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May 13, 2014
Nov 18, 2008
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king_mickey rule

Destiny Islands Resident, from Somewhere

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May 13, 2014
    1. nasirrich
      What are you talking about... OOOOOO in the RC not here ok then hehehehe I'm stupid wow.
    2. nasirrich
      Aite cool that sounds good.
    3. nasirrich
      Thx homie ^,^

      Yo I got you try something like this. I say something then you add to it. Not sure if it will work, but I hope it does.

      Yo Mickey and Nas aren't rappin your average raps. Were not sweet or collectible like the cabbage patch. You get a can of whoop a** for talking non-stop. We will give you a batch of sweet Mac 10's don't watch them too long they have the tendencies to pop. It will give you more than just cavities say bye to that tissue in your mouth. You didn't open wide enough so we gotta jack you up again. Snatch the stacks you packed mark you on your back. Want the cops to add something to that give the precinct a little visit since were bored and want to unload these new toys we just got equipped with. They don't a have a clue where to start because we leave them in awe its like art. There's no trace its going perfect that black market was worth it. They took the guns from the top and worked there way down. Different materials use that had more of an effect when they stole them stock. The machine gunz now blow up like an RPG it can be shooken unlike soda pop.
    4. nasirrich
      Got more people to join. Well 1 more anyways, but still its nuts in there.
    5. Daxa~
      Oh lordy lord~

      Yup yup...naww your positivity is lovely to hear I must say.
      And now I must depart to bed,school tommorow...
      It has been lovely talking to you again,as I really missed our conversations,and I am most glad you are alright.
    6. Daxa~
      I dont have a reason....
      And yet I would like to belive it will happen.
      As,honestly,a lot of the time I find life is too much effort.

      And yes,I see your point xD
      Like a volcano could exploed right now,outside my window.
      And as I typed that,I heard a boom.
      Oh gawd. lots of people money makes the world go round~
    7. Daxa~
      Is it odd that I kinda want to belive in it?

      I am so different :3
    8. Daxa~
      It must have been the worst strom in a very long time I'm guessing.

      And yes,yes....
      That must have been extremly extremly EXTREMLY scary.
    9. Daxa~
      Yup yup dad gave me a heart attack on purpose,by coming in and asking if 30stm were preforming at this festival,and when I said yes,he was like "oh sh*t" and walked off,leaving me panicking~
      But oh goodness,that sounds extremly dodgy.

      And naww,that poor girl! That was very sweet of you to try and calm her down m'dear.
    10. Daxa~
      Anytime my dear <3

      And jeese,the network was down aswell?
      This being Ireland,they only had a small feature on it in the news,and the rest I learnt from reading what some of the people ment to be preforming there(Jared <3) said.
    11. Daxa~
      :c had a close escape my dear D:
      I must have sent the luck of the Irish to you :3
      But I am very very very glad you are alright.
    12. Daxa~
      Jesus christ.
      When I saw that on the news,I was actually freaking out.
      And then when you werent on for ages,I started thinking that maybe you had gotten really hurt or something,and freaked out somemore.
      Cause I sorta knew that you would be there,as I didnt think there was any more festivals on...
      But god.
      Are you alright my dear? D:
    13. Daxa~
      Ohh,its a lovely song <3
      Left a post in it~

      And naww,thats grand hun.
    14. Technic☆Kitty
      Night ^_^ later
    15. nasirrich
      Yea man you know how I do it.
    16. Technic☆Kitty
      I know what you mean, in the last one I posted I took a line out and replaced it with a verse lol
    17. Technic☆Kitty
      I figured you might, because it's like you put all of your effort (your heart and soul) into it and when your finished you're just like . . . -_- and then you gotta take a break to regain what you lost to continue being creative ^_^
    18. Technic☆Kitty
      Lol I saw ^_^ also I posted again (you ever get the feeling like when you post something that long your head is empty cause all your greatness was just sucked out of your head lol) this one took . . . quite a while as well.
    19. nasirrich
      YESSSSSSSSSSSSS MICKEY IS BACK and alright cool. I'm getting more people to join and post up.
    20. Technic☆Kitty
      I fell ya, it would get boring cause eventually you run out of stuff to rap about with each other . . . or against each other lol but ya I am glad Nas told me about it ^_^
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