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August 11


Goddess Of Love ♥

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Jul 30, 2018
    1. Yozora
      I think I might have seen you while playing online. But ehhhhh, chances are I wouldn't run across someone as lady-killer as you. :3

      btw typing this up on my Wii fdgftrdy54rftygh
    2. ShibuyaGato
      Just focus the noise on her and lemme at the page.

      I'll get her awake RIGHT QUICK! XP
      Also, i've always wanted to know what Kitty sounds like...
    3. ShibuyaGato
      Hey, I heard you and Kitty were speaking on the same mic. Sounds hilarious. Will you still be on in about an hour? I might get access to my mic tonight.
    4. Yozora
      Random question

      Do you by any chance play Mario Kart Wii?
    5. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Hello there, just to let you know a message has been left for you in the Premium Postbox!

    6. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Hello there, just to let you know a message has been left for you in the Premium Postbox!
    7. Yozora
    8. GAG1
      hello .
    9. kitty_mckechnie
      This cake is simply delicious. Everytime i take a bite i think of you...and how you're not getting any. ;P
    10. kitty_mckechnie
      Awwww, you wee sook. <3
    11. JellyBeing
      Persuade to the best of your ability!

      Tell her to come visit me the next time she's in the States and bring you! 8D
    12. kitty_mckechnie
      You're soul shall be mine. >:3
    13. JellyBeing
      Heck yes! 8D

      Totally jealous of you right now.
    14. kitty_mckechnie
      B-but the world should see the ginger you! o:
    15. JellyBeing

      You should totally read with Kitty sometime in Voxli. :3
    16. SplitOverload
      Weirdest thought. honestly, i wouldn't give two craps about visiting here. or your page.
      but, i felt like i saw you yesterday.

      completely false, i know. but it was so weird. the thought kept on occurring in my head.
    17. kitty_mckechnie
      Sammy, you didn't tell me you were in a film! o:

    18. kitty_mckechnie
      Once upon a time, in a placid countryside town, there laid a shanty little farm. Here resided a young couple; the husband weedy and pale, the wife comparative only to the blue whale. They lived poor lives, all earnings going towards the leviathan wife, her gluttony knowing no bounds. Her hunger was a fearful legend amongst the townsfolk, some saying she could eat an entire cow alone during a single meal! Her monstrous appetite was embodied by her demonic rage – her rage greatest when his offerings did not satisfy. Her husband always the first to suffer. No man, or beast for that matter, could challenger the brute strength of this woman. The husband lacking an ounce of strength was at the mercy of his captor. He worked the farm whilst fulfilling his wife's desires – the farm work alone a tiresome job for a single man. Free time was scarce for this man, only finding time to escape when the wife sought slumber after a meal, sleeping for hours, or an entire day, at a time. After a particularly large meal – a cow not fully cooked, swimming in gravy and lard with a salad on the side – the wife was deep in sleep. He husband took the chance to escape and sought refuge in a near by field. There he laid and gazed up into the heavens, dreaming of a better life...a better wife. The man grew wearily and gently dozed off in the moonlit sky. A soft nudge awoke the man from his nap, and there beside him stood a sheep, the finest sheep he had ever seen. It's fleece so soft and shiny. The sight of the sheep was slightly startling, but this compared nothing to the shock he received as it became to speak to him.
      'Greetings, I am Princess Kabab. By the expression on your face I presume you can hear me...the witch that cursed me told me the man that can hear me will be me true love, the one to break the spell. It must be fate that brought you here...'
      A brilliant illuminated from the sheep. The man threw up his arms over his eyes to protected himself against the light. When the light diminished there stood a maiden in place of the sheep, a maiden beyond his any imagination.
      'This is my true form, a form I can only take once a month in the moonlight...until my true love appears. Good sir, you were destined to break this curse, a curse which can only be broken be the kiss of my after the night of my transformation. Tomorrow morning, when I revert back into a sheep, a kiss must be given to free me.'
      The young Princess Kabab gentle pressed her lips against the man's.
      They embraced each other for what seemed like eternity to the man. He didn't want it to end. He pulled away, smiled at the Princess and left for home. He was afraid his wife may already be awake, desiring her next feeding. Only heaven knew what she would do to him if he was not there waiting with the shovel and food. He entered the house, all was quite. He slouched into a nearby chair and dreamt of the Princess. She was all he could think about, she was all he wanted.
      Thunderous quakes shook the old house, a sound and feeling he was no stranger to, but still struck fear in him. His behemoth wife struggled passed the already extended triple doors. Her colossus self loomed over the tiny man. One has to wonder...
      The scowl on her face was clear in it's request. She wanted pleasure. A pleasure that could only be satisfied with food. Tired, but fearing another beating to an inch of his life, or the prison under her, he set off to fetch yet another cow. Dawn had arrived, and there outside the barn stood the same glossy sheep - his one true love. Joy swelled within at the sight of her. Her took her into the barn and quietly closed the door.

      That night the husband offered smalahove to appease the beast.
    19. kitty_mckechnie
    20. kitty_mckechnie
      So, Norbit is on tv...i automatically thought of you. xDD
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