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    I do share my work, but only with my circle of friends I know. Plagiarism is terrible on this site. Me and plenty of other good people have had their codes stolen here. I'm not the guy to demand credit or expect thanks & gratitude but when someone/I works really hard on a project and to have someone here simply add 1 lines of code (not even a code they made mind you) to a lengthy hacking project me/someone else made and claim it all as their own, that is a huge spit to the face and is downright rude. Be glad I gave it out in C form. I'm not inclined to port it. The fact I gave out how it works is more than enough for someone to put some effort into porting it. I mean seriously, you have a blueprint of how it works down to the bone.
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    This is not possible. The PS2 does not have enough RAM to stream at 1080p without reworking how the game handles RAM for other assets. Even then, the PS2 CPU is too weak to decompress HD 1080p video seamlessly. Keep in mind, the PS2 cannot even output HD.
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    Sorry for spam...
    Good job to everyone who worked on this.
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    Assembly hack can fix it...
    I actually found the function responsible for creating target mod data last week.
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    Wouldn't say "can't be fixed". Any bugs can be fixed in anything. Reason I never fixed it was:
    1) I ran PCSX2 at less that 2fps on my (very) old laptop. Imagine testing at that speed. It's hair-pulling madness. If I did manage to get to a point to test something, I would then hope my laptop wouldn't auto-shutdown from overheating.
    2) I was having some issues in my personal life. Time for hobbies was scarce.

    As for the Keyblade code, I have yet to port it. Mainly because I do not care to really. I do not play on console anymore. Nor do I have any friends that play on console. The code is in C and I doubt anyone here knows how to compile C for hacks instead of using standard cheat device codes.
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    It would involve modifying a mset. Which is in a DMA portion of memory. The best method would be to modify the game.
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    This was actually my first time using C4D's for effects. You're right though - I still need to play around with them more and use them in different ways.

    Thanks :)
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    Sorry, I fixed the link.
    Thanks btw, for the tutorials you provided me with.
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    I haven't posted here in eternity.
    CnC please.

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    I figured I would ask here since you all seem to be quite familiar with this game.
    Has anyone ever seen these models before in Kingdom Hearts? Obviously, not Sora, Donald, or Goofy.
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    Games are only programmed to allocate the amount of RAM the PS2 has. PCSX2 also only allocates this amount. It's not impossible to do what you said, however, you will need a modified PCSX2 and a hacked elf to increase the allocation amount(to say the least without getting technical). It's not gonna be a simple insert and it works unless
    1) The file is still the same format
    2) The data within that file is within PS2 standards.

    You will notice PCSX2 does take up more RAM than the PS2 has, but you must also keep in mind all that it has to do. PCSX2 does more than simply execution like the PS2 console. That's why it uses more RAM.
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    If your just looking for audio this old app I made may help...
    If you're trying to understand file structure though, it will not help.

    It can extract .vag (file inside vsb archive) and .at3 from ISO. It will convert .vag to .wav on extraction...
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    It is possible to play as boss' anywhere with both - codes and modding. The reason they do not work everywhere (with the codes already available) is because they are pointer swaps into dynamic portions of memory. This means the memory is always changing, based on a set number of variables present.

    I was recently looking into getting better play as boss'. Here is results

    As you may see, the way I did it in the video is different from the present way being I do not have to manipulate the data of someone else loaded in the map.
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