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Jul 30, 2018
    1. kitty_mckechnie
      Well, anyone except the English, but they've always been trying to eradicate us for years. D:

      I don't mind if it stays. It'd make a mighty fine pillow for during those nights you've stolen all the pillows for you bed palace. xD

      Piddlesniffers! I'm gonna go down on Monday and demand an answer! >| They have toyed with us too long! Time those neds learned who they are dealing with!

      Oh gosh, it sounds like i envy you... D: Well, i happen to like the Blonde Lazy Extreme edition. It's a rare find!

      lol, she's one of my many idols, and that's where i get it from. xD Sadly, no. I am not her, she is me.

      Don't blame it on Ouran! You've always been this and Tamaki are so alike. :3

    2. kitty_mckechnie
      Oh, well, who wouldn't want to be Scottish? xD

      Mhm, it's a bit overdue. It must be holding on with all it's might. o:

      They are truly evil! This means war! (By the way, if you don't get it by Monday i'm marching down there)

      True, but what about blonde lazy? OHOHOHOHOHO!
    3. kitty_mckechnie
      Wait, you're only undercover as being a wannabe Scot? D:

      Lets leave the parents and start one with your sugarbaby. xD And your sugarbaby isn't that sad faces. D:

      They're probably all off drinking and smashing windows. And they aren't the only lazy ones. Hint hint. ;P

      You're right! o: It must've been her and her postie cronies. Piddlesniffers! >|
    4. kitty_mckechnie
      English-ify you? o: Of course not! If anything i'm trying to Scottish-ify you. xDD

      I dunno if my parents would contribute to a big happy family. xD A big happy family would have you in it. They are a bunch of neds and sengas! They should all be put into rehab! >|
    5. kitty_mckechnie
      So, i had this uber crazy dream last night. I was staying at your house, but it wasn't your house - it was more like an English cottage. Anyway, your parents were there and eventually my parents arrived for some reason. And whenever a postman walked by the house we'd all stand at the window and glare at him...then go back to our business. xDDD

    6. kitty_mckechnie
      You've put STDs in my pressies? How'd you manage that? @__@ I am afraid...very afraid. D:


      I dunno. You may never see it if that's the case. Aye, unless it's awready in Norway and the Norwegian posties have stolen it due to it's awesomeness! o: (It's not awesme, by the way). But don't you celebrate on the 24th? So it really only has 3 days left D:
    7. kitty_mckechnie
      You're quite the schemer. Should i be afraid? Do one, or both, packages contain anthrax?

      OHMYGOSH!!! IT'S PROBABLY IN TOKYO! >| STUPID POSTIES! You better get it before Christmas this year.
    8. kitty_mckechnie
      It was from Norway, but it had your name on it. D: Thankfully no brother to spoil it. xD

      No hint of your package? T__T
    9. kitty_mckechnie
      I got a big item in the post today... @__@
    10. kitty_mckechnie
      Guess what i recieved todaaaaay! O:3
    11. kitty_mckechnie
      Piddlesniffers! It's been a week now, so hopefully i'll arrive soon. Nah, not yet. When did you post it?

      Isn't it? She's just so awesome looking!
    12. kitty_mckechnie
      Has the package arrived yet?
    13. kitty_mckechnie
      Lucky! I only got about 8 hours...thank goodness for Sundays! They allow for naps! Coffee? @__@ You're gonna be a nervous wreck if you drink it to much, like Tweek Tweak from South Park. xD All you can do is do your best, and you can improve a lot over a few months. Keep at it.

      We can only hope. Posties aren't the brightest of folk. xD
    14. kitty_mckechnie
      Sleep is delicious! We'll get lots of it when the Christmas break starts. 3 hours since Monday?! How are you able to stay awake? o_O
      lol, i don't know the material. There's just so much and psychology is difficult. Eh, I'll more than likely have to sit it again but after the holidays. How's your exams going?

      lol, she was a senga. Took her 10 minutes to set up the box. >_>;
      It's long as it doesn't find it's way to China or something. xD
    15. kitty_mckechnie
      I know, i was teasing. xD lol, no no, i'm quite poor at it. I sat my Psychology today and i went completely blank. I blame the 6 hour sleep i've had over the past 72 hours. T____T

      Also, would you please tell me when you recieve your package, and if it arrived in good condition. The box i sent it in was far too large...curse those post ladies. >_>
    16. kitty_mckechnie
      It's a mystery.

      And i'm not busy? o: I have to pull an all-nighter so i can finish my personal statement for uni and if i'm lucky write up an essay. Then i have to leave for college, won't get home till after 5pm then i need to study for my exam on Friday. XDDD

      Yet i still manage to work. xD

      I tease. I know you work your toosh off.
    17. kitty_mckechnie
      Always personal interests, my dear, always. O:3

      And games are not expensive. 40 quid is all. xD
    18. kitty_mckechnie
      Sammy, my love, i must ask you several questions.

      You own a xbox 360 and wii, aye? Which do you prefer?
    19. kitty_mckechnie
      Awright. Do what you please.
    20. kitty_mckechnie
      Ok, and that's reason to block me? Awright.
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