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Jan 2, 2019
Jan 20, 2008
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May 6, 1991 (Age: 32)
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New York


Chaser, Male, 32, from New York

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Jan 2, 2019
    1. lil woj
      lil woj
      sigh becuse alot of pepole here realy dont want me here...i realy dont blame them
    2. lil woj
      lil woj
      sya mike...im leaveing the site...nice knowing u
    3. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
    4. MandyXRiku4ever
      ehhh the usual drama at school....o_O....i got into a rele cool class tho'! Its for reporting! xD with a rele kwl teacher.
    5. MandyXRiku4ever
      good! xD hows reporting 4 ya?
    6. MandyXRiku4ever
      hey mike whats up?
    7. Misty
      I'll be on probably later this afternoon/tonight. I've done a few more buttons that I'm going to put up. :3 I've just had family over so I've been away from my computer.
    8. Dark Link
      Dark Link
      You have a kingdom hearts website? That is awesome!
    9. Dark Link
      Dark Link
      pretty good, I recently gained two Affiliates for my site :P. How is thing going for you?
    10. Dark Link
      Dark Link
      I am doing good too
    11. Dark Link
      Dark Link
      Hey Mike, how are you?
    12. kakmaster
      dude, i talked with Tetsuya Nomura on facebook! that may not be cool to you but it is to me!
    13. AndreaAras26
      Hi Mike, I'm AndreaAras26 and I'm somewhat new here. I just wanted to tell you about some videos I founded. There is one that shows Vanitas face after a fight with Ventus. The other one is supposed to be like a secret movie or something after the credits of the game, Its of Sora (when he was younger obviously) and he is talking with he heart of Ven, then Ven somewhat seems to be grateful to Sora and then his heart goes inside Sora (I think that would explain some things about the fact that Roxas loooks like Ven). Then Sora returns to reality and he appears (still young) with Riku in destiny Islands and talk about something. I didn't understand almost anything because they were on japanese. Well, I was telling you if you didn't knew about the videos, maybe you and your team and/or KH-Vids staff. So you could translate them and if possible sub them.

      I already told to moshimoshi here in KH-Vids about the Sora & Ventus video, and moshimoshi said they will try to sub it. So you could talk to moshimoshi about it.

      Please tell me if you want me to send you the links of the videos.
    14. Genshie
      Well looking forward to fandubbing the cutscenes whenever you want too/
    15. GaaraxShukakuIScute
      Hey Mike, I just submitted a translated version of the Ventus saving Ienzo video from Birth by Sleep. It's under my name in the User Portal if you want to see it.
    16. Korra
      Hey Mike, can you just make sure that all the threads that are spoiler-filled are properly titled/spoiler tagged?
      I just went through a thread and had to literally tag almost every post.
      Would really appreciate if you could deal with that.
    17. ~The Rising Falcon
      ~The Rising Falcon
      subs are up for BBS secret ending.

    18. NeoRoxas
      Yo i found one mistake in your post: it's on the front page under the Birth by Sleep Intro:

      U wrote:

      The introduction contains new scenes along with clips from the secret ending from KINGDOM HARTS II Final Mix+.

      You wrote HEARTS with only A ^^
    19. kakmaster
      thanks man! hey i saw the posts you do did you create th site? do you use japanese?
    20. kakmaster
      dude is there a place we can post our kh creativity? cause i have made an oathkeeper keyblade and i would like to show it off. please let me know when you get a chance.
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    May 6, 1991 (Age: 32)
    Home Page:
    New York
    My name is Mike Masiello. Today I'm studying television and radio as I continue my studies. I produce and act in non-profit movies, spreading awareness to young adults about the dangers of bullying, drugs and alcoholism. My dream is to become an actor/voice actor in movies and television. At this point, I feel that I've become aware of my surroundings, looking for ways to help others in the on-going fight of erasing hate. There was a time where I didn't accept myself for who I was, but that has all changed. I find myself interested in hearing stories by interviewing people. If anything, I would like to see myself as a television show host and television/radio personality as I finish my studies.



    Resume Website
    : mikemasi.com
    YouTube | Twitter | IMDb | Instagram

    KHRecharged: khrecharged.com
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