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Jul 29, 1994 (Age: 29)


Chaser, 29, from Brazil

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Aug 29, 2016
    1. Janime6
      so are you saying the japanese version has more musics?

      okay, i am bout to see/hear that! xD
    2. Janime6
      no it is dbz confused...xD
      demo opening musics?

      wait that "zeto" thing work on BT3 ntsc u/c?
    3. Janime6
      i asked that xD

      it ain't in any dbz games we have...i think...well, except the gba fighting one that looks weird and has weird ways to do moves...:(

      but thats a english dbz song xD
    4. Janime6
      nevermind, it aint
    5. Janime6
      that ain't south america? xD

      gohan fights frieza is in sparking meteor?
      well i saw a vid of piccolo vs. frieza on namek, playing a better music than nameks, but i dunno if that is the actual music...:
    6. Janime6
      Easter Island
      Falkland Islands
      French Guiana
      The Galapagos Islands

      heres my fav dbz music:

      search what?
    7. Janime6
      where the frick you live? xDDDD
      uh...china! xD

      i live in north carolina...=P

      i think the jap. dbz music sucks, the english has rock music and thats what i like (really referring to the show, because i don't really care about games music...except sephiroth's theme xD).
    8. Janime6
      where you at? O_o
      why do you have jap. games that come out in USA (which i am guessing where you live at?)
      like DBZBT3
      what is sparking meteor? O_o
    9. Janime6
      are you japanese?
    10. lilrobgilla
      that video was funny
    11. Johnny Bravo
      Johnny Bravo
      random ninja! :ninja:
    12. Ampex
      Lets see...

      Absol is a straghtforward attacker. Use Swords dance, Night Slash, Psycho Cut (to counter its fighting weakness), and another physical attack. Train in Attk and Spd EV's and use the remainder on HP.

      Charizard will always be fearing Stealth Rock. This entry hazzard will be taking out half of Charizard's HP because of it's typing. Nonetheless, Charizard remains quite popular.
      Try Flamethrower, Earthquake, Dragon Pulse, and another move. Maybe Dragon Dance, but you need to breed for it. Train in Attk and Spc Attk, remainder twrds Spd.

      Shaymin (Skye Forme) Ahh yes, my second favorite pokemon (Celebi FTW). The new and improved Shaymin is unfortantly about as predictible as a Ditto. Seed Flare is a must with its ability, and Air Slash is a nice bonus. Hidden Power (fire) or Hidden Power (fighting) will be focusing on Shymin's double weakness, ice. The last move is a filler.
      Train in Spc Attk and Spd EV's. Remainde go twords HP.

      Lucario is a great Overused pokemon. It's got a ton of options, which are factored on which of its offensive stats are higher. If its offense, then ull be wanting a swords dance Lucario. Teach it Swords Dance, Brick Break (or Close Combat, but the def loss does Lucario no favors...), Earthquake, and Me First. Max out Attk and Speed.
      Special Sweeping Lucario uses a similar set up: Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon is an option to take on ghosts, but Aura Sphere deals with the majority of Lucario's targets. Dark Pulse is recomended, as there are many ghost and Psychic types. Me First is always a fun and powerful move. Max out Spc Attk and Spd.

      Glaceon. I realy dont know anything about it!

      Use Ice beam and Hidden Power Grass or Water. The other moves are fillers
      Max Spc attk and speed I guess.

      Aeorodactyl. I was using one for a while, And they are described in two words: Physical Sweeper. Aeoro is one of the fastest pokemon out there, but it's move pool is painfully limited. Use Rock Slide, Fly (both moves get STAB), Ice Fang (to deal with dragon types), and Crunch. Max spd and attk.

      Also: Dont use Hyper Beam moves, theyl leave you out of comission and pretty much dead the turn after you use them. Also, maybe adding a little more variety in your team might help, alot of your types will be doubling up on their super effective targets.
      Your team will be getting a LOT of trouble from Stealth Rock. Use a Rapid Spinner if possible. (Foretress is a good bet, and gets an enty hazzard of its own. Spikes deals more damage each time you use it: set up three layers to take out 25% of your enemies health whenever they enter battle!)

      I have a Foretress if you want it...
    13. Ampex
      Yeah Ive got some good strategies for you if you want them.

      Whats your friend code? And whats your team?
    14. Ampex
      Meganium's name in Japaneseis Meganium!

      Walrein's is Todorezu or something.

      When Is Platinum coming out in America?
    15. Jasper Cullen
      Jasper Cullen
      theres a tutorial on kh coding forums *off to kh coding forums*
    16. Jasper Cullen
      Jasper Cullen
      lol thats okay i found a think called google lol
    17. Jasper Cullen
      Jasper Cullen
      so can we start the lesson thing again?
    18. 778MasterMarluxia
      cool. so i guess i will stick with buying another codebreaker. thanks.
    19. 778MasterMarluxia
      oh ok. so is it better than codebreaker?
    20. 778MasterMarluxia
      what device do you use to hack your game?
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