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Sep 26, 2012
Apr 12, 2007
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Feb 23, 1994 (Age: 30)
The Velvet Room
Understanding Human Emotions

No Heart-X

Destiny Islands Resident, 30, from The Velvet Room

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Sep 26, 2012
    1. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I have a point for you.

      Next time I post, I'll cue your entrance, k?
    2. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I see you're viewing the FFXIII thread.
      Are you still interested in being it?

      If you are, Just thought I'd remind you that Ryden (that's his name, right?) was hiding watching everything.
    3. riku1186
      Well later in the series the Federation start producing NG Fault Drives which have a higher output and don't damage the envirmoent. He could always install one of them, or the creator could hand one of seven original NG Drives over to Garrus.
    4. riku1186
      I understand. But that means when active on Earth it will pillute the Enviroment around it, expesally if it explodes.
    5. riku1186
      Yeah, (Corprate *******s) the current commanders would be like that.

      May I ask why the enviromental system was removed from the reactor?
    6. riku1186
      I won't add it to the front page just yet, I will do that latter. That way we can bring it out in style.
    7. riku1186
      When we eventually leave Luna 7 we will head to Federation HQ in orbit of the moon. As I stated before something like that would probably be stored there. Hq gets attacked and Garrus could bring it out and help push back the attack. I was already going to have an attack happen at HQ, but know we get to have your machine debut in the battle.
    8. riku1186
      Well since it uses the core system means the pilot could always switch. One mission AListair is using it the next Garrus and so on.
    9. riku1186
      Its just Alisatair is a Sniper type pilot. See there are different type of pilots
      Sniper Type
      Long Range Type
      Mid Range
      Close range
      All Rounder
      Missile barrage High speed
    10. riku1186
      It sounds like the machine would be best used by alistair. But its your machine, you can decdied who the pilot is.
    11. riku1186
      But mostly it would be used as a upport machine due to its heavy weight and large size.
    12. riku1186
      I like it, Here is my analysis of its capabilities and drawbacks. Tell me if I;m right or wrong.

      It has no Melee capabilites I noticed and the Envromental Reactor is replacded with a twin reactor. I guess that was done to give it a higher output at the cost of damage to the enviroment. A machine like this would be best suited to space combat due to its large size not being hampered by Zero-G. Even though it would work better in space it wouldn't be limited to space, it could operate in the Atmosphere but would more rely on its plane form to get around while its Normal, Siege, Turrent and Tank forms would give it a powerful advantage on the surface. But as I said its best advantage would be space where its massive wiegth wouldn't be held against it. A thing like that would be stored at the Federation HQ orbiting the moon.
    13. riku1186
      Hows your form going? do you need more help?
    14. riku1186
      Oh here is the form.
      Model number:
      Code name:
      Unit type:
      Armor materials:
      Equipment and design features:
      Fixed armaments:
      Optional hand armaments:
    15. riku1186
      Something like that would have to be massive, to fit cannons and all the different combinations. You could also use smaller machines combining into different combinations. The only impracticle part about it is that is size. See the Striker is like that, without the transforming. It uses different weapon packs for different role.
      I will ask you to fulfill a form and PM it back to me. If its your idea I want to see you fill this out. If you want you can add a picture.
      If you want I can send you an example.
    16. riku1186
      Two counter-rotating cylinders each five miles (8 km) in diameter, and scaling up to twenty miles (32 km) long. Thats where the the citzens live and is the residental area as well as majority of anything in the colony. The cylinders extirior is under attack and he wants you to protect it by attacking the pods digging threw the cylindors hull.
    17. riku1186
      Are you going to post in circles?
    18. riku1186
      Your accepted, even though you forgot to put the Phrase up.
    19. riku1186
    20. Love
      if you read the intro you would know that Phisoxa moved to her old mountain town into her Mansion she had built, so she wouldn't be at the castle anymore.
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    Feb 23, 1994 (Age: 30)
    The Velvet Room
    Understanding Human Emotions

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