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November 13
somewhere out there....
Visual Effects/Animation (College Student)


Gummi Ship Junkie, Female, from somewhere out there....

If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme... Aug 22, 2012

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Feb 27, 2016
    1. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      No, I haven't. I really want to play it though. I've seen some playthroughs of it though. I may get it soon though as a get well gift.
    2. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Just a bunch of armature ghost hunters getting involved in weird cases. I guess to most people, it would be a bit scary, but I'm used to stuff like this. XD
    3. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Just a bunch of armature ghost hunters getting involved in weird cases. I guess to most people, it would be a bit scary, but I'm used to stuff like this. XD
    4. Mysty
      ah. Talking like this reminds me of the good ole days, ^-^
    5. Mysty
      I only skipped it to not be out of place in the story. That's all.

      Oh Oh Oh! I nominated you for best new member :3
    6. Mysty
      Yeah, I got to play the entire 3 musketeers world which took about 2 hours while skipping all the story.

      We must get the album!
    7. Mysty
      The WiiU was phenomenal. Its different, fun, and comfortable. KH3D Is just beautiful. Everything is so smooth.

      I need to get the album still. I have heard all the songs though
    8. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Yeah, it went well. Stuff messes up sometimes, but nothing major has happened. They do have to move it around sometimes and that can hurt a bit. It's fine though. XD

      its an okay show; not really that scary, but it still is pretty good.
    9. Mysty
      I did in fact go to comic con. It was fun. Got to test the WiiU. Meet some awesome folk. Play KH3D for an hour. hehe

      Edit: Oh have you listened to the new Linkin Park album?
    10. ClawtheCyclops113
    11. Llave
      Yeah nice to hear from you as well!
      Being busy is something I too have been dealing with. ;D

      But hopefully that'll change for the both of us and we can be unbusy!
    12. ClawtheCyclops113
      your are most certainly welcome. and im good
    13. Mysty
      I know you are busy and all and I am happy to see that when you are on break you are with friends and family. That's always nice. Just miss talking to one of my besties, you know.

      But other than my recent phase of bordum, I am quite well, Making tons of friends on the Skype Group for KHV and just hanging out with friends when i can. My parents are happy too which makes me happy as well, but that is something I would rather discuss in private. :)
    14. ~Acy_XIII~
      It's alright, you're having fun during summer. I never expect an answer right after I send a message, we all got lots of stuff to do online and irl. And I do take sometime a lot of time before answering so I can't blame you for that. ^^

      You should travel there one day! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

      That's good to hear!

      I'm doing relatively fine. I'm a bit to busy with work that I'm starting to hope for a long week of rain >.> Not really nice for my bosses, but those few weeks were really hard for me. (Too much humidity and heat with no AC plus the dishwasher is a killer)

      I'm killing time with Theathrythm FF with the 3DS ( Midnight Purple) I bought a few weeks ago while waiting for KH 3D. I'm preparing myself to get to the store at the opening the day it comes out ^^ The salers probably won't like it that much but I don't care I don't want them to "accidently" sell my pre-order MoM edition because I took to much time to come. >:P It happened to some of my friends with their pre-order at those stores...

      So how have you been?
    15. Llave
      Hey gurl how u been?~
    16. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Well, I am currently in the hospital. I had a catheter procedure last Monday, and they're monitoring me for the. Ext few days. Being in the hospital does put me higher on the list. The catheter is in my neck. It doesn't hurt too much anymore.

      Good to hear from you though. I started watching Ghost Hunt; it's an interesting enough show.
    17. Mysty
      I am on my way Kairi. The Organisation will never hold me back. I will find you, my love!

      OOC: miss you Q-Q
    18. greater_bloo
      Sorry for the late reply again! >_<
      But yeah you are very welcome, you're a really great friend! :D

      I'm gonna try to add you on PSN so you can't run away from it anymore! >:D Lol jk, I know you're probably very busy since it's summer and all.

      I've been getting a lot of practice indeed. And I think I have improved a bit in the last 6 months which is weird since I thought I hit my peak quite awhile ago but apparently I have not and I'm beginning to think that's always true as long as there are characters to voice!

      I also tried Skype voice chat for the first time a week was awkward lol. But I can see why it is so fun!
    19. ~Acy_XIII~
      I'm doing pretty well, but I wish I had a bit more free time... Working 10 hours by night isn't exactly a leisure >.> Oh well, I make enough money last week to pay myself a 3DS with half of it. I'm getting ready for KH 3D! >:3
      And the pool is finally ready!

      I use to travel with my family a lot during summer vacations, but we stay most of the time in the country ^^'' We did travel in all the provinces of Canada (in car) and last winter for the x-mas vacations, we went to Miami beach (in car too). I went to Australia twice, the first time I was just a baby so I don't remember much and the second time was like 7 years ago, but we didn't get to see much of the scenery. It was mostly to see my mom's family, so we haven't done a big tour.

      It must be nice being home :D
    20. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      I was able to get a replacement computer for now. It's not great, and the keys like to not work at times, and has viruses, but it works okay. Just download some free virus protection and I should be okay.

      I haven't really been able to get into any new anime besides Deadman Wonderland, but that's not technically new since I watched it last year on Crunchy Roll, but I like the anicipation of seeing the dub every week.

      Yeah, Act of Valor was a terrible movie. It had no plot, I didn't care for the characters; it was just a mindless shooting movie. The wiki page says that the writer decided put in real Navy Seals because only they can convey the realism of war fighting, but I'm calling bull crap on that. Everything about the script was bad, but I don't think the Navy Seals could figure that out. It was pandering of the worst kind. I could say more...but I'll only get more angry.

      I really wouldn't want to see it in theaters...too many little kids. It being a kid's film was probably the best thing about it though, because I was surprised at how dark it was at times. They actually put a lot of dark undertones in this, and the amount of effort put into it was amazing. It didn't feel cheap, like a lot of films that are directed at kids do.

      Arkham City is really fun. Got through most of the stuff in the main file; just need to get those damn Riddler trophies. However, now that I'm getting good at it, it feels very repetitve.

      Yeah, I seem to write walls of text when I feel like talking a lot. XD It's gotten kind of boring here, mostly because I haven't gotten my new game yet. I did finish reading Frankenstein today though. Not for any kind of class, just because I've had it on my bookshelf for years now and decided to give it another try. I really loved it. It's one of those books that keeps you sucked in, even when you think the narrator is just rambling on for some reason. The ending did feel a bit abrupt through.

      Oh; I sent you a Skype request.
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    somewhere out there....
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