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    Sartre nodded. "Serifina's right. We should-"

    "But the phoenix-" Aiko interrupted.

    Sartre glared at her. Aiko looked down. "Fine, we'll investigate the shed, if there is a phoenix, we go with the bomb idea. If not, we explode the shed and, hopefully, the entire base."

    Kyoshi nodded. "Alright, there's just one problem. Exactly how are we going to investigate? I doubt they'll let us in there."

    Aiko didn't say a word.

    Sartre looked up, "That's why we have Aiko on our team." he looked at her.

    "What?" she asked.

    "Don't play dumb, you know several transformation spells. "

    "How do you know this?"

    "Umm, well. It was part of our job to find out as much as we can about our targets. And we came across all the spells you use most commonly, and those you use rarely. Then, we spotted the transformation spell. "

    Aiko sighed. "Guess, there's no use hiding it."

    "But first we need to 'kidnap' some officers..."

    "How are we going to do that?" Aiko asked.

    OOC: do u want explosives or a fire being within the shed?
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    OOC: thnx, :)

    "Um, yes we should. So, um...what's our plan?" Aiko asked.

    Sartre thought for a moment, "Well, as I was being dragged over to the one in charge of the group-"

    "You were not dragged...stop exaggerating." Kyoshi whispered to him.

    "Anyways...", glaring at Kyoshi, "there's a shed filled with explosives. If we can fire up the shed and get out of here fast, we can blow up the new base."

    "How do you know about the shed? It's all the way in the back."

    "I heard someone mention that the shed was done being filled with explosions. "

    "Yeah, he said that rather loudly. I was suspecting a trap. " Kyoshi mentioned.

    "So, what if it is a trap? What object or being uses fire?" Aiko wondered.

    "Dragons and phoenixes." Kyoshi coughed.

    "Oh yeah..." Aiko chuckled. "But I don't think it can hide in that little shed."

    "A phoenix can." Sartre remarked.

    "Yeah, but. So, if we really did set fire to the shed, the phoenix would absorb the flames and become stronger?"


    "What if we use a really big bomb that'll blow it up the base altogether?" Aiko made an impression of a really big explosion.

    "And where would we get the bomb?" Sartre queried.

    "That's why we start thinking..." Aiko muttered.
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    "Just taking precautions, Saya was the same." Aiko shrugged.

    "I thought we weren't allowed to talk about the event. And no she was not." Kyoshi warned.

    "I was just saying." Aiko replied hastily.

    "Who was Saya?" Sartre wondered.

    Kyoshi lowered his head.

    Aiko looked away, biting her lower lip.

    "She was on our team. We arrived at another base around 3 years ago, and decided to do a little exploring, so we all split up and agreed to meet here around 6." Kyoshi explained.

    "Then Saya came back with a dark liquid. She said a kind woman had given it to her as a sample for a new drink the store was making, then we went back to the hotel that we were staying in. She was fine for a while. Then she started acting rather odd. One day, she didn't come down. We went in to her room and..." Aiko stopped and looked away. "There was blood everywhere. Saya stood in the middle of the mess, smiling. She growled and started after us. We tried blocking the door behind us, but she used her nails to claw her way through. We ran out of the hotel, and there were others like her. It turned out that the SES used their newest biological weapon, the Belladonna, or the deadly nightshade. It was in upgrade to the actual belladonna poison. I've said enough."

    "How'd you escape?" Sartre asked.

    "I managed to escape them by hiding in a cavern deep underground. But Aiko wasn't so lucky. When the coast was clear, I started looking for her. I found her by the side of the road, bleeding heavily. She died as I was bringing her down to a safe place. Took her a really long time to come back to life again." Kyoshi smiled.

    "Aah." he nodded.

    "That was the best weapon ever..too bad we don't have it anymore." Haratsu muttered.

    OOC: Saya's body was nevah found, srry to say. :(
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    Aiko appeared in front of her in a flash, placing a hand lighly on her forehead. "Do you have a fever?" she quietly asked.

    Kyoshi looked up, worried. "You didn't drink anything with a greenish tinge over at the base, did you?"

    Sartre got over and grabbed Haratsu before he could escape. "You're not going anywhere." he growled.

    "I saved your life last time, you owe me a favor." he grunted.

    "Now's not the time for favors."

    Haratsu mumbled something inaudible.
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    "Yes, I think it's still alive, how unfortunate." Aiko laughed.

    "What do u want from me now?" Haratsu asked nonchalantly.

    Kyoshi got up, and helped Sartre off of the mud. "We're going to hold you hotage, while we take out the enemy base-"

    "And then you'll tell us where the main base is." Aiko cut him off.

    "Y-you're not serious?" Sartre said, appalled at the idea.

    "I'm dead serious, I've lost so many friends..." she stopped mid sentence.
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    Kyoshi eyed her warily. "Okay...well, as I said, my finger did slip. As we were going through the air, an updraft came over-"

    "Came over?" Sartre raised an eyebrow.

    "Yes, I don't know how, but it did. The updraft caught me off guard, and sort of...slammed, i guess into the helicoptor, rocking it back and forth. With that, I was knocked back, and I grabbed on a knob to pull myself back up. But as I was getting up again, my hand slipped and it went over the 'claw release' button. And that's how you fell." Kyoshi replied hastily.

    "An updraft?"

    Kyoshi glared at him.

    Sartre shrugged. "What?"

    "I'm back!!" Aiko said happily, as she dragged a disgruntled Haratsu behind her.
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    "Yus!" Aiko quietly yelled. "Where do we strike first?" she asked them.

    Kyoshi stood up, "Shouldn't we first get Haratsu, so we can have an eye on him?" he asked.

    Aiko thought for a moment. "M'kay. I'll get him." Aiko sprinted towards the darker end of the forest.

    Sartre rubbed his head. "Kyoshi,why'd you let go of the cage?" he lightly punched him on the shoulder.

    "Umm, would you believe me if I said my finger slipped?"


    "Well, my finger did slip."

    "And how, may I ask, did it slip?" Sartre questioned him.

    "Am I being interrogated?"
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    OOC: xD I got lost with the new update...i was trying to find the 'Search' button.

    "I tied him to some anchor I found over there", she pointed to a large tree. "I wonder where it came from..." she wondered.

    "Anyways, we have to get that idiot back, and-"

    "Destroy the base?" Aiko cut in.

    "W-what?" Kyoshi looked up at her.

    "Oh come on, we should have at least a little fun." She smiled, evilly.

    Kyoshi glared at her. "What have you been eating?"

    "Nothing..." she said quickly.

    Sartre woke up coughing. "What was I eating?!?!?!"

    "I don't the name, I just recognized the leaf shape..."

    "You could have just shaken me awake..."

    "It's much more fun this way." Kyoshi smiled.
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    Kyoshi ran towards Sartre. He looked around the area, and spotted what he was looking for. Grabbing several leaves, he came back to Sartre. "Is there any way you can make Sartre sort of eat the leaves or something? They have a chemical that wakes them up in an instant...." he gave the leaves to Serifina.

    "Glad I didn't hit you, Kyoshi." said Aiko as she headed towards Serifina and Kyoshi.

    "What do you mean? The thing with the helicoptor, that was you?"

    "Yah, you didn't notice Toshiro on top of the helicoptor?" she asked.

    "That giant fireball was him?" he jerked his hand towards the bird.

    Toshiro ruffled his wings.

    Aiko laughed as she walked over to Sartre.
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    A large bloody mass was all that was left of the sniper.

    He looked over at Sartre. "Did you make the helicoptor veer towards the seer? Or was I imagining that?" he asked Serifina.

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    The sniper knew that look. He didn't lower his weapon. "And I suggest you let go of that sword."

    Sartre didn't move. *unconscious*

    Kyoshi, moving the helicopter back and forth, couldn't control the thing any longer and jumped out of the vehicle and landed with a soft thud on the ground.

    The seer snuck up behind Kyoshi, undetected. He grabbed his knife and held it at Kyoshi's throat. "I thought you would've been dead by now. " he grumbled.

    "I had some unexpected help."

    "And so you did."

    The helicoptor, having no one to control it, started to run out of control, and began its descent onto the ground where Kyoshi and the Seer were.

    The Seer looked up and hurled Kyoshi onto the ground where the helicoptor was going to crash, and jumped safely out of the way.

    Kyoshi tried to get up, but something was holding him down.

    The helicoptor, suddenly turned towards the Seer and exploded.
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    Kyoshi ducked just in time as the bullet whizzed past his head. "Woah.." he sighed in relief.

    Aiko looked up. "Was that a sniper i just heard?" she asked Haratsu.

    "I didn't hear must be imagining things..." Haratsu mumbled.

    Aiko punched him in the stomache.

    Haratsu yelled in pain.

    Kyoshi accidentally released the grip on the cage.

    The cage began to fall, crashing onto the tops of the trees.

    "Agh! Sartre!!!!" Kyoshi yelled.

    Sartre fell onto the dirt.

    The sniper aimed his gun at Sartre. "Move and I'll kill him." he warned Serifina.
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    The Seer chuckled. "I don't need to." At that moment, several SES officers have surrounded Serifina. "They will do the work for me. I have something to take care of first..." he looked up at the sky. "And here they are!"

    An enormous helicoptor flew out above the trees. A small, cage dangled at the end of the helicoptor's hook.

    "SERI!!!!!!" Sartre yelled as loud as he could, holding the bars with a death grip.

    Kyoshi looked down from the helicoptor, and saw the SES squadron. 'Oh, crap. They're here as well.'

    One of the officers took out a sniper, and aimed at the cockpit of the vehicle.
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