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Nov 10, 2008
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October 14
working man


Hollow Bastion Committee, Male

Sounds like a pretty good schedule. Not to hectic. Nov 30, 2012

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Dec 22, 2014
    1. nasirrich
      I mean look at your case though man. Yours is that next and you know it.
    2. nasirrich
      As for me... I had too much, and would keep getting more and more. Knowing I could handle it until something made me snap and that's when I started to lose it all. My advice got stronger just the love I had for people, and just my love life dwindled as my trust for anyone vanished. I'm more mature now, but don't always wanna be Too careful just like the way it should be. Not used too even though that's what should be stated, BUT it shouldn't be cause how will love ever find way in my ice cold, fragile heart. I want it to be with those I would have that one bond with. F*cking family f*cking corruption in my household, and just how my take on people who feel they are invincible. I hate people like that and I will take you out, but if you are doing it with the one where my heart should still be. I'll kill you and that one too. not like jail kill just erase, anything about you to me, and those your cool with cause of me. I'll kill you like that. But now that attitude is no more within me cause it made it worse. I want it all back damn man if only I could I would.
    3. nasirrich
      Awww man so sorry I hope that your going to be ok and everything will keep getting better.

      All those mistakes... W-Why...
    4. nasirrich
      Man only if you knew the pain I've caused to some people. I would only wish to make it all restart so I can do it the right way. I don't even feel like me anymore.
      But word up too what you were saying though.
    5. nasirrich
      But I think if you look back on what you've done and wishing you could've changed something. Just makes you want to do more good than harm so you will never have to always have those what if's flowing through your mind.
    6. nasirrich
      Yea man I feel you, but that not caring tude is what has caused our own downfall.
    7. nasirrich
      Yep parents, the kids themselves, the people of the community, people in general like f*ck is wrong with us geez.
    8. nasirrich
      Yea 90'S ALL DAY I REP THAT SH** SO HARD These lil kiddies can't see me. Punk ass media messing everything up.
    9. nasirrich
      But its not bs cause kids now adays need to learn about that real sh** dog. I mean yea there's something I'd miss out on but google is always there. I'd rather learn from a person who has exp on it than a radom clown who talks like a programmed robot using facts, but not backing them up when a question about exp comes in. See like that.
    10. nasirrich

      I know damnit there's gotta be a way...

      I got it!!! And you make a very valid point right there. Now if only everyone who like talking with their ass would see it the way you do maybe this wouldn't be a problem. You should be like a speaker cause that raw sh** you spat would get mad heads turning to the light. That real stuff is what I love to see in people damnit only if you were my teacher you'd be gettin mad dough I swear it cause what you said just goes to show how caught up people are in with the media now adays.
    11. nasirrich
      See that right there is what I'm talking about, but they will say your ignorant cause you don't know the facts. But then you'd probably prove em wrong and shut em up lol yea I can see it now ^=^

      I wish I could go chill with you on the weekends and party with ya. Not drink cause I'm not of age(3 more years -,-) but you probably do it big so I gotta be there when my mans does big things XP
    12. nasirrich
      And now adays people just want cash so they'll put up bullsh** things saying experts say blah blah blah is a drug cause of the... All that weak sh**. And it turns out to be true cause a doctor or scientists said it. Not to disregard their intelligence or anything like that, but if you are just doing this for the money the f*ck down dude. I'm not down for all of that so I just wanted to tell you don't say that to people cause they'll be like... Oh well I read somewhere that this and that was tested by so and so from this high end school proved... Just letting you know in advance.
    13. nasirrich
      Well I mean the streetz are saying that drinking can be considered a drug in a way. Coke is a filled with sure so diabeatus is the only thing you'll get. I'll take coke over coke any day ^-^
    14. nasirrich
      Awww come on all those real cats do it man. I mean if you had a chance you wouldn't do it like me. So like just talking about it makes it all the better. I mean come on weekend drinking a bit of coke why not XP Lol*Sniped* U F*cking serious right now where is this clown man?
    15. nasirrich
      I'd snort a lot of that Maf*ckin Co*Sniped* X.X
    16. nasirrich
      XP Wasted weekends might have sa in to do with your depressed state in life.*
    17. nasirrich
      Still grounded -,- Not sure how, but besides that I'm still chillin like a mug?
      You doin it big ova there though?
    18. nasirrich
      Naw just here to say sup good kind person.
    19. Itachilives
      sounds like a plan and when she comes to the leaf she meets my character .... forgot his name lol
    20. Itachilives
      woo naruto rp is suppose to start tomorrow :)
      Here is a question how will we have are 2 tailed lovebirds meet?
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