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Jan 10, 2009
Dec 5, 2008
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Mr. Bear doesn't approve of such a question.
Rabid KH Fangirl...if that counts! :D


Moogle Assistant, from Mr. Bear doesn't approve of such a question.

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Jan 10, 2009
    1. Arch
      Awww...; ;
      What's your email then? 8D

      What part of NY do ya live in? *looking at your picture* You're almost a look alike of someone I know...*had told you this*

      Eh. El Paso is safe...until you go over the border to Juarez. Then you're screwed over most of the time. D8
      My headphones are Skullcandy! 8D
    2. Arch
      Hey! I was wondering about you. This makes me want to ask for your number since...well...YOU TAKE SO LONG. D8 ; ;

      Hm. I had a nice Christmas and New Years. I finally got new headphones! I wrote a lot of my story. :3 Kinda-ish. :glomp:
      NY is safe? @-@ I didn't know...=p
    3. Arch
      Aw. Merry Christmas Eve! And soon Merry Christmas! Hope ya have an awesome, safe holiday! *clings* Nice girl. ^^ If you dun stay safe, I'll hurt someone. D<
    4. Dinny
      I thought I would be the only one as well ((:
      But I erased that thought in my mind already xD
      Yay~ =D :glomp:
    5. Arch
      Happy holidays to you too! 8D Hope you have a safe trip. ;-;
      Everyone's going to Florida recently. o.O
      :glomp: You said happy holidays because...you don't think I celebrate Jesus-day, huh? Or do you not celebrate Christmas? =p Christmas is fun...and almost here! =D
      Hope ya have fun. ^^
    6. Dinny
      Yes, yes it is! =D
      And nu, I don't mind :]
    7. Arch
      You're online! 8D

      And yeah...:glomp: Hm. *on MSN* ^^ Happy B-Day! Sorry it's late.

    8. Arch
      Yeah. Weird stuff has been happening. O.o ><
      Hopefully you come on more often. You should get MSN!!!! D8 That way we stay in touch more...and stuff...
      New York sounds fun. Annnd...I look like someone from your school? That good? :glomp:
    9. Arch
    10. Arch
      O.o *reminded of someone* ....>>; Hm....

      A lot of things are wrong. Buuuttt...I'm hoping it'll get better around Christmas time. 8D Hm...@-@ *looking at your picture* You remind me of a lot of people. ; ;
    11. Arch
      Do it sooooooooonnn...
      I'm...doing bad. *sighs* Your picture reminds me of another member...
    12. Arch
      Hm. Is that you in the profile pic? 8D Glad you like KHV.
    13. Arch
      Aw. I don't think you HAVE to buy your friends presents...tell them why you can't and they should understand...
      Hm. I should...do something awesome. @.@
      How are you liking KHV?
    14. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      Oh yeah! I read them! I went to a Breaking Dawn release partyyy
      and saw the movie at midnight!
      So yes, I have read them!
      And seen the movie! Twice!
      Have you read them or seen the movie?
    15. Arch
      *glares at Spunk*
      Call me Arch(my previous name was ArchAwesomeman), Starkiller, or Star. :3
      So...how's life?
      Oh...and I won't be awkward. ^^
    16. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      Don't listen to Archyyyy, he is NOT that smart, lol. Well anyway, hi, and stuff!
    17. Arch
      Hi new girl! 8D I'm glad you joined the family. Ask me anything you want to know about...I'm obviously the "smart" person. 8D
      Even if you have real life problems. I'm here. ^^
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    Mr. Bear doesn't approve of such a question.
    Rabid KH Fangirl...if that counts! :D

    Anime, KH, Sleeping, Eating, Talking, Whining, Wishing I Had Munny (xDD)


    Oh, we do too have hearts! Don't be mad...
    Demyx = <33333