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Apr 5, 2013
Dec 18, 2011
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The Door
Kingdom Hearts' Eternal Guardian

Keyblade Heroine

Merlin's Housekeeper, from The Door

Busy playing Kingdom Hearts. <3 Nov 1, 2012

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Apr 5, 2013
    1. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Busy playing Kingdom Hearts. <3
    2. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ive been good :). yourself?
    3. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      your welcome and glad you liked it :)
    4. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      lol kh-ish it is :P
    5. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Alrighty :) anything specific you want it to be about?
    6. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      No problem ^^
      Just a thank you is fine lol I don't always have much to d so it won't be any trouble :P
    7. HeartofFire
      How've you been since we messaged last?
    8. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Yup, I'll be happy to make you one if you want :P

      And to post one first go to where the picture is at. If its from google just click on it and full size image. Then on top theres a bar with "http://" copy all of that because thats the URL.

      Then go to Settings>edit signature click on the 14th icon that looks like a tree and it should say "insert picture" (when having the mouse over it) it'll ask for a URL so paste it and it should show up. Sometimes it doesn't though, a red X would appear instead
    9. HeartofFire
      Thanks, and yes, I did. I even drew the picture, for both my sig and my avatar.
    10. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Oh me too!! Lol I cried and squealed when seeing axel and roxas again XP I'm dying to play that game and doing my best to not to spoil myself lol
    11. HeartofFire
      Lucky you! Bye, enjoy the movie! You too, dahling.
    12. HeartofFire
      No kidding. "Don't they know if they wear skinny jeans they'll be sterile?" One of my friends said that during a similar discussion about a guy in our Theatre Arts class.
    13. HeartofFire
      Is the hijab the headscarf? I could understand the protection thing. Especially at my school, the guys are mostly jerks. And I guess, we have a lot of the same interests. I wouldn't be surprised if we date at some point. And most guys are idiots until... always.
    14. HeartofFire
      Maybe. There's a guy friend of mine I wouldn't mind going with. Aww, that stinks. I have a couple of Muslim friends, but I don't know if they're allowed to date or not. I've never asked, because most of our conversations are about other things, like school and stuff.
    15. HeartofFire
      No... I didn't.... didn't have a date... and I'm kinda too young.
    16. HeartofFire
      Yup, started last Friday. Right after prom! We didn't do anything at all in school on Thursday.
    17. HeartofFire
      We do indeed. I personally think they need to make them go to Atlantica one last time, with Lea. And Roxas, and Riku. >:)
    18. HeartofFire
      Me too! It was the same way with BBS. I was have spazz attacks when the trailers with Lea (English) came out.

      My mom walked into my room and asked what was the matter, because I was squealing so loud.
    19. Mike
      Yes, it will contain spoilers.
    20. HeartofFire
      :D That would be awesome for you! I live in NA too, the US. I'm hoping for as quick a release as they can give. I want to hear it in English!
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    The Door
    Kingdom Hearts' Eternal Guardian
    I am the Light within the Darkness--the light deep within the heart; the light from a just and bright star; the light within the sunsets glow. I am Keyblade Heroine.

    At least... In my heart I am. ^^

    I like...
    Video games, Drawing, Cosplaying, Exploring, Reading, and Watching Movies, etc...


    "Don't be afraid... You hold the mightiest weapon of all."
    - ????? "Kingdom Hearts"