Feb 12, 2011
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One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever. Nov 20, 2014

    1. Keyslinger
      Yes, exactly. I was friends with them at first, and they were the two first members on the forum besides me, I think. And they were both promoted because they had been nice members and they were up for the job and they can be online like.. ALL DAY... So, I accepted their applications and promoted them. They did a good job for a while, but I really don't want to demote them or to ban either because they're friends with all the mods and staff (they love to kiss butt) and they'll talk bad about me. And BMGf is one of the forums I enjoy going on most.
    2. HeIsDead
      This is a post.
    3. Keyslinger
      I tend to do that when I tell stories. (not lies, stories)
      No, I haven't. It's gone for good. I'm getting a new free one tomorrow because I've been eligible for a new free phone for a while. Some weird special plan I'm on I guess.

      He won't listen to me. He thinks he's the boss of everything. And what sucks is him and his new girlfriend are both moderators on my forum, and HE does a good job, she doesn't. But if I demote her and ban her (like she deserves) for all the stupid rules she's broken that I've let slip, he'll freak out. And plus he'll just go ***** or talk trash about me on bulbagarden.
    4. Keyslinger
      Yeah, I've been upset about it for the past 2 weeks now and I've been offline because I'm too bummed to talk sometimes. =(
      We talked over it, I'm friends with him still. He just loves someone else I guess. I really can't go into detail 'cause I dunno what happened with him. :\ never tells me anything.

      Today's been a long day for me. I lost my phone and ipod at an honor roll field trip to an amusement park, me and my friends searched everywhere, retraced our steps, talked to almost everyone who worked there about it, talked to the lost and found, asked random people if they'd found it, and even texted my phone asking to return it to the front desk or at least email us about it or text back. But no reply ever came to my friend's phone by the time we had to leave, so I'm basically communicationless with my friends. :|
      I told my mom about it and she started calling my phone and we didn't know if someone had stolen it or if it had fallen off of the rides or what... but they answered, didn't talk at all though. Mom called over and over, telling them about how it's wrong to steal stuff and if they had the guts to steal, they would at least talk. My phone service goes off at 12:00 anyway, my parents switched it off to prevent them from messaging anyone with it. My mom texted them and they replied with some nasty comments. We called the police, and a lady came over and asked me questions, and she was really nice. She said they'd be texting my phone tonight to see if they'd bring it to the station.

      Gah, I don't know. Buh bye, iPod and Phone. Last text my mother recieved was a picture off of my phone from twitter and "nighty night". the picture probably means they've been looking at my twitter. -.-

      Dang. I'm nervous.
    5. Keyslinger
      ...I left for a few days.. Came back, he was hiding something. He admitted that he told one of my friends he liked her. Now we all hate each other. He tore my heart in half. It's beyond repair.
      I cared so much.. I would've given my life for his if he needed it. (He's also kind of ugly. But I liked him anyway..) I prayed over and over and over about it, but I never got him back. Even though he know's I'm as sad as hell he acts like everything's okay when I'm around. But it's not. D= He just doesn't care about me anymore.
    6. Keyslinger
      Oh yes, definitely. There are a lot of people I've wanted to meet. One in particular, I used to want to meet extremely badly. His name is Scott. I loved him.
    7. Keyslinger
      Over here it can go from 50 degrees and suddenly spring up to the 100's. It's terrible, our weather is unpredictable. You have to have a full wardrobe of winter and summer clothes to be prepared. California's not all flipflops and coverups, you know. =P

      An online friend? I wish I could be persuasive in real life. Then my parents would let me love someone they just broke away.
    8. Keyslinger
      Guess so. =P

      It's California where I am. And it's really hot even though it's nighttime. Kind of like Arizona.
    9. Keyslinger
      Nah, I'm always in the mood to chat. And that leads over to what you said. I constantly don't know what to say, but I still want to talk. =T
    10. Keyslinger
      Indeed it is.

      Yes, I do, actually. I'm very self conscious.
      Oh, no, it's fine. I often talk to people with lengthy replies, I don't mind. (on other forums. You're the first on this one)

      What do you mean?
    11. Keyslinger
      Because I often jumble up my words and they don't make into what I want them to say.
      I'm understanding you well. Don't worry about it.

      I see what you mean. Also, I had to look the word up. XD

      Well, I guess it's just the shyness. I really don't know why myself.

      Yeah, I do that pretty often. If someone wants to know something I'll tell them, but normally I try to keep things to myself..

      It's Okay. And actually, I don't mind if you don't tell me anything.
    12. Keyslinger
      I bet you're a hard one to sort out.

      Ohhhhh, I don't know. I'm typing this up without even thinking. You might not understand a lot of the things I say. Genderless as without feminine language or qualities, or without masculine language and qualities?

      Social situations.. I'm very shy. And clumsy. I don't look people in the eyes when I talk to them. If other people are around, I constantly look around at them instead of the person I'm talking to. I'm pretty rude, I guess. And yes, I'm quite stubborn. All of this was in my post, for that matter.

      You are absolutely right. It does indeed matter who I'm talking to. I don't know why, but I use the word "quite" quite a lot when I'm talking to you because you use words beyond my vocabulary. -w-
      I see.
    13. Keyslinger
      But a shred? I believe I meant reading emotions rather than a full past and future. Some make it quite obvious and easy to tell. Some can shroud it quite well.
      I'll sure try.

      Ah, yes. I'm often mistaken as a boy. It doesn't matter how much I may post, every new person I meet thinks wrong. Ambiguous! I am not cluttered in spirit, or mind, but I am in social situations. And no, you are incorrect. I'm already going through puberty. Since 10, actually.

      Trust me, I wouldn't mistake someone using pink as a 30 year old man. Unless they were.. not all the way there.
    14. Korra
      Yes, others have made threads like that in the past, and all of them have been closed.

      Because it is just setting up a flamewar, there are other ways to "bond" aside from insulting others. Even under supposedly friendly terms, all it takes is for one person to get offended for a lot of drama to be caused.
      By the way, if you choose not to read the rules, then don't be surprised if one day something you do ends up getting you in trouble.
    15. GhettoXemnas
      Sounds like fun to me, shrooms it is.
    16. GhettoXemnas
      I rarely have anything in mind. Thinking is a pain.
    17. GhettoXemnas
      Ah...yes...that. Yes, that is correct.

      ...for now.
    18. GhettoXemnas
      I make no promises once you're clothes come off.
    19. GhettoXemnas
      Sounds good to me, what is your substance of choice?
    20. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Possibly when I have the time and desire, but the two rarely match up.
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