Dec 13, 2006
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Chaser, Male

    1. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      Thait's fine.
    2. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      Can you send me a link on ebay for the KH3D ads you're selling?
    3. EvilMan_89
      huh, i actually just got finished playing just now. maybe we'll play another time though, i just ragequit and don't really feel like getting back into that game at the moment. i'll accept when i turn the PS3 on again though.
    4. Majik
      I sent you a friend request on PSN.
      If your online when I write this, we should play some UMvsC3.
    5. EvilMan_89
      awesome, feel free to tap me to play whenever you see me playing a game you have.
    6. EvilMan_89
      awesome, my PSN is "" if you want to play. though, i share this account with like 3 other people so maybe it'll be better if i bug you when i notice you online. i'd be up for Marvel or RE5, and yes i have the DLC, Gold Edition FTW!
    7. EvilMan_89
      that sounds tough, but i wish you good luck with the training because it sounds like you might need it.
      and yes i do have a PS3. i do have Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 but don't have Uncharted 3 (how is the Uncharted series by the way?). i also play Naruto Generations and Resident Evil 5 (though that's a pain to play online since i don't have a microphone).
    8. EvilMan_89
      boot camp for Air Force sounds like a hard thing to do. do they work you like they do in the Army (well from what they make it seem like on TV)?
      as for the internet, i seem to run into whiners everywhere i go. it's also online games on my PS3, i have found that playing fighting games online are THE most rage inducing games ever, lol.
    9. EvilMan_89
      why hello :) it's been a while since i spoke with you. well, years later, i made it out of the ghetto and live in a non-ghetto area, that's a change i'm happy with. i'm also graduating college this saturday and i can't wait to be done school forever. so all in all, my real life is pretty good. though, i have been trying to spend less time on the internet because it's been pissing me off lately, lol. so how are things going with you?
    10. adamboy7
      I don't wish to be a bother, but this is a topic I wish to learn. Is there a program for importing, does it work off of hex, or is it all just scripting? I really appreaciate the information :)
    11. adamboy7
      Excuse me, I noticed your post pn the thread about KH1FM patching. You said you did some testing with it but never went that far with it. Would you be willing to tell me how it worked? If not, would you be willing to point me to some giude or tutorial you know of?
      My name is Adam by the way :)
    12. Janime6
      Indeed so. Java, Flash, ps2dis, movie/music, etc. My games. xD

      I reinstalled it on my external 2TB HDD. Ha.
    13. Janime6
      I uninstalled it to reserve my space, by the way. :x
    14. Janime6
      I just installed Ubuntu on my PC, to try it out. It looked nice. It kinda had the feel of a Mac, but better...y'know? Confused me a little cause of the console root and complicated installing of stuff. xD
    15. Janime6
      Not counting Runescape (note: I made an account and never played the game for more than five minutes), Janime6 was mine. c:

      Have you ever tried Ubuntu/other Linux stuff? Just wondering.
    16. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      Busy as ever and have seen better days. But it is good to hear you are doing well.
    17. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      Figured I would join the party.

      How are you? Its been a while.
    18. Janime6
      It's funny cause I didn't even know you when you were khkid1212. :P

      I'm pretty good, how about you?
    19. NarutoSuperKubii
      Nobody has, I was attempting on finding the LBA model but I just couldn't figure out the equation.
    20. NarutoSuperKubii
      That sounds really really useful, maybe not for me I'm not too interested in learning a lot about MIPS ASM or ASM in general, but I do like it.

      Well this is basically what I've been working on.

      I took the easy way out for now.[/spoiler]
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