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Sep 16, 2021
Apr 15, 2007
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Sep 16, 2021
    1. Korra
      Lomg Rosey. O:
    2. Misty
      Hi there Rosey, I know you probably won't see this for a while but there was something that reminded me of you a few days ago and I thought I'd see how you were doing. :3
    3. myoblivion
      Darnn you...Im so uneducated Dx
      Yeah...Ive only tried stering >.< Im going to practice Sunday though ;D
    4. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain

      Sounds like an awesome day xD we never really get snow days here, or at least we didn't when I was in HS, now the schools get them all the time, so unfair. How is your brother doing now?

      Good morning when you wake up and I hope your dreams are sweet <333
    5. myoblivion
      Ooooh c: California is nice...I suppose >.< Im a little upset we have one of the worst education system T^T..
      ^^!! That is! Im taking the test for mine in Aprriilll, I cant wait till I can drive!
      Are you good at it?
    6. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain

      This is very true, and it is about time that we had OUR time <33

      Have a great day today little sis C:
    7. GhettoXemnas
      For me it's just been boring old school and basketball. I just wanna be done with all of it x___x
      And what kind of crazy ****? D:
    8. GhettoXemnas
      I feel your pain, basketball sucks all my time away @__@
      And yeah, it's been agessssssss
      How have you been?
    9. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      As are you sweetie <3 I have high hopes for you and where you will take your life.

      Thank you, I think we both do <333

      :ninjacat: watch out world
    10. myoblivion
      Oh wow your so planned out >.>.....*Whistles and walks away* xD
      I only have one thing planned...And thats going down to LA, I wish I could get a job but Im not old enough quite yet. However I am going to practice my driving :3
      Have you gotten your permit yet?
    11. GhettoXemnas
      sitting in my bed beeeiiing awweeeesomme
      how bout you? :O
    12. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      That is really awesomely adorable <333

      :glomp: thanks sissy, I am happy for me too, I really think that this will be my year <3

      Lets make this year good for both of us.
    13. myoblivion
      Aww yay c: I love when people say that xD Hahaha, so what are you doing for summer?
    14. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I was totally kidding by the way >>
      But I do agree with you.
      Very nice abs.
    15. myoblivion
      Aww D: I feel so bad for you •^•

      Ooooh, I love boredom. Kind of..
    16. myoblivion
      Aww....Im sorry, that must suck...

      Nothing really, just trying to not die from boredom till the summer >.< Lifes been good <:
    17. myoblivion
      Oh /: I suppose thats how life is though
      Hows cheerleading?
    18. myoblivion
      Oh, in a good way ^^;?
    19. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Yeah, that, too.

      Especially watching the sweat drip off their massive pecs and abs, oh god.
    20. myoblivion
      Good c:
      How about you?
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