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Oct 29, 2015
Nov 9, 2011
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Dec 17, 1997 (Age: 26)
Home Page:
road betwwen light and darkness
still thinking about it


Gummi Ship Junkie, 26, from road betwwen light and darkness

yeah~ halloween.... nothing change on my country that's for sure.... -_- Oct 18, 2015

nickoboyzx was last seen:
Oct 29, 2015
    1. Krown
      True enough.
    2. Krown
      Yeah. I'm still not too sure though. :/
    3. Krown
      I did not know you wanted some. :o

      I am not the greatest singer and I don't have the proper equipment.
    4. Krown
      Hello. I am drinking a smoothie.
      What are you doing?
    5. Krown
      Oh. That's too bad.
    6. Krown
      Greetings Nicko,

      I have been good; not too much too complain about. How are you?
    7. Maggy
      No, I was sleeping when you left the first comment. Then I was in class.
    8. Makaze
      Mmm, I see. Well, let me know if you have anything to talk about. I am not much of one for idle banter.
    9. Maggy
      Sleeping. Now I'm in class, lol
    10. Makaze
      i just woke up. I'm checking the forum.

    11. Excasr
      Ahahahaha, no it wasn't me who posted the pic. XD
      But when you click on the link, in the tab there is the "f" from Facebook. And oh yeah, yesterday I found exactly the same image, but translated to Portuguese. =]

      I always try to make part from the KHV [Fandub], but I never made a good work with it. =/
      I wanted to voice Ventus, since he's one of my favorites characters. It's hard though. DX

      Sure, but if you want to add me, be ready because most of things I post and my activity will be in Portuguese. XP
      I always like to talk with who wants. c:

      Ok to talk with any friend, including KHV. =]

      Skype: excasr
      Anytime anyone wants too!

      Twitter: @Excasr_Mori
      Most things I tweet will be in Portuguese, but I can make a conversation via Twitter without any problem though.

      Facebook: Excasr Mori
      Most things I post here will be in Portuguese, but talk via Facebook is okay too!

      Hm... I think this is everything I use. ::L:
      Feel free to add and contact me in any of those.~
    12. Excasr
      I really like Quasimodo, though I don't have voice for him. DX

      That's normal. And annoying too, this also happens to me when I'm recording for KHV chorus. So I just close the door and it remains closed the all day. lol
      But someone always bother me, they just come in and say something "Shut up, you're annoyin me" then I ask "Did you already finish? Close the door when you're out." :B|:

      Oh that thing from Facebook.
      THAT IS ME

      Oh, it's because I'm special. :3
    13. Excasr
      Which character would you like to voice? O.o


      Yes, exactly this. It's is me taking bath! XD
    14. Excasr
      Hey Nickooo!!! How are you doing? c:
    15. HeartofFire
      Yes, I do. And since we're in extremely different time zones, I just don't know how this will work. Even though it extends for several days.
    16. HeartofFire
      I'm on now, and I'll probably be on at irregular intervals during the day. Anyway, that's cool. :)
    17. Excasr
      Well, we do have a suggestion thread for KHV chorus. But it has too much suggestions, so we're closing for suggestions but keeping the thread alive then the poll don't close. Once we sing most of the musics on the list (don't expect this to be soon, around some months I would say, lol) Jayn will tell us that the thread is now open for new suggestions! =]

      What reminds me, I need to sing my lines today, haha.
    18. Excasr
      Hum, so you're asking about how do I upload the video and record my voice?

      I use a program called Reaper to record my voice, just my voice. Then I add a instrumental and add my voice, add EQ effects.
      Next step is render the file and upload it to Media Fire.

      Use Windows Movie Maker to add the song and some things more. That's all.

      But I wasn't good yesterday, so I wasn't able to record. And today I'm not good either. =/
      So tomorrow I will try, or maybe this will delay a little... I need to record the Time Warp KHV [chorus] too.

      Speaking of which, have you already received The Promise Pin?
    19. Excasr
      Yes, recording now, just more.... 30 minutes and it will be uploading.~
    20. Excasr
      What do you mean by Vector to Heaven? O.o

      Also, gonna sing Roxas them today. =]
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    Dec 17, 1997 (Age: 26)
    Home Page:
    road betwwen light and darkness
    still thinking about it
    online only : saturday and sunday between 7:00 PM JST - 11 sometimes until 02:00 PM JST