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Dec 12, 2011
    1. LARiA

      I mustn't cut people off like that, it's rude. But from reading that one post only, you seem better. Good mood? And I am quite surprised to see you not yet pissed, at my lack of a response.

      Didn't forget... put it off... different...
    2. Final_Ian997
      O.O Nice. :D
    3. Final_Ian997
      Heyy. Cool..................................................................... wait Colorado????
      O3O I went there last Summer!!!! Did you have fun?
    4. Final_Ian997
      Heyy, we havent talked in sometime.
      Talk soon.
    5. LARiA
      I had almost believed that you had forgotten, nice, you haven't. Oh boy, another massive one. May need to reread the other to understand this one, and I don't have time to read your most recent tonight. Give me time.
    6. LARiA
      That would work, and thank you.

      Meant to say this, but never got to it...

      You remind me of a younger version of myself, maybe at the age of 9 or 10. Deleted history daily, still do, never save passwords, minimize everything up on the screen whenever parents enter room. Take great care in assuring that they see absolutely nothing that I do, best they know nothing. Had multiple e-boyfriends, one of which was 17-yr-old, I had been 10 at the time. Had my reasons for hushing it, parents would have most definitely disagreed with it. More to say, if you want, but currently multitasking, finding it difficult to focus on more than one thing. Mind elsewhere.
    7. LARiA
      Could sign up, but I don't know him at all, and I doubt he would reveal much were I to come at him at random. Would be curious to hear an explanation from you personally, or you could ask him to word it, then show me. If you want to, that is.
    8. LARiA
      Currently in touch with far too many people, feeling suffocated. Oh god, too many people. Need... to delete... contacts... (certainly not the right way to handle it, don't recommend doing so, but it is overmuch for me).

      Really, how did that go? I did read your response, btw. Sorry, jittery at the moment. Gaaaah.
    9. LARiA
      Haven't replied yet, sorry about that. Mother forcefully signed me up for some summer camp - drama, making it even worse - and dealing with other people drains me. Life, energy, gone. It evaporated into thin air, such a slow but steady process. Anyway, not enough of an excuse. It doesn't suffice, apologizing won't do. Even if I had all the time in the world, it wouldn't be enough. Just replying to tell you that I haven't yet forgotten, and [...] yeah.

      Don't mean to discourage your lengthy responses, this one was satisfactory. I will reply, damn it! I will! In depth.

      Replying to inform you that my reply will come shortly (???), hopefully. Good god, I'm terrible.
    10. LARiA
      Do they have reason for "hating" you?

      Small, minuscule urge to sign up for the forum just to troll his penis-lovin' lover, but I'll stop myself from doing so. She would take it to heart, and probably make a spectacle of herself on the forum. Wouldn't want to cause you any trouble!

      Trolling relieves stress, his penis-loving darlin' should try it sometime. She could use some lightening up.
    11. LARiA
      Why confused, anything happen? Or are the past events from before still haunting you, particularly Scott and his penis-loving darling.
    12. LARiA
      What do you know, then?
    13. LARiA
      Would they be apprehensive with the notion of banning her? Or her boyfriend, is he any better?

      Wouldn't be forcing, seeing as how I asked.
    14. LARiA
      Have you discussed banning her or her boyfriend with others? If she deserves it, then I would go ahead and ban her. Discuss it with others first and foremost, however.

      For some reason whenever someone says "You don't have to if you don't want to", I get the feeling the motive behind that is to mask that they would rather I not. There really is no merit behind this suspicion of mine, just an inappropriate reflex of mine. Entirely plausible that I am wrong, am I? Won't join unless you are okay with it.
    15. LARiA
      In a bit of a rush at the moment, multitasking. Should I join the forum? Oh, this should be interesting...

      I can tell quite a bit from her by simply looking at her icon. The penis speech bubble. It stands out.
    16. LARiA
      Would you have a reason for demoting them, have they done so badly as to deserve that? If they are doing a poor job, then I wouldn't let peer pressure interfere; demote, but only if necessary. Really says something about the community, that members would degrade you for it. What is she like, his latter-day lover?

      If you choose not to demote, then try to have him - and her - talk. Three-way convo, that should do it. If he refuses to talk, then inform him of his degradation being a probability. Secrecy should be enough of a reason to demote him, if he withholds such matters then I see both him and his girlfriend's demotion as justified. Those who manage the site should be open with each other, keeping secrets meddles with management.
    17. LARiA
      Hold it. You are in contact with his sweetheart, and not only that, but they moderate on your own forum? That complicates things even further. How did that transpire?
    18. LARiA
      Whoo, so much content. A lot, coming from you.

      Before I say anything else, did you get it back yet? For some reason I think not, if the sneaks couldn't speak to you then I doubt they would be able to sum up enough dignity to return it. Wish everything is well for you. Here's to hoping...

      EDIT: Oh, almost forgot. How could I? This was recent, then? Two weeks ago. If you are still ruminating over it, then you should talk to him about it. Again. Settle everything. If he never tells you anything, then you must pry him open. That he keeps things from you, that is almost dishonest even. Still don't know everything, you can add more if you want to...
    19. LARiA
      What was he like prior to that, and also, the reason for your absence...? Have you talked to him since then, did you talk over it? Wouldn't draw the conclusion that he doesn't care at all, if you have not spoken to each other since then. If he has avoided the topic, that does not necessarily mean he doesn't care. But, I cannot insist that he cares, given that I know absolutely nothing about him. Care to go into detail...?
    20. LARiA
      Used to, loved him. What happened to him? Lost contact, interest gone astray? Happens to me far too often, halting connection with very good friends of mine due to a lack of effort on my part to uphold it. It happens over time, and is not at all abrupt; what was once there shrivels up and dies, and I cannot maintain it. Losing friends terrifies me, and I think that I would rather have no friends at all than to have friends that will end wilted, that will slowly walk away from me. Losing people, it's just too much. Sensory overload.

      And when I try to restore what was once there, it is just but another fruitless attempt. Infertile and sterile, and it can never be what it once was. Utter desperation, all I can do is sit and watch while my friends turn to strangers.
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