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Oct 17, 2011
Apr 2, 2007
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ITSA PIIINCH, from You know, across the universe

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Oct 17, 2011
    1. reptar
      maybe i will draw something for you to use and you can steal it

    2. reptar
      me too, i was trying to find something to use, and then i thought of that giant black cat
    3. reptar
      check my ms paint post c:
    4. reptar
      hey there.

      what chu doing in my waters
    5. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Thanks man, like yours too.
      Very situational. : )
    6. Magick
      I know. it's almost like they're making a really big point of it to get us suspicious...or that could be paranoia.

      Yeah. And Sawyer as well. But he turned out okay in the end. His nicknames are brilliance XD

      I know...Claire....I think people get the powers becuase they were born on the island, or conceived there or something. I really think Juliet was. I mean, she had amazing fertility abilities. Charlotte was, she had lingeral abilities, while Miles could talk to the dead. Daniel had an amazing mind, but he couldn't remember everything. I think something went wrong with his conception/pregnancy. Walt was the one exception that I could see. I'm interested to see how Aaron and Ji Yeon turn out. The smoke monster and Jacob is my other main thing.

      Its alright XD you have a life, right?
    7. Magick
      Yeah, Season 5 he five he totally turned around, became the new Locke or something. Speaking of Locke...on all the promotional posters he is facing backwards, not forwards like the rest. He is so not Locke.

      I don't think Charlie was ever bad, he was always kind of hilarious for me. Michael always treated Walt like he was property, I thought, never liked him. Locke....I can agree with. Probably Jacob isn't as great as everyone says, either.

      XD I hope so. I like the twists, though I want a lot of answers this season. I have high hopes/expectations XD What do you want to see?
    8. Magick
      Like he's so much better then everyone else? The two things that stick out for me are when in
      Season 2-He was going to open the guns in the locker (the hatch) without telling John, but then when John hid the guns, he was so pissed off about it.

      Season 3-He said Juliet was under his protection, like it was just enough that he trusts her. I wouldn't have had as much control as Sayid had >>"

      I'M SO EXCITED I KEEP THINKING ABOUT IT AND HAVING TO RESTART MY HEART WITH THOSE CRASH CART PADDLES. I also noticed, in Season 3, when Desmond is at the monastry, the main monk has a picture of Eloise Hawking and himself in front of Oxford on his desk o;
    9. reptar
      i know i get confused if it is grey or gray >><<
    10. reptar
      lol xD thank you, but anyways i like your new profiel
    11. Magick
      Random Lostie question? Does Jack seem insufferable?
    12. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Ahaa me too. But I enjoy the random flakes we got. Because of course in Ohio, we wake up to snow but by the afternoon, half of it is melted D:

      Also kinda sad for today. First day back. It's waaaay too early D:
    13. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Ah thats true. Thanks for noticing (:
      I've been at my dad's all week. And sadly he is computerless.

      How've you been though?
    14. Ashwa <3
    15. dragonkid_ofhearts
      lol i thought i get a thread

      A sandwich is gonna get pissed when he gets online
    16. Fork
      Well, I'll admit I chuckled, but still.
    17. reptar
      omg he sounds just like the original guy
    18. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      y were u hidin' from mehhhh?? :C
    19. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      Yeah, that's meh sandwich.
    20. reptar
      awww you actually did it! :'D
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