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Oct 7, 2006
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Mar 4, 1992 (Age: 32)
TCTNW, vigeriously shining Roxas's Keyblade with a

Roxas is Hot

I'd lick his Sea Salt stick anytime. ♥, 32, from TCTNW, vigeriously shining Roxas's Keyblade with a

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May 28, 2010
    1. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      Oh, so you're an older member that just came back on, right?
    2. axelsoraroxasfan103
      Oh for some reason I always thought Mary Sue characters were more like: ordinary plain jane girls who are in need of saving and or they can fight but then they are failures. lol, glad I asked. XD So how the heck am I going to write an overly-perfect character? Not that I'm going to do it.....but yeah. Twilight Town seems like a good idea. :3 Ooh I think I got an idea! 8D And of course, it'll be one-shot although I'm bad with one-shots and short stories. >.< Thanks for pointing out Bella although I admit I read Twilight before and the whole series. I don't like it as much but eh, I'm okay. Not a big fanatic of it as I was before.

      Really? I learned them....but I keep getting confused with Saix's and Demyx's roman numeral number and the rankings as well like I thought Zexion was after Vexen and Saix was after Axel or Demyx. I also thought Xaldin was 2 and Xigbar was 3. I mean I notice it but it's not like I do really care or whatever.......if people are gonna stereotype in life, they don't know what they are missing and or who they are really talking about......their loss.

      Has anybody ever commented on your name?
    3. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      You do o:

      Ah, I like it. KH fandom powers? c:
    4. axelsoraroxasfan103
      Aw I see. Yup same although I should always have a notebook, so I can write a word I don't get in a book and look it up. XD Thanks, I'm not sure yet. I want it to be sweet. I've seen ideas on this Xion x Riku fanclub and they had all like a link and list of the stories that the people in the fanclub wrote and all these writers who wrote the fanfics, all had great fanfic ideas!!!!!! One of them was about Xion and Riku going to Christmas Town and another was about Xion and Riku being in Beast's Castle, dancing in the ballroom. Mary Sue, can you please tell me what that is or give an explanation as I have no idea. >.< I've heard of it but I bothered never to ask (which I should do more).
      Lol, yeah....really? I couldn't remember Lexeaus, Larxene, and Xaldin were in the Organization XIII but everybody else I knew and then somebody told me I forgot about the them and I was like 'Oh lol whoops'. XD Yes, it's annoying.....I wish it would stop. People judge me alot in RL and I'm like 'Wow, you judge by what I wear?' Nice.

      That's good! No more being confuzzled! :)
    5. Daenerys Targaryen
    6. Daenerys Targaryen
    7. axelsoraroxasfan103
      I'm okay on the graph, depends on the graph. :P I see. Reading as in reading the problems? the graphs? or just plain Reading? XD Yuppers, I definately will (when I get the chance). Of course, I'm still trying to plot it and all but since I have been spoiled, I only know a few pieces to the game and such and I need an idea! Do you have any suggestions? I'll take some or something! But right now I have a story that I really want to do something that makes the reader go "Awww." and "Oh that's soooo sweet." LOL, I like writing romantic stories--like PG-rating romance to be dead on. XD The highest is PG-13 but it's unlikely unless I'm really in the mood and I know what I want to write! Yeah.....true but I like to spoil myself if I don't have the game because when I do get the game, I forgot/forgets what happen and have to come back to that. It happens...although I haven't played any video games for awhile. >_< I thought it was purple........or dark.......silvery reminds me of Riku's hair color. XD Yesh, he'll never be emo, it's like 'If he was emo, why does he smirk in some of the scenes of KH:RE:COM?' or better yet when Riku Replica kills him in KH: COM/RE:COM, it shows that he doesn't want to die and he DOES NOT like dying? I mean, that's just being stereotypical about a character because of his outer appearence.

      Your welcome and thanks for adding me! XD, you got your name changed. XD
    8. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I'd get Donald Duck to shrink my feet!

      Yes, something of the sort xD
    9. Sumi
      xD nice~
      So what're you up to lately? :3
    10. Sumi
      Actually, that is what L does xDD
    11. axelsoraroxasfan103
      I hate fractions and long division. It kills me. One minute I'll look at a worksheet and I'll be like ;__; How the heck do I do this again? XD Your welcome! ^_^; Speaking of inspiration, although I haven't got 358/2 Days (yet), I wanna write a Riku x Xion fanfic. (or Rion as they are known to the fans). 8D I saw a cute video of them (um blame my friend for showing me the video as it contained spoilers) and I was like 'OMG so much cooler then Sora x Kairi. XD Whoops I'm blabbing again....

      Yeah but not on here. It was somewhere else. Forgot where. XD I know!!!!! And his hair is sooooo cool and he's just beyond awesome. I hate when people label him as 'Emo' because he's not really that "emo", he's more then that! I still have yet to face him in RE:COM.....

      Okies, lol I added you. XD
    12. Shiki
      ........But it's RiSSSSS.

      Not H....

    13. axelsoraroxasfan103
      Yeah and in college, it's harder. :( That's pretty cool. :D Good luck! I'm sure you'll do okay. Awww..don't cry! I'm sure you can do it. Just be calm and relax! :) You can do it! :D

      Oh I see. Yeah, know what you mean. I like Roxas too but I think I love Sora alot more as my username once was SorasBiggestFanEver4Ever (lol). Although I have to admit I'm a big Zexion or Demyx fan. I think I'm more of a Zexion fan though. lol. It's fine! Roxas is pretty cool!

      I'll get Days when I can get the money. >_> Unless I can come up with a way to.....

      Also, do you mind if I add you on my friends' list? (lol seeing as I have none)
    14. Shiki
      So what does the R I S in your name stand for? ::L:
    15. Shiki
      Of course.
    16. Shiki
      My grammar nazi side emerged once again. :=D:
    17. Shiki
      'An' does not go in front of consonants.
    18. axelsoraroxasfan103
      Yeah...I know what you mean. I was like 'Yes I can wait' except when I went to Math class because I'm not a fan of Math. ^^; Do you have your mind set on at least what college you'll be going to next year or plans after HS? Aww I'm sure you won't be the only one, I'm sure they'll be others out there. I didn't cry at Graduation but I was feeling pretty bittersweet about it. :(

      Oh lol, I would of never guessed. XD How'd you come up with that? By the way, have you played Days yet? I'm not sadly but I need a part-time job and I can buy a DS and get Days. >_> I need to stop being lazy! >.<
    19. Shiki
      Double penetration hurts. :/gasp:
    20. Shiki
      What a perverted avatar :/gasp:
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    Mar 4, 1992 (Age: 32)
    TCTNW, vigeriously shining Roxas's Keyblade with a
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