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May 28, 2010
Oct 7, 2006
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Mar 4, 1992 (Age: 31)
TCTNW, vigeriously shining Roxas's Keyblade with a

Roxas is Hot

I'd lick his Sea Salt stick anytime. ♥, 31, from TCTNW, vigeriously shining Roxas's Keyblade with a

Roxas is Hot was last seen:
May 28, 2010
    1. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      Yus, it is. So how are you? o:
    2. axelsoraroxasfan103
      Well that's good. Ah I see.'s fine. I'll find somebody else who can. XD Oh okies then and I'll let you know when I am! Yeah, I might go back on there if I can find my account name and

      Yeah, I think so or that's what it seems like. Oh and do you have a Youtube channel? I'm thinking about doing a Youtube AMV with one of my friends and we have a channel but when we're done with some of our videos and such, we want to invite people to view it and so forth....I might share it with this forum or another forum I'm on.....we're successful at it. XD
    3. Janime6
      Okay, if you say so. :v

      Oh, I'm just awesome like that.
    4. Janime6
      Things might get crazy if you bring it fully out. >.>

      Roxas? o:
    5. Janime6

      Pervy sides can be fun. :v

      Oh, um, ... Xemnas!
    6. Janime6
      You're welcome. :3

      I would've known before changing my user title. xD However I would never change it to that. ::L:

      I wonder who your favorite KH character is...:/gasp:
    7. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Yeah xD And then he whacks Sora's feet with his staff!

      high heads?
      Like a headbutt?
    8. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I just imgained Donald saying that xD

      *High fives back* Yeah!
    9. Smackdoodle McGiggles
      Smackdoodle McGiggles
      of course you were..... lol
    10. Janime6
      Indeed he does. c:

      I'm fine. How about you?

      Nice usertitle/avvy. :v
    11. Janime6
      Oh hey there. o:
    12. Smackdoodle McGiggles
      Smackdoodle McGiggles
      lol.... wow your user title is very suggestive.... not even subtle suggestive, same with your avii
    13. Smackdoodle McGiggles
      Smackdoodle McGiggles
      nothin really, bored out of my mind lol
    14. Smackdoodle McGiggles
      Smackdoodle McGiggles
      good thanks ^^ whats up
    15. Smackdoodle McGiggles
      Smackdoodle McGiggles
      hey there Cara, how have you been?
    16. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Feet shrinkaga?

      Yes, like a....high five!
    17. Sumi
      Good luck!!
      I loves it too 8DD
      I wanna go to college in Seattle.
    18. axelsoraroxasfan103
      Ohhhhhh okies....but what if I make Xion in the this one-shot, kinda clumsy/klutzy but in a sense that Riku startled her or something like that? I was planning on something like that happening...and ahhhhhh I get it then. Wow......I don't think I'll write that. When I write, I like the characters experiencing some kind of an imperfections and or pain in one way or another....and I kind of writing pain sometimes. Okies I get it! Thanks a bunch! Oh I had an account there but barely posted my fanfic and only commented on like at least 1 or 2 fanfic there. XD

      Yeah. Okies then I will! :D

      Sweet! :D Now I have to go out and get that part-time job or find a way to make money, so I can get my hands on that game! >.< At least when Birth By Sleep comes, then I can get it as I already have a PSP! 8D
    19. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      Oh, I see. I joined in 2007. But I didn't post much at all. I just became really active over the summer o:
    20. axelsoraroxasfan103
      Care to explain more about the 'coincidental'? I think I get what your saying though but just in case..Yeah, that. XD It was like 'Wait what what?' at first. Oh I'm not gonna try and write it, I'm just wondering how to NOT write it basically although I know that may be confusing.

      That's cool. I like it cuz it's true........about Roxas. XD And I'm tempted to make a 'I returned' thread. Should I do it? XD

      So how is Days coming along? You are playing it right? XD
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    Mar 4, 1992 (Age: 31)
    TCTNW, vigeriously shining Roxas's Keyblade with a
    I'm allergic to apples!

    Marching band is cool.


    pingasRoxas says;; When I'm around Roxas is Hot,
    pingasit feels like I have a heart!
    pingasand a hard on.