Of Pride And Other Things
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Jul 7, 2011
Oct 30, 2010
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Albuquerque. :/
Being troublesome.

Of Pride And Other Things

Destiny Islands Resident, from Albuquerque. :/

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Jul 7, 2011
    1. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Indeed they are different. I'm so freaking out right now! *Gnawing on finger* T_T Creepy bug! ><
    2. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      I saw you postied! XD OMG... I know how you feel about spiders... a cocaroach crawled up my leg. DDDDD<
    3. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      *Pokeles* Heeeeey there! ^^
    4. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Man, I'm sorry for not posting in Supernatural. For some reason, I thought I had posted after you, but apparently I didn't. It's weird, because I remember what I typed >>

      Just letting you know that I didn't just abandon the RP.
      You're still interested in it, right?
    5. Doukuro
      The profiles for reaper are up <3
    6. Beau

    7. Beau
      Yay! No stalker for me! XD
    8. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      I ended up telling you anyways. XD
    9. Beau
      I like your character in the Ripple In the Pond RP~!

      Sorry for acting like a stalker...
    10. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Your inbox is full. ;~;
    11. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Yeah, me too. >< I has a surprise for yoooou~. PM me about it.
    12. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      *Ish pounced on* :D I sees that. ^^ You likes it?
    13. Misty
      I really do hope so, I don't think I can comprehend the idea that someone does not have a life to the point that they post on a forum 50,000 times.
    14. Misty
      I'm really hoping someone edited it to be that high. x_x The guy has only been registered a year, there's no way he could do that.
    15. Misty
    16. Misty
      Well not counting my time on the old forum, I've been registered here for about 51 months, or (roughly) 1530 days. My current post count is 4790, so I make on average 3 posts a day. Which isn't a lot. It's just that I've been here a long time, haha.
      I've been to forums where people's post counts are 15,000+. Now that's just crazy. x_x
    17. Misty
      That's what I tend to do today, forcing myself to post at least five times a day makes posting more of a chore than a leisure activity. Though sometimes I want to break a certain number (like it'd be super awesome to break 5,000 lol) and I give myself another challenge. I tend to give up a few days in though. xD
    18. Misty
      Congrats. c:
      I had a lot of fun when I first start posting, I made it a challenge for myself to post like 5 times a day. xD
    19. Misty
      I suppose that's true, haha. Though I haven't been a new member here in about five years... ._. I do get what you mean though.
    20. Misty
      Haha, why do you say that?
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    Albuquerque. :/
    Being troublesome.
    Lots of things. Bl


    It's not that you can't deal with people.
    It's that no one ever took the time to deal with you.​