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Dec 10, 2011
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Jul 1, 1994 (Age: 29)
Not Telling : 3
Tech Associate


Destiny Islands Resident, Female, 29, from Not Telling : 3

Memories of The Past, can sometimes cause even the deepest of sorrows. But in its aftermath, bring the happiest tears ever shed. Jul 30, 2016

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Feb 20, 2018
    1. Noroz
      I want you to know, I'm not a pervert though, haha :p
    2. LingeringAqua
      おようこそ! :)

      I dont mind either one ^^

      Hikari or Light, whatever u prefer Llave :3

      And yea i am, but its ok ^^. Its Nice to see such a Friendly community ^^ And i LOVE Meeting new peoples!
    3. Krown
      They're so adorable. :)
      THis ones my favorite: [/SPOILER]

      I draw anime to. But I only started two and a half months ago so they are no where near as good as yours.
    4. Llave

      I forgot to introduce myself, how rude of me, madam. I'm Llave, Llave de Espada is "Keyblade" in Spanish xD

      What do you want to be called by? May I call you Light, since Hikari is Light in English?

      (I bet you're overun by people right now xDD)
    5. Krown
      Holy crap, that's a lot of songs. :D

      J-music in my opinion is way better than north american music. By a long-shot.

      Btw do you draw much?
    6. Llave

      Totally excited to meet you. Hahaa.
    7. Krown
      Anime Seen: 2300+ (+ Because thats the ESTIMATED number, i know for a fact its over that)
      Episodes Seen: 36,582 (According to Anime-Planet, and my List there isnt Even Complete, not even halfway)
      Manga Read: 35,000+
      Anime DVDs Owned: 900+
      Anime Series on Computer: 6500+
      Anime Episodes on Computer: Unknown
      Anime Episode Quality on Computer: 1080p H.264 Blu-Ray Quality (720p and Above only is Accepted)
      Anime Figurines Owned: 100+
      Manga Owned: 3600+
      VNs (Visual Novels) Played: 600+ (That includes Eroge)
      VNs Owned: 450+
      Anime/VN/H-Pics on Computer: 1,564,685 (Yes Exact Number..for those who always wondered how much i had)
    8. Plums
      Oi, welcome to KHV! o:

      I saw you are kind of Queen of Anime, so you should fit in just fine here. xD
      If you have any questions, feel free to message me or any other staff (red, blue and purple names) and we help you in no time flat.

      Enjoy the ride~

      also let me just say
      your top 20 anime
      has a lack
      of steins;gate
    9. Accalia
      Xd So what's the weather like and I see it's 12:58 pm on Monday here it's 9:58 pm on Sunday
    10. LingeringAqua
      They are, everyone was really Nice there ^^

      I loved working there :P

      Only thing u gotta be careful of are the Skirts on some Outfits...a lot of guys trying to get a peep -_-...

      1 guy tried to on me, he wound up getting smacked in the face with a Broom by my Manager XD
    11. Noroz
      Hah, I always wanted to go to a Cosplay cafe, they seem pretty cool ^^,
      And hey, I make a lot of sexual jokes, so I can't really call anyone else perverted, because I seem like it myself, haha.
    12. Accalia
      Hey Nice profile! xd Um sorry Hi.
    13. Noroz
      Haha, please explain! :p
      Also, 12) Zero no Tsukaima YES!!! I love that anime, it was one of my first ones. I'm excited about the new season!
    14. Noroz
      Oh my God, that is a lot of HDD space! I wish I had that many Hard drives :/
    15. Krown
      Ya no problem.
      I think everyone here in khv likes Japan probably because all te good stuff comes from there lol. I'm jealous. :3
    16. Noroz
      Holy **** that's a lot of anime o.o How much storage space does it take up? I have to know, haha.
    17. Noroz
      Not silly at all, actually. People have different desires/wishes. I wanted to travel, so I left Norway and I am now in the US.
      But I mean, you don't have to move away. I enjoy the Japanese culture (and definitely Anime, hah), which is why I want to go there. I also like the Japanese language, so I want to try to learn the language as well!

      And don't get my wrong, I love my home as well, I just want to see the world now, when I can :)
    18. Krown
      Hello welcome to KHV. :)
    19. Noroz
      Ah. You don't feel like traveling, or is it just that you haven't had the chance?
    20. Noroz
      Hi, I figured I should be the first here, as I am indeed epic.
      I'm joking of course. I do wish to go to Japan, I am currently in the US, attending College. I am from Europe, though, and I enjoy traveling.
      Have you traveled much?
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    Jul 1, 1994 (Age: 29)
    Not Telling : 3
    Tech Associate
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