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Sep 16, 2021
    1. Misty
      She's kind of a prude, lol.
    2. Misty
      Yes she did. D:
      With abortion she's so funny, she's just like "KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED. >:|"
    3. Misty
      I know, we were discussing gay marriage one day and she's like "I could never be gay, it's so disgusting. I don't know how people do that."
      And oh lord, I don't even get her STARTED on abortion.
    4. Misty
      Yeah, it's pretty funny. We can't get through a conversation in lunch without my friend Mike hating on Obama.
      I just recently found out that my sister is really conservative. I'd always assumed my whole family to be liberal. xD I guess not, though.
    5. Misty
      There's no one really like that over here, but we do have some hardcore Conservatives, lol.
    6. Misty
      It'd probably be pretty funny, though I don't think I could take the constant "Jesus loves you."
    7. Korra
      Yeah, would save us a lot of trouble if we just killed them all.
      ...wait ****, that means us.
    8. Misty
      The only private school by me is a Catholic one. D:
    9. Korra
      Yep. The whole lot of your generation.
      Which happens to include myself.
    10. Korra
      Oh okay. :B
      You crazy kids these days.
    11. Korra
      I dunno, sticks are pretty strong *shot*

      Why do you ask? xD
    12. Misty
      We get these stupid passages and have to write about them. It's brutal.
      tru dat. ;D
      I hate public school. Sometimes I wish I went to private school so I wouldn't have to deal with the idiots in this town.
    13. Misty
      I think it might be spread over two days, but I'm not sure. It's like four essays, it's going to be brutal.
      Also you'd probably get thrown out for that. ;D I'D STILL LET YOU THOUGH.
      It's so preposterous. Like seriously? no. You can't have 5/4. That makes no mathematical sense, I have years of algebra to prove it. >:|
    14. Misty
      The stupid state required tests take a really long time, and we can only have a test or two going on at a time. So yeah, it tend to take forever. Like my English test this year is like six hours long. ;___;
      Mike's been really good about it. Like I have to make a really strange face at one part in the play and I was being really shy about it, but he sat down with me until I could get over that. xD So I guess I kind of have faith in myself too.
      Ours are so silly, it's like... we have four quarters throughout the year and we get an average every quarter, and then the final is counted as the 'fifth' quarter. :v It makes no sense.
    15. Misty
      I have 25 full days left, but finals take a ridiculously long time. I guess three days is nice because it's so short, but the way we do it usually you're only in school for maybe two hours.
      I do like it. It's my first real time acting so I'm afraid that I'm awful or something. I'm really nervous for the opening night, too. I mean they tend to be rather intimate affairs, not many people go to see them, but I'm afraid I'll be so frightened that I'll forget my lines. D:
      We've all gotten pretty lazy when it comes to the actual school curriculum. Our finals count for 20% of your final grade here, so it's like who cares if we do less than great on the tests towards the end of the year. :v
    16. Misty
      Why do you and Orange always get out before me? D: My last full day is June 9th, but I have tests for two weeks after that.
      Family shenanigans are boring. :| Both my sisters decided not to move away for college, so I'm still stuck with them.
      As for the acting thing, every May the school puts on one act plays (called One Acts! ;D). The seniors write them, and everyone else acts in them. My friend Mike is doing a series of Monty Python skits and he casted me in one. :'D

      Do you have any finals coming up or have you already done them all? >:|
    17. Misty
      I'm glad that things are going well for you! I have been good, just really busy with school and family stuff. Nothing too much is new... I'm acting in the school plays, haha.
    18. Korra
      Yep, pass high school, then hope that my portfolio's good enough to get into a good college. Story of my life right now. :B
      Yeah I had an issue with handing things in earlier in the year, but I managed to break that habit. >>

      Ah, yeah, we get back the end of the first week of September. xD
    19. Korra
      Yeah it's a joke here too, which is why I'm taking it. xD Art kid straight up, yo.
      I like the class but it's just too much for me. >>
      I'm not great with homework being on time.

      Yeah, but when do you go back to school?
    20. Korra
      Ah have fun with that. I took environmental this year because I can't deal with real science. xD
      That and I have to study for AP Euro this Friday. >>

      Lucky you, I've got till like the second week of June. >:
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