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May 12, 2018
Aug 11, 2008
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The True North.


~Meaner then my demons~, Female, from The True North.


Guess who's Faithin' across the rooftops now? Apr 22, 2016

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May 12, 2018
    1. SquallLeonhart
    2. Hopefulwishes
      I'm good. :D
    3. Feenie
      hey im back
    4. Juicy
      Uhh, nothing big, I'm really more fussed on drama irl at the moment. :v
    5. Bareri-San
      Oh dear god, not in the bathroom. If only they didn't have wings, then we could have put them out in the big paddock behind the house. ;-;
    6. Darkcloud
      lol, yeah, she left a mark, alright. You make it sound like I shouldn't talk to you...ouch. That hurts me, right here xD. I hear you there, but see, that's part of the problem; I didn't know what was too fast/slow, because I had so little feedback. Without warning, it was over.

      I like to think I'm in the same, general vicinity. :)
    7. Styx
      Yeah, I figured KHV had a bunch of them. They don't really hide it either. XD I don't know many people from KHV on a personal basis but I can guess who they are.
      I can still hold my own, and I can flaunt with the idea of "I taught her that."
      No, I wouldn't do anything too immoral. I'm an incredibly sore loser though. Pride is one of if not my biggest flaw. One could argue it's a guy thing but even among men I'm pretty high up the scale. But I'm learning to laugh it off.
      Missing the World Cup? Ouch. Although I miss half of the quarter finals and everything after that too. Watching Paraguay-Japan this very moment though. XD
    8. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      I completely understand. I worked as a gas station clerk and had to deal with a lot of stupid people. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to rip a customer's throat out.
    9. Johnny Bravo
    10. Janime6
      No I'm not. D: You are. B|
    11. Bareri-San
      Honey, its your turn to look after the children. ;-;
      I need to earn some money to buy food for them... They eat so much. ;-;
    12. Hopefulwishes
    13. SquallLeonhart
      Getting ready for middleschool
    14. Juicy
      You should stick around for the awards, it should be funny (:
    15. Vladimir Makarov
    16. Styx
      Yeah. Thankfully not one of those myself, but Omegle and Chatroulette are shoulder deep in them. XD
      Yeah, I see what you mean, but that files under pathetic rather than funny. I meant things like "Flanders declared independence!" or "You can get Mew by leveling all your Pokémon to 100" or something.
      And yeah, my girlfriend's improved quite a bit. I lose just about evey mind game we play nowadays. XD The pupil has surpassed the tutor so to speak.
      No, they didn't do that with the Holland crash. Not that I've heard of.
    17. Janime6
      Gum is meant to be chewed. B|
    18. Darkcloud
      Yeah, I know. Still, it was my first rl girlfriend, and if I don't find someway to get over her, let's face it, I'll be in sorry shape when the next/right girl comes along...we both know how much I dwell on the past, I need to get this out.

      I know the feeling.
    19. Janime6
      Don't rub it in. B|
    20. SquallLeonhart
      Hey its been to long, whats up?
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