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Feb 13, 2010
Feb 16, 2009
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Bugger if I know!
Student by day, Hero by night.


Gummi Ship Junkie, from Bugger if I know!

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Feb 13, 2010
    1. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I know what you mean. School's killing me as well.

      What do you mean?
    2. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      You were on recently?
      How dare you not leave me a VM!
      How you been?
    3. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain

      I am trying to be more active again, I have been away for the past few weeks :b again.
    4. JedininjaZC
      Alright its okay. I will just have to find a way to make your charecter dissapear logicaly.... I guess.
    5. JedininjaZC
      Come back, come back!
    6. Pezz
      I'm doing fine. had a boring summer. The rp is doing fine as is my newer one. As for your characters. they just up and vanish off the face of the earth, lolz.
      I'm remastering the first episode to my abridged series. I'm having another person help me with voices.
    7. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Well it was the same restaurant franchise but two locations so I got two checks, it paid well. But now I need a job and with every other freshman new to town, I doubt I'll get one soon.

      Yeah, I had to buy a book used. If I bought all my books new, it would cost me almost 600 dollars. I still need to buy four more ahhh
    8. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Trust me I understand
      I was working two jobs this summer lol
      The only time I came on KHV was on break or late at night if I wasn't busy, but I usually fell asleep early.
      Yeah, I need to save up for a DS so I can get it. I'm in college now so money's tight, though
    9. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      It's Lilbueno
      How's life?
    10. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      I'm sorry for the massively delayed response, I'm only now managing to find time to go through all the VMs and PMs I get.

      Thank you for the compliment, and I am sad you haven't been online in such a long time, maybe one day when you come back we can chat ^^
    11. Pezz
      Oh. I'm sorry to hear that man. :(
    12. Pezz
      well anyway, I've moved the rp to this site. it's called Zelidar: The Land of the Sky.
    13. Pezz
      where you been buddy?
    14. Pezz
    15. Pezz
      which one are you?
    16. Pezz
      Sailor Moon abridged. Are you any good at voices? I need to work on mine soon they sound different. if you want, I could send you the inuyasha episodes.
    17. Pezz
      It was not sma approved lol. and I want some of the jokes to be cleaner. and the voices to be better. Man, I need more people for this. :-/
    18. Pezz
      I think I'm going to redo it from scratch.
    19. Pezz
      Watch my Inuyasha abridged episode

    20. Pezz
      if you want, but he wouldn't be rotting at all. you can just say a dead body.
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    Bugger if I know!
    Student by day, Hero by night.
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    Building Keyblades, thinking of fiction.


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