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Dec 18, 2011
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Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)


Merlin's Housekeeper, 29, from Canada.

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Mar 6, 2013
    1. Daxa~
      Ah,but I love you my little Fluffykins.
      Never doubt that.

      We do have a massive time difference,as you live in Canada(stalkstalk) and I live in Ireland~
      It is around twenty to 9 in the evening here.
      Oh good,you cannot beat gaming and talking to all the lovely physco's on here.
      But I do love them all so very much <3
    2. Daxa~
      Oh you dear <3
      Because crossing out things is oh so amusing,and makes everything that bit more dramatic.

      I am grand,a bit tired as usual but good nonetheless...
      And you my darling? Anything odd happen today?
    3. Loxare
      It came from LP2PV that's where! I'm fine. I wish it would snow more to reduce the chances of melting though. Oh and school sucks. But that's hardly new. All in all, I'm pretty good.
    4. Cat~
      Oh no, not at all. I enjoy singing, but I'm deathly shy when it comes to doing it alone in front of people (even just one person). Chorus was the solution.\

      Well, it can be an awkward topic to some. It's fine though, let's just drop it.
      The problem is that they're around seventy dollars each. That price for one DS game? My mom has not and will not go for it. I know they're supposed to be great, but the price is too much to bear.
      Well, it's sort of implied. A great deal of time has passed. Edgeworth probably got bored of it without Wright to challenge his accusations, Gumshoe finally got fired, Maya went on to do great things, etc. I assume Capcom simply wanted you to make your own conclusions.

      Ah, that makes a lot more sense. The fact that Hope and Lightning can't beat a boss no matter how much I stack their Crystarium and weapon stats. The battle system just irks me in general. Oh yes, you, myself and the rest of the Sly fanbase have been waiting for the master thief to make a comeback! Well, I just hope that Sanzaru doesn't ruin it by bringing Sly's father into the mix. It'd be too complicated to make it feel right to the fans and yet they would seriously be criticized if they leave him out of it. I guess it's just one of those "damned if you do and damned if you don't" situations.

      Oh yeah, the community service hours are going to be a major pain. It's the same here in the US; just out of curiosity, what grade are you in?
    5. Daxa~
      You are quite the little popular Fluffykins aren't you <3
      you are still mine

      Good evening dear~
    6. Cat~
      I enjoy music, as someone who took Chorus in school for about five years I can appreciate the time and effort that it takes to make a song.
      Well, that at least makes me feel a bit better.

      Here are the men I fangirl over the most: Robert Downey Jr, David Tennant, James Maslow, Jude Law and James Mcavoy.
      Well, I need to get my hands on both Trials and Tribulations and Justice for All, which aren't very cheap at all, but so far I think I'd have to agree. The thing about not having a lot of the main characters is that it happens long after Wright is stripped of his Attorney's badge and credibility, so they've all gone on to do other things. The only thing is that they needed to add a fifth case. A fifth case at the end is like a tradition!
      Yeah, I really should learn that lesson. XD

      Wait, so you do own a PS3? I'm a bit confused. Wow, that's seriously impressive, especially considering that XIII has made me ragequit for months countless times already. Why thank you, I pride myself on enjoying true and timeless Sony classics. By the way, are you excited for Thieves in Time? I can tell that Sanzaru is going to treat this game right and respect the previous entries.

      It's alright, I've found myself incredibly busy with school and such as well. Being a sophomore with three honors classes (Biology, Algebra 2 and English) and an AP class along with a magnet for Television Production can be quite strenuous at times. I'm just thankful for the two week break; I really haven't touched my PS3 in a while and this gives me the prefect opportunity to catch up on my playtime.
    7. Makaze
      NGE is great, good choice, but as for Code Geass... Maybe you will understand after you watch my three.
    8. Makaze
      I have. It is not quite a 10/10, but it is up there. 9/10, maybe? Or 8.5/10.
    9. Cat~
      Oh yes, the music is always a treat for connoisseurs of that type of thing.
      Oh, man was I wrong about that... o///o

      True, and it is the closest store that sells video games at something of a reasonable price. I bought MvC3 because I had never played previous entries and Iron Man was in it (you'll soon learn that I am a fangirl of the highest order when it comes to older men). Capcom can have good series like AA (I actually enjoyed Investigations except for the fourth turnabout, that was just frustrating) and Resident Evil, but they've been repeat offenders with re-releasing games. Street Fighter IV (SSFIV), MvC3 (UMvC3), and Resident Evil 5 (Gold Edition) are the only ones they've done it with so far, but it could get worse with time.

      Oh thank goodness! Still, having to get a game like Final Fantasy XIII and play it on multiple discs has got to be annoying. Sony is worth it. They may have been hacked, but they've come back quite strong. Also, i'd like to recommend a few titles to you for when you recieve the console. The Sly Collection (all three games), The Uncharted dual pack (the first two games), The Ico and SotC Collection (both games in one), and Portal 2... if you don't already own it of course.

      Well, if you get the chance, I would recommend just watching them on Youtube. I own series 2-5 and I can only say good things about it (minus an annoying female companion and an even more irritating woman). If you ask others on the site about it, you'll probably hear the same.
    10. Makaze
      I have the same problem. You are talking to someone who has outlived over thirty forums in his lifetime.

      It has been a rough time, but I will manage.

      Baccano! may well be your favorite of the three. It comes very highly recommended, and is short on top of things. 16 episodes, and I do not think they could have improved a thing.
    11. Loxare
      Indeed Sir Scruffsalot. How are you this less than snowy Canadian afternoon?
    12. Cat~
      Well that's comforting, though most people here are at least acquainted with VII. XD
      Ah, Boxing Day, which means that you're probably from the UK. Am I correct?

      I hate it sometimes because the used games can be overpriced and they can indeed rip you off when it comes to trade-ins.
      Well, I also love how they screwed the loyal customers who bought the original by putting spectator mode into the re-release when it should've been there from the beginning instead of those stupid player cards.

      Uncharted 3 is great, albeit the multiplayer can get frustrating from campers and power weapons. Nothing new to shooters though. Also, 'tis a shame that you're forced to play your games on a console that doesn't run in HD and makes you pay for online play. I hope this can be remedied soon enough.

      Also, one more question. Are you a fan of Doctor Who by any chance?
    13. Feenie
      Dahlia > Successfully killed at least three people, attempted to kill at least three people.
      Iris > Smiled innocently and got locked up in a training chamber.

      I think we see who wins this round.
    14. Makaze
      What an incredibly old forum. Sad.

      You have not heard of Baccano!? What of Durarara!!? You must watch Baccano! first of the two; I demand it.
    15. Cat~
      Oh, shame indeed. You should probably look for it online. I went to the GameStop that's two blocks from my home and they ended up having a copy for twenty bucks. And one day, they also had the original Ace Attorney for about ten.

      I love my local GameStop sometimes, and sometimes I totally hate it.

      Ah, UMvC3... I need to pick up a copy one of these days. The original just doesn't have much appeal to me nowadays, though that could just be because I've been spending all my time in the Uncharted 3 multiplayer.
    16. Cat~
      Meh, not much bro.

      Wuddup wit chu?
      Oh my god, I sound like Beat from TWEWY...
    17. Makaze

      I was a member there... Oh, that was a fun place... While it lasted.

      Shippuden is just terrible. I dropped Eureka Seven after thirty episodes or so, need to finish it.

      My three favorites are Baccano!, Serial Experiments Lain and Trigun. I give all three ten out of ten. Have you seen them?
    18. Makaze
      What is KHM, is it what I think it is? Give me the full name.

      I love Beelzebub. It is hilarious, and I need more laughing in my days.

      Others I am reading:

      One Piece
      Pokémen Special
      Spiral: Siuri no Kizuna
      Gakuen Alice
      Karin (Chibi Vampire)
      Yakitate!! Japan
      Battle Royale
      Rosario+Vampire II
      Liar Game
      Yozakura Quartet


      Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan
      CLANNAD ~After Story~
      Eureka Seven
      Naruto Shippuden (Guilty pleasure; I started it, so I catch up every few months)

      That is all I can remember off the top of my head. I had a lot more before OneManga shut down.
    19. Feenie

      ...regardless of the fact I put you in a coma...
      And that you tried to kill me...
      And you have laser vision...
      ...And I made your life hell...
      ...and stuff..."
    20. Cat~
      No problem. After all, it seems like we would get along quite well.
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