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Mar 10, 2023
Jan 31, 2009
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I am training to become a Youth Drama Teacher :D


Traverse Town Homebody, from Dublin

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Mar 10, 2023
    1. Finale
      dont start on meh fool?=-=
    2. Finale
      umm yo >.>
    3. Misty
      Nothing too much, how about you?
    4. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Indeed...and not wanting to hear will keep it from getting violent.
    5. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Like an AMV? I actually have...but one of them got deleted for some odd reason. xDD

      But then that's a good thing...if people deny it, then it will stay low, and will soon be resolved quietly rather than loudly and without guns and etc.
    6. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Hahaha, and I'm one to avoid colors. xD

      Indeed. But a war is a big issue and keeping it quiet is a difficult job. So if there was something going on, everyone would've known by now.
    7. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Well, I'm South Asian, but not Indian. I'm from Bangladesh. haha.

      That's what I'm I doubt there will be a war considering the times.
    8. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      California would be correct... :33
      As for being Italian...oh I wish. ;~; That would've been lovely. Italian girls are beautiful. lol my culture is one who wears this...
      I think you can deduce from that...but still won't get it right. :lolface:

      Well, you never know right, any protests can turn to peaceful interactions to avoid such wars. I doubt that in the world recession, anyone would like to wage war unless they'd rather go through a world depression.
    9. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Think more to the west...coast. :3
      But my nationality is of another country.

      Well, you got a point there...but I'm sure nothing of that sort will happen. It can't be that bad. =/
    10. daxma
      Personally i think that this will be a long shot but if it works, then we're set.
    11. daxma
      Hey dude, the lisbon treaty will either be a blessing or a curse on us. I mean we are only safe from militerisation until 2013.
    12. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      What's wrong with being European? :why?:
      And you're from Ireland!? That. Is. So. Aweomse!
    13. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Indeed. Once something gets redundant, it'll be boring. :{
    14. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Isn't it great how wasting time is so easy? But then again, even wasting time can also get boring. xD
    15. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Um...bored. A little lost. xD
      Just trying to find a way to waste my time.

    16. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Hahahaha something like that, I guess. xD
    17. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      I really DO love the new skin. Seriously. I've been DYING for a darker skin. :'DDDD
    18. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Hahaha, thank you. And wow, there a Fyrc? Intriguing. Pyro is the short end of my old name Pyromaniac. Heh. Don't worry, that was no way in stupid, you silly, silly boy.
    19. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Well, I drew the one that represents me [Pyro]. It's basically what you get when you put 6 very bored and awesome people in a chat room. Each drawing was made individually by its artists representing themselves. xD
      Good times~
    20. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      I'm good lol. xP
      And, I'm sorry...but as you can see, I dunn add people.:lolface:
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    I am training to become a Youth Drama Teacher :D
    Well about this time years ago I was always on this site-Stuff happened outside computerland,but yeah,I have retuened :D

    Acting,Community work,Enviornmental work,Writing,Reading,Art,Friends,Music,Fashion design


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