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May 13, 2013
May 18, 2009
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Sep 13, 1993 (Age: 30)


Moogle Assistant, Female, 30

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May 13, 2013
    1. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      he calls her baggage too.
      bc she wont marry paris?
    2. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      the scene where he calls her baggage?!
    3. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      which part are you memorizing?
    4. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      pfft wutever...
    5. Dexnail
      yeah i know the grammer is bad lol :3
    6. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      well sum of us aren't as anti men are you r.
    7. Dexnail
      Yeah like oh my god they are taking a left turn fallowing by another then another then holy crap some body took a right turn and crashed into the wall lol my friend and i always joke about that :). I dont like baseball that much but its ALOT better then NASCAR. i was looking at my old poems i typed up in Deviant Art i found this one well tell me if you like it :3

      As i lay i wonder was it realy worth it,
      before i say my last words would you remember it,
      would i only be a memory or an heart ache,
      sure i may be gone but if we never met i know my heart would ache,
      so i ask myself why did i risk my life,
      the answer is i wanted to protect my happyness your life
      as i bleed i fell pain and sadness,
      but when i see you by me all i can do is smile from this strange happyness,
      so before i enter my never ending sleep i will say i love you,
      all i need to hear is i love you coming out of you lips,
      i smile as i replay my memories seeing the same lips kissing min,
      clossing my eye lids smiling for all the good times spent with you.
    8. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      i dont even wanna talk about finding somebody.
      guyz r just stupid.
    9. Dexnail
      cool but im not a NASCAR fan :)
    10. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      i no rite!
      try telling some of the guyz at my skewl that...
    11. Dexnail
      ~hugs back~
      nm just listening to numb techno remix so what u up to :)?
    12. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      *becomes full of self*
      i aaam very alluring...aren't i?
    13. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      lol ok then
    14. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      that wuzn't random at all...
    15. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      lol yea ^_^
    16. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      lol so wut.
      ooooo wow first kiss huh?!
    17. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      yea yea yea...
      well that's only TWO rp's dude...not *counts on fingers*
      and when you have 3 that are actually having people respond almost immediately one right after the other, names tend to get mixed up.
      i use xinomly more than anything else.
      that's the name of 2 pf my oc's and my orginization academy rp is like the one i've been in longest so yea..
    18. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      it is yume.
      that sort of thing happens sometimes wen ur constantly switching btween rp's.
      i changed it just now >_<
      that's the first time i've slipped
    19. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      lol very true!
    20. Fellangel
      Ah. Sensible. Lol. XD
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    Sep 13, 1993 (Age: 30)
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    Marqx "Be optimistic, everyone you hate is going to eventually die anyway.♠"