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Jul 15, 2010
Feb 24, 2009
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Moogle Assistant, from Iceland

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Jul 15, 2010
    1. ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      * marluxia beats vexen*
      vexen: ohh GOD!! *runs away*
      marluxia: *walks away*
      me: *ran to saix*
    2. NarutoSuperKubii
    3. ShibuyaGato
      yeah i guess that you could say its rock. and yes i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*10 minutes later*uuuuuuuuuuuv skillet. they're one of the best things to happen to the earth. ^_^
    4. ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      marluxia: wth?
      vexen: ?? marluxia!
      marluixa: .....* marluxia attacks vexen*
      me: *eating popcorn* GO MAR-MAR!
    5. ShibuyaGato
      yes very funny vid. and its about axel cuz the effects work best with him. and now i found an awesome skillet song. its called comatose. its so epic and the effects are gonna be awesome.
    6. ShibuyaGato
      wow. well then this thing translates REALLY well cuz... well you know where im at. btw have you ever heard of weird al yankovic? im doing a song of his for a vid. its called white and nerdy and its awesome XD its suuuuper funny.
    7. ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      vexen: YOU!!!
      *vexen uses shelid to open door D:*
    8. ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      D:< GET OFF ROXAS!! *shoots him with xigbars gun* zexy~ ^^
      vexen: keys what keys?
      xemnas: .......*looks at chu XD*
    9. ShibuyaGato
      Hell yeah he is. i think that since the movie is in english that it should come out at the same time as in the U.S. so yu Brits can enjoy it too.
    10. sorakairilovers
      No, that's not my Youtube account. I have other things on my channel that I have favorited, but I have never uploaded anything. But all in all, what did you think of the videos? This guy is amazing at what he does, am I not right?
    11. ^_^Xion^_^
      Watashi no sagiteshu sung :P
      What are YOU saying?
      I'm no whatever language you said expert xDDD
      Rawr xP!
      You know what?
      Play runescape ^_^
      Just do, it's fun, and random at times xP
      Also, sorry for the late response
    12. ShibuyaGato
      he played THE MAD HATTER. he makes anything that can be described with the words mad, crazy, psychotic, funny, or piraty look good in his movies... 10/6 ^_^
    13. ShibuyaGato
      i saw it yesterday around 4:40 and we got out around 7-7:30 it was worth it though. tim burton can scare me sometimes but the rest of the time he makes the BEST movies. especially when Johnny Depp is in most of them. ^_^ he's just an epic win for all people.
    14. NarutoSuperKubii
    15. ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      *vexen came behind you* *me and zexion sleeping*
      vexen: what the duce are you doing?
    16. sorakairilovers
      Sure here is a link to first one. The rest of the videos can be found in the related videos.
      That will take you to the first vid. When that one is done, click on the "More From" button on the side and you'll find the rest. XD Be sure to watch it in HD! Looks way better that way!!!
    17. ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
      hehe nyah! XD *went to zexion's house*
    18. NarutoSuperKubii
      ps2 AND ds - ps2dis
    19. ShibuyaGato
      well im gonna go see alice in wonderland today... IN 3D ^_^ im so lucky.
    20. sorashark5
      ok doing great it my brth day
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