Feb 12, 2011
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One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever. Nov 20, 2014

    1. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Yes I thought schizoid was short hand for schizophrenia, but now at least I am educated in knowing that it is not that.
      I personally identify more with Schizophrenia, although I am not like I was years ago when symptoms of schizophrenia were more prevelant and obvius, I am now more 'normal' as it were, though relapse occurs about a month and a half at times but only for a short time. I still did display a hermit-like lifestyle and technically still do but i'm way better than I was before, no great fear of talking to people or seeing them but simply making the best of what I have.

      The last time I stalked someone I emotionally hurt them and I don't wish to do the same, however I have noted you down mentally to keep an eye out for you along with a few others. The people I generally find more interesting. But no real stalking.
    2. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Ah, well I am informed now, schizoid has always been used as a short hand by others and I have picked up that trait.

      I have not read your posts. As I have said i'm lazy, and as such stalking is not my greatest field of experitse. You need not worry me knowing naything you don't wish me to know, I bleieve that if people want to tell me something or give a notion as such then they will do so. Otherwise I leave them to their lives. You've probably heard this before but if you want to talk simply message me whenever you desire and i'll listen. Or read as the case may be.

      And in answer to your question, yes alot of the time I feel the desire to seek social interaction with others mainly through speaking or playing a game or discussing something but that is usually the limit. I do seek something more personal and close with someone exclusively but have yet to find someone that I feel a spark for and they respond in kind. I haven't stopped looking though.

      I didn't see that much of the forum. I'm not really into joining any other forums at the moment, I use to be an active member in many but it started to become too much and I cut off most but I stuck with this place. I like it here. Not to mention when I am around people who ar elike me I start to be more like the schizophrenic type of person thatI believe I am, so I generally steer clear of such environments, it gives me some disturbing thoughts and feelings. But i'll conquer that at some other point, i'm sure.

      Btw, if you wish to prod and poke at me with any more questions you might have then simply ask, I don't mind telling someone like you about myself, you're alright.
    3. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      1,982 members. And that member is not me. I never knew about it to tell you the truth though it seems to be quite an interesting forum, one I should have joined years ago. But no, i'm happy at the moment with myself, if that stability ever changes at least you have informed me of a stage I can vent ontop of to an equally unstable crowd. And I am a self-diagnosed schizophrenic. I have no professional opinion but I at least have an informed one that has led me to the conclusion of being a schizoid. Though I am not to fond of that particular word. Do have a similar psychosis, my friend?

      Lovely description at the end, by the way. Gruesome and murderous but lovely all the same. I shall call him an ambulance.
    4. P
    5. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Firstly, sorry for not responding to this sooner, I am barely around on here anymore. My activity did not last long at all this time around ha.

      I did tell him a while ago but he forgot until like yesterday xD; and noted, though personally I think its a prime example of how it is who you are and not how you behave that is what counts in this place. He's certainly better behaved than some members I could name.

      Indeed I do.
    6. Plums
      Then get back in here and let's go.
    7. Plums
      That worked out well.
      ...Except for the part where my mom needed to use the computer and I had to go.

      Tell me, how did Truth or dare go after I left?
    8. Plums
      Get on MSN and I may reconsider.
    9. Plums
      It's not empty.
      I can fill it up by the end of today. <3
    10. Plums
      I couldn't stalk properly if I tried; you have no concerns in that area.

      It simply means I'm going to be residing here.
      Which means you need to cook and clean for me.
    11. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Just reading that list makes me yawn from exhaustion. I'll do it at some point I guess. : P

      Wait, ask P? You're in a relationship with P? Or is that jumping to a conclusion?
      I've seen Makaze refer to you two talking to each other, so a possible friend. Personality, I don't know you well enough yet to make a proper judgement.

      I'll do my research at a later date. I'm sure. Probably. Maybe. Or not.
    12. Plums
      I now declare your profile my new resting grounds.
      Consider it a privilege-no, an honor to be selected.
    13. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Isn't that truthful.

      And believe me I'm not the stalker type. Not because I can't get obsessed by the thought and need to know everything about someone, but purely because I'm too lazy to commit to something like that. You'll soon get the best of me at stalking, don't you worry.
    14. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Ha, being mad isn't so bad. Like everything it's got its ups and downs, and it depends on the severity of the individual experiencing it to know whether there are more downs than ups and vice-versa. But I do enjoy the idea of the rest of the world being ludicrous, it would explain most things...

      But I thank you for taking an interest in what I have to say. I too look forward to stalking your posts in the near future.
    15. Plums
      Well, if you change your mind, I'm staying up late tonight, so feel free to message whenever.
    16. Plums
      Would you like to talk about it?
    17. Plums
      I went. Then had to retire for bed.

      Slow Alex is slow. :'D

      How was your day? And come on MSN later.
    18. P
      Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

      No, it's something you told me to do!
    19. Plums
      Don't forget to burn small holes into their chest cavities.

      I can't tell if that was sarcastic or not.
      But either way;
    20. Plums
      Plums vi Killafukinfamily Britannia :lolface:
      Kill them all in the most vile way possible.

      Thank you as well.
      Now don't ever think you matter not in the universe.
      Or I'll do this to you. <3
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