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Dec 18, 2011
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Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)


Merlin's Housekeeper, 29, from Canada.

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Mar 6, 2013
    1. Llave
      So is dis guy.
    2. Machazo

    3. Cat~
      There's a pin and a whole stocking full of digital goodies (it's a zip file). Well, the only questions that'd really spoil the series for you would be one (obvious answer is obvious though), two, nine, and eleven. You also need something of a basic knowlegde of the series to get them, but you can just as easily google some of them.
      Oh yeah, I'm loving Gurren Lagann! Well, since you're on break, I'd definitely suggest checking it out. It's worth it.
    4. Cat~
      Yep. And actually, I wrote down all of the answers as I went along. I had to ask for help on three of them, but that was pretty much the standard/minimum number of riddles that everyone got stuck on. Yeah, it was tiring but three fourths of the people I helped were able to finish the whole thing because I did. That's thanks enough.
      Steins;Gate? I would talk to the staff about that, they had a whole fad going on with Steins;Gate a few months ago (before Christmas and such). I'm currently watching Gurren Lagann; I started two days ago, when I saw that Netflix had it for free to stream. Kamina and Simon are one of the best duos I've seen in any anime. They're right up there with Edward and Alfonse (FMA) and Rin and Yukio (Ao No Exorcist).
    5. Cat~
      I'm alright; today's been fine except for the fact that I'm apparently everyone's "hints for CO one stop shop" and it's usually for the same two floors. I don't like repeating myself as is, but that's just too much. I literally had over fifty messages from more than ten people about it.

      But enough about me, what's going on with you, Andy?
    6. Cat~
      Nah, I just figure that it's a bit much. I never nap unless I'm sick and absolutely can't stay awake anymore.
    7. Cat~
      Oh, well okay then. Have a nice nap.

      By the way, you know your "naps" last like four hours, right?
    8. Cat~
      Oh Andy, I know I'm addicting, but heroine? Really? X3

      Don't worry, I only kid. So, what's up with you?
    9. Cat~
      Really, it's no problem at all. I've been through some tough things in my life, and that's always affected me. Oh, you shouldn't feel so sad.
    10. Loxare
      Yes indeed!
    11. Cat~
      Well, no thanks needed on that one. As an older member, I feel like it's almost my duty to help new members feel welcome. I mean, here we're all eccentric so we get along well and it's easier to find others with similar interests. I know how hard it is to find those kinds of people at times but KHV is different.
    12. Cat~
      But A-A-A-A-A-Andy doesn't sound as great as Scruff did~
    13. Cat~
    14. Korosu
      Alrightie, just added you o;

      Mine is ;
    15. Korosu
      Ahaha, they are indeed! xD Pretty darn awesome though, even though you do some out with a heck of alot of bruises and whatnot o;

      IT WAS SO >:L You shouldn't have breeeathed in the fumes of the joints. xD Haha, sounds like an awesome person.

      Oh? My, my how flattering indeed. o; It is indeed, though I can very cautious of new people, heh.

      Oh, I see. I used to be like that till I was made to speak out by people, hehe. It can help, though I'm still getting used to having support around me. It was not a problem my dear, anytime. Why thank you indeed, I do not like to be a burden though so I possibly won't. xD

      Indeed I do~ Do you want my addie? or maybe it'd be best for me to add you? Since my msn trolls me and don't let me accept new contact requests.
    16. Korosu
      Hahah n'aw I see. xD Did you get lost in the mosh pits? ;p or did the crazed fans do a death wall? Got high? Tut tut, naughty child o;

      Yaaay. <3 They're so amazing live. They bother to interact with fans etc. You should, they're so worth it. <3

      Being nude is always acceptable >:3 Haha, yeah. Or at least they seem it, they seem to have taken a slight liking to me and since there is only 8 students there I'm already part of their "family" Heh. Thanks for asking, I guess.

      Nobody should go through it alone in my opinion, it only get's worse. If you ever feel like confide in a friend or something, I'm always happy to lend an ear if you need it. Hehe, are you stubborn then? "Stand on my own two feet" and the like etc? xD I can be like that too.
    17. Cat~
      Haha, no. Sadly she's not, but she enjoys my videos regardless (granted she calls all of my "Japanese garbage" like anime and my video games "a waste of time" but she finds the video editing itself to be productive). She does.
      Yeah, sorry. Still, you could always give people a little something to brighten up their day. It doesn't have to be within the confines of the forum's Secret Santa.
    18. Korosu
      Sure thing.

      Yay, I recognized her voice, haaa. Oh awesome, awesome. Aw lucky! Shame about you not being able to go see them live, sucks when you can't see a band you like live. Say, ever heard of The Birthday Massacre? They're my favorite band >:3

      Yeah, I like it, thanks for asking. It's alot smaller and a heck of alot nicer then my old one. Haha you can't go to the school in the nude, can you? >;3

      Haha, thanks. Whenever I mention medication people get all awkward and want to change the topic, I can see why but eh. Thank you that is very kind.
    19. Cat~
      Well, it's not mine to her, it's her gift from my grandma. I just had to tag along because they don't like my being in the house alone... But still, I've got some time to make her a nice Kingdom Hearts GMV, and I think I might be able to pull it off along with a secret santa gift I've yet to start on and a gift to two beautiful people on this site. Yeah, I can do this.
      Oh yeah, the second case is always relevant to a future trial. If I hadn't learned that by now, I'd be utterly... Dick-ish (like, Gumshoe XP).
    20. Korosu
      Indeed I am. Or maybe I'm floating around space with time wibbly wobbly timey wimey tardis o; Who knows?

      It just seemed right to thank, that's all. I'm listening to your recommendation right now, very pretty, though I am unsure of the singer's voice for some reason, is it that Justine Suissa? I'm sure with a few more listen's it will grow on me though. Thank you for the recommendation. I know both of them actually, haa I like them both really. My favorite by Protest of Heart is "C'est La Vie " though.

      Yes, I felt ever so silly though. Oh, I used to have to wear a uniform but then I moved to non-uniform school last month, feels strange wearing my own clothes though, haha. It is not a problem sir, and thank you I guess.

      Yes, it was not my first though, haha. 8th or 9th visit now. Yes, it was rather being prescribed some new anti-depressants since Fluoxetine left me feeling numb/zombie like and didn't really help me. Thank you for wishing well.
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    Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)
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