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May 13, 2009
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Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 29)
High School Student, Gamer, Anime fan,


Kingdom Keeper, 29, from サイレントヒル

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Sep 15, 2012
    1. Krown
      I love them. They are lovely, especially the later three.
      The biggest concern I have with the AMVs is that you need to switch the scenes sooner. The best AMVs are usually the ones that are consistent with scene changes.
      Lots of AMV makers do this, so no worries. You are really great!

      There are a bunch of channels on YouTube that have all the best AMVs. You could watch those and learn a thing or two. c:
      Keep it up!~
    2. Llave
      Awright. I'll give em a look and tell ya what I think.
    3. Llave
      I'm not an expert in terms of AMVs, but I'll give them a watch.

      Are all the uploads new? Or just 1-2 vids?
    4. Hayabusa
      I'll get to them after I get back from school.
    5. Mike
      I think it's just a random cat! =)
    6. Hayabusa
      No clue what song it could could be from Homecoming though.
    7. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      OMG I rented Calling before and passed it! O.O It was pretty good! It was cheesy, so I got a good laugh. Lol But it did have some creepy moments. >.<
    8. Hayabusa
      Oh, iPod Touch game.

      I've seen it. Not to my interests.
    9. Hayabusa
      iP game? Wha?
    10. Hayabusa
      My friends and I have had a few talks about making our own indie Silent Hill-esque short film. Would love to do that. Just need good locations and really good costumes.
    11. Hayabusa
      At this point I have no clue when it could be released. Hopefully this year though. Been a long time since the last movie.
    12. Hayabusa
      I've only ever seen it used right....never? I didn't see Avatar in 3D (was gonna, but they sold out).
    13. Hayabusa
      Because all the cool movies do 3D!!!!!1!

      It'll probably lead to some facepalm-worthy scenes just for the effects. Still, as long as the story is done right, I'll be pleased.
    14. Hayabusa
      I hate that they completely messed up Alessa's character (deal with the devil? seriously?), the poor development of Cybil, barely having that many different monsters (cool a Lying Figure, too bad thats the only scene with them), the lack of the original occult's plan (witch burning...this movie just got boring), and THE COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY INCLUSION OF PYRAMID HEAD.

      I'm so glad I played Silent Hill 2 right after seeing the movie. Made me realize that the series is actually really well writing and developed.
    15. Hayabusa
      Yeah, I've read that the director said its done, but he's just waiting on the publishing team to announce it now. I really have hope for this one actually. Long as Gans isn't directing, it can't be as wrong (not bad, just wrong) as the first movie...can it?
    16. Hayabusa
      Not an option for me to just see a movie for whatever. Cost too much for me.
    17. Hayabusa
      Well, I'll watch almost anything, but that doesn't mean I'll particularly enjoy them. I'm open-minded, but I have my own preferences.
    18. Hayabusa
      Oh, well, I'm both a media student and a theater student, so I personally think I know a bit about making a good show. I prefer films and shows with deep story-lines, likable characters that are really different from each other (unless there's a good reason for similarities), good shots that utilize creative costume designs and set design, fitting music and sound effects, memorable scenes and lines, and other things that really make the film something that I'd like to remember and watch again.

      My favorite movies include Christopher Nolan's series of "Batman" movies, "Fight Club", "Inception", "Lion King", "The Iron Giant", and a few others.
    19. Hayabusa
      From what they say in the review, the film was done with little creativity in terms of costumes and locations, the names sound more annoying than futuristic (more a book problem), the action scenes are choppy or something, and yeah. I dunno, just from what I've heard, it doesn't sound like my kinda film.
    20. Hayabusa
      Oooooh, I like that.

      But I still probably won't see the movie. Hearing from critics I trust, it might not be something I enjoy.
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    Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 29)
    High School Student, Gamer, Anime fan,
    Im a open minded person. I can play and watch anything that gets my interest. I love anime, manga, video games, and writing but due to recent events I decided to call it quits by putting a stop to them all which means I wont do anything anime, manga, or video game related things with the exception of Fatal Frame that will be the only thing that will survive after I sell everything. I was inspired by JesuOtaku to make reviews but unfortunately I haven't made such reviews on video yet but I have written some reviews on GameFAQs.



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