Feb 12, 2011
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The Café Musain


Twilight Town Denizen, from The Café Musain

One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever. Nov 20, 2014

    1. Makaze
      Tired. Copying files to a new hard drive. You?
    2. Makaze
      Yes. How are this evening?
    3. Plums
      I am afraid I had to retire. I'll keep your side of the bed warm, dearest. <3
    4. Mixt
      1000. that is the requirement for premium.
    5. Mixt
      Yeah. There was a lot of rep whoring going on when people needed it for prem, which I find kind of funny because by the time you have the post count you were almost guaranteed to have the rep unless people really didn't like you.
    6. Mixt
      No. It never could, and now it is not even considered at all. Technically you could be a huge jerk with negative rep but if you make it to 1,000 posts you're good.
    7. Mixt
      Hey, it wasn't supposed be deceptive! I just never knew that they got rid of it. Just like how there are still people that get surprised if you bring up that rep is no longer needed for prem
    8. Mixt
      I just checked and apparently they scratched that rule. So that was unintentionally a trick question. It used to be six words, which you might want to keep in mind but if you have decent content you should be passed that anyway

      I kind of want to give you a non trick question one but I feel a bit jerk-ish for that one, and you did catch that it was unanswerable anyway...

      Alright you win this time, but I reserve the right to give you another one if I think it's needed.
    9. Mixt
      Nope. Only one.
    10. Mixt
      Okay, I just stalked you convo with Makaze. Yes, I'm awkward like that at times. Few comments.

      1) Don't sweat VMing yourself. I do that a lot myself.
      2) If you want to see your rep power go to the home page and look at the tab for your user CP (top one in the right column) it will be in the top right corner of that box.
      3) I'll help you get the point of having rep power if you answer a pop-quiz question. :sly: "How long does a post need to be in order to not be considered spam by default?" That should also help a bit with your vanishing posts.
    11. Makaze
      Not enough posts, not enough rep, and not been here long enough. I can only rep with a power of two points.

      See you later.
    12. Makaze
      They literally are. I see a blue-ish/grey icon instead of a green one and assumed that it was negative both times. I forgot that truly negative ones are red.
    13. Makaze
      ... Or not. I got it wrong both times. The problem is that your reps are worth nothing, and not that they are negative. Sorry.
    14. Makaze
      "I CAN FINALLY REP YOU AGAIN! ヽ(´▽`)/"

      **** IT ALL. IT WAS NEGATIVE AGAIN, YOU *****.

      /OOC rage end of line
    15. Zter
      Aww, Akaz is all over your profile.
    16. P
      I dub this ship MaLARiA-shipping.

      Any objections?
    17. Makaze
      So it is. Mark your calendars.
    18. Makaze
      Yes, I know. But you deleted all of mine. Read it and weep. Or don't, in this case.
    19. Makaze
      I lost a page before P told me to save them just now. They will be sorely missed. Waah...
    20. Makaze
      No! You could have saved them all first!

      This forum has a Save As Text option. Must use from now on. MUST.
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