Jan 1, 2010
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Nov 22, 2004 (Age: 19)


[screams geometrically], 19, from GAY WONTAEK HELL


don't mind me, just showcasing my flamboyant gayness Apr 1, 2017

    1. Irritum

      Idk, mainly the love of kingdom hearts
    2. Irritum
      Thank you for your comment,
      Irritum is void in latin.

      by the way cool username.
    3. Jiηx
      Sometimes my mind meanders as I type and the incorrect words get placed in without my knowledge.
      Well it all sounds pleasant enough, and although there's a disturbing amount of Naruto and Yaoi of said anime in your feed, perhaps if I ever make a Tumblr account i'll follow you, as the other stuff is nice enough.
    4. Jiηx
      by name no* apparently I don't type so good.
    5. Jiηx
      Not my name though, some keys here and there sound familiar but it's probably likely coincidence, this is my first venture onto Tumblr, it's at least musical.
    6. Jiηx
      ...Yeah, I've had it playing in the background for the past half hour or so.

      My girlfriend got it to work easily aswell.
    7. Jiηx
      I like the music on your tumblr page.
    8. Chendler
      I forgot to tell you what is it called, while it would be simple to find, the name is Bad choice of words
    9. Chendler
      So the problem was my post count was too low and anti spam filter caught me. Everything is okay now and my rp is up and not-running as i have nobody in. If you would like to join, i would be happy :) Also, bring some friendly people so it wont be so lonely if you will like it :)

      Take care
    10. Chendler
      Awesome, you are quite an active person :) I am and always was active only in Writers Nook and RP Arena. Going to check your stories :)
    11. Chendler
      It just said that i should wait until a mod (not specified) takes a look at it and approves it because it was quite large post that would probably have 2k signs? Oh well, patience is a virtue i guess.

      Also, which section are you active in?
    12. Chendler
      I posted there and it showed that mod must approve of it, but when i asked SORA! (my old rp partner) about this, she said she doesnt have anything like this.

      Well, i know about the Edit button, but someEdit first post, some post in separate posts, makes me confused a bit. It is fantasy story loosely based on book i am writing. People are the same, but the plot is miles away from "original"
    13. Chendler
      Original RP. I also asked section mod about it, but i will have to wait until tommorow to see it happening.

      Also, i write a story in Writers Nook and i would love to hear your opinion...and mainly, how to update it...
    14. Chendler
      Yeah, i used to be here since 2007 until 2009. After i finally managed to find the style that was used back then and removing the annoying black bar, i feel all those awesome memories of things i did coming back. Unfortunatelly, i miss my old rp partners :(

      Oh well, new people to meet, new friends to make.

      Also, i made a thread in RP section and it isnt appearing :( why is that?
    15. Chendler
      Sorry, getting used to this, back then there were no VMs iirc
    16. Misty
      taking care of it, thanks
    17. Britishism
      I thought you were older
    18. Korosu
      Your new set is gorgeous. ♥
    19. Llave
      Message for you in the Postbox!
    20. Jayn
      Hello again, fellow role player!
      Just a friendly reminder here! Please try to nominate and vote for the KHV Awards this year!

      The role play section of the awards has always been pretty dead, so please try to support us! Nominate your fellow role players, any fun role plays you're involved in (or were at some point during the year), etc. Even if you've already sent in your RP nominations, if there's anything you left blank, try to fill it! There has to be something or someone worthy of nominating from your time role playing this year, hopefully?

      You may recall me doing this last year. We actually got more nominations than usual, but let's try to kick it up a knotch and support our community here on KH-Vids. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my absolute best to help you out.

      The nominations thread is here and you can PM your nominations to me.

      Please try to let other role players know as well.
      Good luck and thank you! ♥
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    Nov 22, 2004 (Age: 19)
    Past Usernames:
    • Saxima
    • Saximaphone
    • Black Sharpie
    • Sophie
    • Jack ❄ / JACK ❆
    • ʜ ʏ ᴅ ᴇ
    • wonsheep

    Hello friends, I am Saxima.
    Even though I am lactose intolerant, I like milk.
    Let's be friends!

    I'm stuck in


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