Sep 25, 2006
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Cisgender Female
human with feelings


gimme kiss, Cisgender Female, from alderaan


i want you here as naked as a christmas tree left up until the second week of february Nov 1, 2015

    1. AMRES
      Nothing much. Trying to complete something, though I'm not so intent on doing it so I'm slacking. :\
    2. AMRES
      Hey there~~~
    3. Accalia
      Lol nothin' much other than I'm bored xd
    4. Accalia
      AGHHHHH! IT'S TOOO BRIGHT!!!! By that I mean hi
    5. Always Dance
      Always Dance
      Ok. By the way, just tried it with 2 VMs with 2 different people, didn't get the page you're talking about
    6. Always Dance
      Always Dance
      So have you done it?
    7. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Wow sounds like you have a lot of advance classes, what grade are you in this year? BTW How was your thanks giving do anything special?
    8. Kaiionel
      I'm studying a number of things. A little English, some Creative Writing, some Psychology. I'm in a design-your-own-major program, so I really get to pick and choose my classes.

      Nope, no video games. He owned Kingdom Hearts when he was little, but only got up to Wonderland (we picked that same file back up again, which is the one we've been playing). He told me that his issue with it was always his own impatience. He could never get very far because he'd get angry too easily.

      I don't think I even got past the first Larxene in Sora's story! And I wanna play as Riku so badly!
    9. Always Dance
      Always Dance
      Or just make me an admin so I can try it myself
    10. Beucefilous
      lol me either, but i like their theme XD
    11. Always Dance
      Always Dance
      This would help me:
      Using chrome, when you have 2 or more VMs, go to your CP, right click any link and click "inspect element". Click the "console" tab on the window that comes up, paste this into the console:
      document.getElementsByClassName('username understate commalist').length
      press enter, and tell me what number comes up. If the number isn't the same amount of VMs you have, then there's definitely something different about the Admin User CP than a normal user's CP. If it IS the same...then I have absolutely no idea what could be causing the problem.
    12. Always Dance
      Always Dance
      Not this last version that I gave you, but I have tried the last two that you said were giving you the problem with VMs from two different people. In one case, I used the link and not the bookmark. I didn't get the page.
    13. Always Dance
      Always Dance
    14. Always Dance
      Always Dance
      It didn't happen to me. Is there maybe a link that Admins have on the CP that normal members don't?
    15. Always Dance
      Always Dance
      I'm seriously not understanding this...I haven't gotten this problem, I've been unable to replicate it. And I cannot see how the code is causing that to happen...I'm SPECIFICALLY telling it not to open a page like that at this point. Might be an issue of the fact that it's a link and not a bookmark again...Could you put the link up on khv4.0 v2, send me 2 VMs, and let me take a look?
    16. Always Dance
      Always Dance

      leave me 2 vms please :/
    17. Sabby

    18. Always Dance
      Always Dance
    19. Amaury
      Well, I'm not going to wait for the appoximatey 5 hours it's taking to transfer my 181 GB total size of files, so I'm on my mom's computer. =)

      No IM on here, though.
    20. Always Dance
      Always Dance
      Have you tried it? :x
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    Cisgender Female
    human with feelings
    She / Her
    i definitely want to be a rapper, but i'm just a northern girl from where nothing really happens


    sharing this image of my all time favorite feminist icon!!!! lightning died for our sins and i hope with bated breath for her embrace <3


    i laugh along but inside i know it's true
    being in love is totally punk rock
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