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Mar 18, 2013
Sep 4, 2007
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Hollow Bastion Committee, Female, from England

Near-to-Tears was last seen:
Mar 18, 2013
    1. Deathsight44
      hmmm, sry, but blood jus aint my thing. Tears, idk, and bondage, well, its fun if lesbians are doins it to eachother but besides that I don't like the sounds of it. Sounds a bit too kinky for my tastes :P I prefer different things. Such as the sex position I made up, "The Happening", aka 'the suicide' :P

      *slaps* why yes, yes I am ^_^

      lol, cmon. Face it, I WOULD make the perfect shinigami :P I mean, not for nothen, but killen people never was my thing. I'm much better at stirring things up and cuasing trouble for those who dont deserve it ^_^
    2. Deathsight44
      I have 8 inches that disagrees with you on that comment :P

      ARE YOU CHALLANGING ME?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

      Not this time. This time, I'll be playing all the shinigami, as the ruler of the thread, for I shall know all truth, and decide whether something is acceptable or not. After all, if there was otherwise, then, in that case, we wouldnt be doing very well since you DONT need permission from the user to kill someone else's charecter, BUT the information of obtaining this charecters information must be made through planning, which I shall moniter :P
      in other words, I get to know what everyone is up to ^_^
    3. Deathsight44
      lmao, u wish :P I dont want to take this anywhere it shouldnt go unless I need to so I think that I'll stop myself :P

      why u break stick D:
      and yesh, it is interesting. and this time its a good one :P
    4. Deathsight44
      I would but right now I only have one large stick to use and I'm pretty sure that things might tend to get a little wrong if I were to do that :P (ultimate perv comment. XD)

      I ish comens up with a new kira thread :D *pokes NtT with large stick*
    5. Deathsight44
      how may I entertain you oh great and wise one :P *bows b4 the great NTT, creator of havoc and chaos and many many near plushies*
    6. DiveIntoTheHeart
      I've been pretty good. The usual. xD

      How about youuu?
    7. DiveIntoTheHeart
    8. DiveIntoTheHeart
      *pokes* :O
    9. Deathsight44
      awww, alrite :( thnx anyways though ^_^
    10. Deathsight44
      yo, I'm gettin a myspace (by force) and I needs people to add onto my friends list, since I'd rather chat with peoples I know instead of total strangers, so mind if I ask for yours o_O (if you have one). dun have to if u dun want to, just asken :P
    11. Sorcerer_Jenkins
      haha, that's kinda funny.

      i haven't played the new ones. just the old ones (the ones that count haha)

      i there a spyro fan-club on here?
    12. Sorcerer_Jenkins
      yeah, Furbies (or nething like that) would do that (unless you dous it in kerosene)

      but the Spyro games (like the one you want) are epic stuff. i loved playing Spyro 1-3 and never got bored (killing the sheep was always fun)

      i suggest you get #1 first because that was probably one of the best.

      are you talking bout the old-school ones for PS1?
    13. Sorcerer_Jenkins
      the best way to get that spyro game is make that the cheapest thing on your list and then put like a bunch super expensive stuff.

      i'd like a furby, i'm gonna be getting some flint and steel soon, so yeah....haha!
    14. Deathsight44

      check out my latest vid. rate n comment :P
    15. RoxaSora2010
      Me likes your username. 8D
    16. Destined
      20 pages...and counting...
    17. SoraNRikuNkairi
      My parents just pissed me off the way they reacted. I Have a feeling my Gran already knows, But she's just being quiet. As for my grandad, He's clueless. >.<

    18. SoraNRikuNkairi
      My dad was the same, My Mum was furious, screaming at me to no end. And the camera's in my school are real, the footage is in the reception...

      And Therre still good, >.< =)
    19. SoraNRikuNkairi
      My parents found out once, and it made it worse, My mum was screaming at me for hours. Some part of me is glad that she's far away In Australia >.< And I'm not that lucky, We have camera's watching the toilet entry's, and Female teachers that come in every few minutes or so, 'Cuz so many people nick out. >.<

      And Those Drawings Are Amazing!
    20. SoraNRikuNkairi
      I Go into the same frame of mind. Its worse when people who are partial reason come over to you and ask you about it, in a mocking way.
      I Also Mostly read, As the last time I did Poetry, I Forgot It was on the back of a school Essay, Parents were called and everything. Question were being fired at me left right and centre. >.< Not helpful At all.

      ANd Im still checking The photo's you've made out anyways
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    A soft touch of desire puts my painful heart on fire.
    Drowning in your warmth and beauty everyone admires.
    My small and sparkling butterfly flutters under your eyes.
    Sprinkling your slender fingers with ecstatic sighs.