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Aug 11, 2009
Aug 31, 2008
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I've been a bagger, cashier and a baker! I'm going


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Aug 11, 2009
    1. Maggy
      I keep getting spam from ur msn....wth?
    2. Maggy
      you have Skype right? can I add you? ^__^

      all of us have it now
      (me,fadedphantom,anomaly,Ol'sephy,Mike, and tummer) lol
    3. anomaly1
      Hey, almost done with your lines lol? I know, what a pest I am, right? It just that I haven't heard from you awhile now, so it was like, "Is she still alive?" lol. But being the moron I am, I should have just looked at your last activity time, ha.
    4. anomaly1
      Hey, what's up?
    5. anomaly1
      Lol, I didn't know that in fact. I used to be hooked to mine, but all that darn junk mail was really grating on my nerves, Especially with random Ads that have nothing to do with me whatsoever like, "Is he the One?", or " New Dietary Supplement for Osteoporosis" or whatever. I totally made up the second one though lol.

      So I ended going back to my old friend, hotmail. And thats my life story.
    6. anomaly1
      Thanks. :)

      Hopefully though, my audition won't suck lol.
    7. anomaly1
      I know this is pretty weird considering I'm your understudy and all lol, but I'm going to try and audition for your project. Is that okay?
    8. anomaly1
      ....... have no words to describe it.....incredible! Are you serious? A student rock band playing, smoothie drinking, and mission trip going, CHURCH? Dude, sign me up lol!

      I bet you're right; no one probably even has that kind of church. That is more than a church: its pure and raw awesomeness. Its like a mixture of religion and fun. Just....whoa.
    9. anomaly1
      Randomness is what i'm all about sometimes. I have no idea why. Maybe my brain is wired all wrong lol. And yes, youtube is awesome.

      I'm glad that that you actually like going to church. I know a bunch of people who would just groan and be miserable the whole time, practically sinking in their seats. Not you though! At least they aren't stiff and overly formal. It just makes me nervous when they are because then I get all nervous and start stumbling on my words, and even once tripped in front of a "stiff".

      Not the best memories of my life lol.
    10. anomaly1
      Eh, not much really. If you count typing on the computer and watching mindless youtube videos then yes, I am doing something lol. Church so early in the morning? Harsh.

      And yes, I know that this is past the time you messaged me back, ha. I overslept....really badly.
    11. anomaly1
      Hey! I'm sometimes not that good at introductions lol but it would be really strange and not to mention random if I were to suddenly up and say "I'm your understudy". Yeah, I know that it would be a little intimidating, ha.

      So, what's up?
    12. Mike
      Congrats and welcome aboard.
    13. sephysl
      WHOA! Thanks so much you guys! I really hope I can make ya'll proud! :D
    14. fadedphantom
      Congrats on Xion!!!
    15. Arixik
      Congradulations! <333
    16. Roxas3310
      I'm calling you Xion from now on :P
    17. anomaly1
      And I know its some random person here, but just wanted to let you know. I'm not sure if you got the memo or anything....
    18. anomaly1
      Whoo! Nice, check out the homepage. You got the part of Xion :)
    19. kingdom945
      I just took your visitor message virginity ;D
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    I've been a bagger, cashier and a baker! I'm going
    I'm an average chick who is constantly online. I'm almost out of highschool, and ready for life!

    writing, libraries, being kind to others, church