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Apr 10, 2012
May 15, 2009
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Traverse Town Homebody

shmilo was last seen:
Apr 10, 2012
    1. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      is he appearing?
    2. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      let me do a test run Shmilo we modded his character back to a boy. it'll be pyrokyle playing btw
    3. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      alright i'll get to the wi-fi room k?
    4. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Nope and that ggroup your looking at mesage Petru and he'll let you join.
    5. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Alright I just need to go get some pokemon to mod. Givce me about an hour or so then I'll let PyroKyle trade them to you for any weak pokemon.
    6. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      I've got the team set so oh well
    7. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      It'll reset meaning you'd have to use the disc to put all the games back on there...I heard your on the 5th gym. What's your ID number. Not fc but ID. I'm going to mod some of PyroKyle's pokemon to your id.
    8. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      I undertsand you need help with AR want some help? You need to know AR's are made to do to bug themselves k? now follow my insturction

      If so put the AR in the DS. Once the screen lights up Either hold A+B or SELECT+START

      THEN quickly hold Either SELECT+START or A+B and it will reset the AR like AR's are made to do

      Now if you did this correctly the AR screen will take longer to load ok
    9. pyroKyle
      Well if you want em trained faster I can get them to lv. 100 in 2 days. I've got enough bp to buy a sufficient amount of rare candies.
    10. pyroKyle
      It was hard to get hired too.
    11. pyroKyle
      Didn't use one. Staff gets bonuses like every move as a tm. Once you've got all 8 badges I'll give you some staff pokemon.
    12. pyroKyle
      I'll be sure to add you. If you know strong trainers be sure to tell me.
    13. pyroKyle
      I'll battle you man. I'll be using Hikari's fc. She uses mine so how bout it. You'll have a chance to battle former staff.
    14. shmilo
      I am looking for a place to buy a large piece of black felt
      and also making a new sig
    15. AxelRedHot
      Hello, it's good to meet you. :)
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