Like...another Lolita/Mad Hatter kind of thing. 8D8 I just need the money first. >< I'd stay close to you. But I also know my friend would keep an eye on me. XD She's kind of over protective of me since her and I are like sisters. I'm anti-social so I stay away from crowded areas. xD *Lightly kisses you cheek* Mine. <3 You're not conceited. B| I'm the conceited one...I think. XD I couldn't stop smiling either. Even when I was falling asleep, I was smiling. <3 I'm glad you did. Just get rest whenever you feel tired. D: I'm surprisingly not sleepy even though we went to bed at around 2:30 again. XD How is the campus? I know for a fact it's big, but I'm just not sure how big. CSUN is huge. ._.

      *Watches you and giggles* Silly boy. <33 ... XDD Oh wow. I kind of squealed on accident instead of laughing. *Sees my brother fall to the floor* WE WIN! >8DD
    20. Aura
      I'm not quite sure. D: But you don't have to cosplay, if you can't or don't want to. It usually takes a while for someone to find something to cosplay. I just have so many things because I've had the idea to cosplay as those certain characters for a long time. XD Yeah, it can get fairly crowded. Which I hate since I don't like crowded places. I start panicking. >< Good. But let's not think on that now. Let's just keep our heads on each other. <333 *Cuddles back* We shouldn't start thinking on anything negative. ;-; I slept great. Just kept thinking about youuu. <3 Hehe. I sadly didn't have dreams. ; ; I don't remember them. Only remember the bad ones. >< But nothing, last night. I woke up early today. XD It was weird and I couldn't go back to sleep so I just got up. And I'm glad I did. How are you? Did you sleep well? <33 Aw. You don't have to if you're still tired. D: Are you sleepy?

      ... >B| You win this time. Mainly because I can't think of any word greater than extraordinary. D8< *Aims at him* B| Target is in sight. *Fires* D8<
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