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Dec 17, 1997 (Age: 26)
Home Page:
road betwwen light and darkness
still thinking about it


Gummi Ship Junkie, 26, from road betwwen light and darkness

yeah~ halloween.... nothing change on my country that's for sure.... -_- Oct 18, 2015

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Oct 29, 2015
    1. Excasr

      I... don't remember some of them. :shocked:
      Well, I don't completed the game 100%, so I think there might be some higher than Legend, I will look into it.
    2. Excasr
      If I remember correctly, once you finish the game, you can load the file and you will be in the Day 357th "Tears", which is when you fight with Xion. When you load you will win the Rank "Legendary" (If I remember correctly), I'm almost sure about it.
    3. Excasr
      You mean, the thing like "Rookie"? The Rank that are need to unlock some missions?
    4. Excasr
      Hahaha. :lol:

      There are many story line bosses, just emblems Heartless. Your mission is defeating them sometimes. Some are really annoying. >.<
    5. Excasr
      Yes, yo'ure right. That last battle is my favorite. I really like a lot of that battle.

      And KHD isn't too hard. The last bosses aren't hard, the bosses along the story are! DX
    6. Excasr
      Haha, don't worry, in no time you will be there.

      Actually Riku isn't big dea,l the true Final Boss is the one before him. Already know who is? :lolface: I love that last boss, one of my favorites endings.
    7. Excasr
      Don't worry you will fight with him in the Day 358th. LOL.
    8. Excasr
      OMG you're going to help us with the chorus? ::L:

      I'm happy now. Try Smiling too. There is a lot of lines left if you want!
    9. Excasr
      Ah yes, I remember this day. Kinda boring we can't use DW in Story Mode. T_T
      Do you know how the game is, already finished it?

      Well, I'm talking with ya. :lolface: Gonna see the 2 news in the home page now. What about yourself?
    10. Excasr
      Basically, just attack him using a combo after using counter-strike, this means, only attack him after Guard.

      You'l be eventually see when he is not attacking, when this happens, he may use the Heartless Sin Angel. Set Elixir to a short cut command, and use it exactly when that show up in Sora's head.
    11. Excasr
      Hmmm, let me remember...

      Wait there, I gonna see something in Youtube, I remember there is a way to see when he gonna do it.
    12. Excasr
      I believe that attack you described is the one which you stand with 1HP and 0MP (in KHII, right)?

      If so, when you see that thing in Sora's head, use an Elixir. With that the attack would be "canceled" and your HP and MP be recovery, but will cost you one Elixir.
    13. Excasr
      Ah yes, some years ago I wanted SO MUCH play KHD. I couldn't resist and download it in this program. I have it until, though I don't use it. After PSP I gonna wait to buy a Nintendo DS XL. Which has KHD and KHre:Coded. :=D:

      I played KHre:Coded in a emulator too, though I think that playing them in a DS will be better.

      Have downloaded the KHs?
    14. Excasr
      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this is what happens to me too! xD

      Oh yea,I think that having my own PSP with birth by sleep and have a copy in my computer are... really different. I really want it in my hands and then say "This is my videogame and this is my Birth by sleep :=D:"

      Is something I really just want to play only in the right way, having it in my own hands.

      And more, I saved money the whole last year, then I find out about this now. :lolface:
    15. Excasr

      What reminds me, I'm going to buy my PSP in the next month probably. :lolface:

      Oh yeah, watch this. Believe, that's super cool:

    16. Excasr
      If you're saying so that's okay, anything you can talk to me. ;)

      Ah I made an account for my friend too. I'll be sure to meet him later then. =)
    17. Excasr
      I knew it. You're having a little of fun at least. A party always bring smiles.

      PARTY [_]OFF [X]ON 8D

      Let's rock. :lol:
      This would cheer everyone up.

      There is a reason you aren't having fun lately?
    18. Excasr
      Nah, I'm having fun around. Don't you?
    19. Excasr
      Let's explode thing, can we?! 8D
    20. Excasr
      Great as always! You?
      Thanks, I'm finally back and ready to explode have fun again!!!
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    Dec 17, 1997 (Age: 26)
    Home Page:
    road betwwen light and darkness
    still thinking about it
    online only : saturday and sunday between 7:00 PM JST - 11 sometimes until 02:00 PM JST