Oct 16, 2006
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in your hearts
Sammich maker


Sleepy Panda Assassin, from in your hearts


Alex is still a derp. Sep 24, 2016

    1. Inasuma
      ilu sabby-chan and your usertitle. XD
    2. W7F
      O_O Definitely. Though, I've got to go. Perfect timing, amirite? My parents somehow found out I've got mid-nine-week exams tomorrow (and progress reports, school sux). I guess they thought I was already asleep or something, 'cuz they walked past my room, saw me, and then freaked out. I tried to tell them it was only 9:30, but they don't listen very well. I'll add you and then I'd better go to sleep. I'll be back to bother you tomorrow XD.
    3. W7F
      I've heard that Starbucks is a great place to work. I've toyed with the idea, but the one near my house always seems to have more workers then they even need. I've also heard some "horror stories" about working at fast food places. I definitely don't wanna work at one, either.
    4. W7F
      I want a job, 'cuz I want the money, but I'm too lazy to do the work, if that makes sense in some weird way. I know that when I can finally get my car and thus be able to get around more freely, I'll start looking for a job almost right away. My cell phone bill has been kinda high recently. >> Parents are threatening to have it removed from our shared account. I wonder where I'll work though... O_O Gamestop? I'll get an employee discount, at least.
    5. W7F
      The crazy thing is, is that I always assumed I was younger than you, too. XD It definitely feels like a long wait between getting your permit, and getting your operator's license, but I'm actually kinda depressed. My parents are already beginning to hint that they want me to get a job and start paying for everything I do. Ah, how I miss the good 'ole days back in elementary school, where all I had to worry about was what I was going to do during recess. [/nostalgia][/whining]
    6. W7F
      Yup, definitely cute coming from you. Good, glad its getting better. Other than Progress Reports, my first month and a half of school has been decent. At least I'll finally be getting my driver's license the first week of October. That is. . . if I'm not grounded. *cries*
    7. W7F
      Said by almost anyone else, that would've been majorly creepy, xD.
    8. W7F
      Enough about me, what's going on with you?
    9. W7F
      I've been in the hospital bcause I've got Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (no, that's not a new anime). Its a certain type of thyroid problem, where (for unknown reasons) the immune system that's supposed to help your body gets confused, and begins attacking the thyroid, thinking its some sort of alien disease/germ in your body. It causes lots of problems, and leads to some even worse conditions that can lead to X_X. But I take meds, so you won't get rid of me that easily ^_^.
    10. W7F
      Life sucks. That's the fastest way to put it. But meh, life is like one of those roller coaster things. Upsen downs. On top of the usual crap, progress reports (for four of my eight classes) are tomorrow, and another one (the rest of my classes) comes out on Friday. This weekend will be hell. I already know I've missed my science class three times, and I've got like a 49 F in there. My parents will **** themselves. I've been in the hospital (eww) a lot recently, and I keep forgetting to bring my doctor's notes, so she won't take my makeup work. I told one of my friends my grade, and I guess I said it too loud, 'cuz everyone within two rows of me turned around real fast and stared at me for a few seconds. Its a real easy class, I just haven't turned in/done al of my work. It sux. My parents punish for progress reports even though they don't count.

      Wow, that's a long visitor message.
    11. Azure Flame
      Azure Flame
      Oh, I never knew you lived in Canada. But it's the same here in America.
    12. Azure Flame
      Azure Flame
      I'm working at the Wendy's in my town. I'm usually on the registers in the Drive Thru.
    13. Azure Flame
      Azure Flame
      Well, I'm working at my job and paying my bills. But I need to find a full-time job with health benefits so I can have medical insurance, so my dad can take me off of his.
    14. Azure Flame
      Azure Flame
      That's good! Sophomore would be 10th grade, btw. Hope you do well enough in school!
    15. Azure Flame
      Azure Flame
      Hey! We haven't talked since the Forks RP! How's life been treating you?
    16. Rawr
      where you wanna talk?
    17. Rawr
      You need to PM meh when you see that I'm on ;~;
    18. Amber
      *throws cookies at your profile*
    19. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      love ur display picture :P
      i acutaly drew it once but then i lost it :(
      aww well nice to meet u :P!
    20. W7F
      Gah! I haven't posted here yet! What's that happs, Sabbeh?
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